Is Audi S7 Reliable? (Audi S7 Reliability)

Audi S7 Reliability

As a luxury Sportback, the Audi S7 was designed to capture the pressing needs of a modern-day driver. The dynamic and powerful performance, impressive design, and durable frames give many reasons to desire an Audi S7.

Although the vehicle only has a few safety ratings, its technology packages aren't something that you can easily ignore. But is Audi S7 Reliable?

Audi S7 might not pass as the most reliable vehicle in its segment, but they are fairly reliable. The speed and power delivery is massive on these vehicles, and the designs are elegant, with great steering and advanced suspensions. There are a lot of features on the Audi S7 that you can rely on.

Although gas mileage is quite decent on the Audi S7, the steering might be imperfect sometimes. Safety ratings aren’t also the best on the S7.

Here's all you need to know about the Audi's S7 reliability.

Is Audi S7 Reliable?

As a sports sedan, Audi S7 presents many features that make it an attractive option. This luxury sports sedan is notable for its sleek design, impressive performance, and advanced technology features.

Audi S7 has its strengths and weaknesses, which greatly impact its reliability. Audi S7 cars are fairly reliable, but this doesn't make them entirely bad.

You are getting superior engineering principles from the designs, performance, integration of technology, and driver assistance systems.

Performance is thrilling on the S7, with agile handling, dynamic handling, and the integration of the speed-sensitive rear spoiler ensures superior road control. The Audi S7 offers a 444 HP, 442 lb-ft, ability to scale from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 secs. This is enough to get you through town at incredible speeds.

Aside from the impressive performance and design of the Audi S7, safety and reliability are big worries for the S7. The Audi S7 doesn't have an IIHS safety rating or any ratings on the Euro NCAP. There's also a drive select system to select from the four drive modes which one matches your needs.

This can be worrisome, especially for drivers that will need to rely on the crash ratings to verify the vehicle's safety.

Another minor issue that impacts the reliability of the Audi S7 is its age and how long it has been in existence. The fact that the S7 has existed for over 10 years gives some assurance that most of the vehicle’s early problems have been resolved.

Some factors that negatively impact the reliability of the S7 include the complexity of the components, infotainment-related issues, and the high cost of maintenance and repairs.

Since the S7 is made of lots of complex systems and components, the chances of breakdowns and rising potential problems are high.

Issues with the infotainment system range from customer dissatisfaction, owners filing complaints about the system's slow response, navigation inaccuracy, inability to connect to smartphones, and problems ranging from software updates to issues that the dealership must fix. This doesn't speak well for the vehicle.

However, you'll have to compare the pros and cons of the vehicle alongside the features of each model or trim to decide if it's reliable enough for you.

Major Reasons why Audi S7 Is Fairly Reliable

1. Engine and Performance

There are many reasons to love the Audi S7, one of which is its engine and performance. With the Audi S7, you get a V6 engine, 8-speed transmission, and up to 444 HP and 442 lb-ft. That's massive!

This amazing sports sedan can scale from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 secs. You'll need a lot of training and strict obedience to speed and traffic laws to ensure you don't knock someone over.

Aside from the amazing power delivery, you get a sport exhaust system, rear differential, dynamic all-wheel steering, and stunning red brake calipers. This vehicle is equipped with enough features that give you the ability to rule the road.

Integrating dynamic all-wheel steering ensures agile handling and stability at all speeds and levels: lower speeds, lane changes, and highway speeds.

You have advanced suspensions that provide drive-adjustable dynamics. The speed-sensitive rear spoiler sustains automatic engagement at high speeds to ensure maximum road control.

The Audi Drive Select on the S7 allows you to choose amongst different drive modes: comfort, auto, dynamic and individual. This is achievable by automatically adjusting the settings of your steering, chassis, and transmission.

Although there are complaints about the shifting and jerking of the transmission, we cannot neglect its impressive performance. You must understand that performance varies on different S7 models.

The S7 initially featured a V8 engine which delivered a wild burst of power. Audi stepped down from using a twin-turbo V8 engine that returns 450 HP.

The reason for this small power dip is unexplainable, but comparing the new S7 engine to its competitors, you are getting an entertaining drive experience, sporty handling, and strong power.

One major problem with this switch is that the Audi S7 became heavier. However, you've got gas mileage as another impressive feature to rely on.

2. Design

There are three things that the Audi S7 design offers: build quality, comfort, and convenience. This amazing vehicle is built with high-quality materials and is sustained by superior engineering principles, all working together to ensure its durability and longevity.

The aerodynamics improve the car's appearance and overall driving experience with the S7’s blend of luxury and functionality.

Starting with the basics, you are getting a 24.9 cu-ft trunk. That's quite roomy for cargo space. The headroom is enough. There's an amazing legroom that will allow you and your passengers to stretch out.

If you're bothered about what type of design elements you are getting on the Audi S7, here you have it: 21-inch V-spoke trapezoid designed wheels, black roof, sporty interiors, liquid dark chrome valance elements.

You must understand that there are slight adjustments on all trim levels, but the standards are the same.

As a driver, one thing I love about the S7 design is the use of heated seats on all five front seats.

With the infotainment, connectivity, dual-zone auto climate control, and panoramic sunroof, there's enough to keep you comfortable and give you a drive experience that you will enjoy.

3. Safety and Technology

If there's an area where the S7 fails in the reliability test, it is in its safety. The brand is cool with technology. Unfortunately, there isn't enough safety rating to validate its reliability.

This can pose a lot of doubts in your mind, but you can compare the features that they offer, and the driver assistance systems enabled on these vehicles. The Audi S7 gets a night vision assistant, adaptive cruise assist with lane guidance, top view camera system, head-up display, and remote park assist.

On technology, you are getting a virtual cockpit, plus MMI touch response, Bang and Olufsen audio system, Audi Connect, and a smartphone interface for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There's enough technology to ensure comfort.

4. Maintenance Costs

Audi offers 4-year/50,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty coverage on the S7. This will reduce some accumulated expenses arising from repairs and maintenance; however, this doesn't neglect that the Audi S7 is a high-maintenance car.

You are getting an average annual maintenance cost of $1,693 on the S7. This is justifiable because the S7 is a luxury car, so it's normal for it to have high maintenance costs.

5. Fuel Economy

The gas mileage on Audi S7 isn't as good as we expected, but it is good enough to stand square with competitors. S7 is a relatively fuel-efficient car, boasting a gas mileage of  19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

This is compared to BMW's equivalent, which features 28 mpg, and the Mercedes, which steps up to 30 mpg. The overall fuel efficiency of the S7 is enough to get you through a few stops at gas stations.

If you need more reasons to consider the reliability of the Audi S7, then its resale value and warranty coverage give you the assurance that you seek.

The Audi S7 has a good resale value, and the warranty coverage is enough to shield you from some expenses and reduce the overall cost of ownership.


The Audi S7 is a fairly reliable car, but there are a few things that you must consider before making the final decision to buy them.

They have great designs that you admire, amazing build quality, superior performance, and offer superb driving experience. However, you must consider the safety ratings and high maintenance costs and decide if that's what you are willing to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audi RS7 the same as S7?

No. Audi RS6 and S7 aren't the same cars, and slight features differentiate both cars. For instance, the air suspension, ride quality, acceleration, and overall performance differ in both cars.

How fast can an Audi S7 go? Is the Audi S7 fast?

There are no arguments that the Audi S7 is a fast car. You are getting a sports sedan that can go from zero to sixty mph in 4.5 seconds. That's enough speed to compete with some of the fastest cars out there.