Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain?

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain

Luxury cars may have higher maintenance costs. So, where does Volkswagen fall when it comes to repairing and maintaining vehicles? Are Volkswagens expensive to maintain?

Maintaining Volkswagen costs around $675 annually, less than most luxury cars, such as the Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Subaru. Out of 30 vehicles inspected, over 20 had service costs higher than those of Volkswagen.

Let’s take a deeper look at what goes into maintaining Volkswagens.

Are Volkswagen Reliable?

One of the most important factors that can be considered when assessing the cost of maintaining and repairing a vehicle is its long-term reliability, measured by its score on RepairPal.

According to the company, Volkswagen cars have a reliability score of 3.5, which is good enough for 12th place out of 32 brands.

The company uses various factors to measure reliability, such as the average cost and the frequency of repairs. For instance, the percentage of severe repairs.

The average annual repair cost for a Volkswagen is around $676, slightly higher than the average for other brands.

It depends on where you live and the make and model of your vehicle. If you have a Volkswagen, you may pay around $55 a month more than the average for unscheduled repairs.

The average number of visits that Volkswagen owners make to the mechanic is around 0.5 times a year.

Although it doesn't seem like a big deal, the average for all car models is about 0.4 times.

The probability of major repairs for a Volkswagen is 11% for every 10,000 miles. This means that owners of Volkswagen cars are less likely to have their vehicles break down.

Due to the use of specific components requiring special tools to be removed, Volkswagen's maintenance costs are higher.

This means that not everyone can perform the same repairs on a Volkswagen.

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain?

To better understand the costs associated with maintaining a Volkswagen, we've examined some of its most popular models.

Volkswagen Golf Maintenance Costs

One of the most popular cars ever made is the Volkswagen Golf. It's versatile, affordable, and convenient, making it one of the most dependable compact cars on the market.

Its 4.0 out of 5 reliability rating is good enough for 25th place out of 36 cars.

The annual repair cost for the Volkswagen Golf is around $630. This is higher than the average cost of repairs for compact cars, which is about $526 for each vehicle. The model's lower frequency of repairs also helps it maintain its reliability.

Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance Costs

The Volkswagen Jetta is popular among budget-conscious individuals due to its excellent fuel economy and family-friendly nature.

It received a 4.0 out of 5 reliability rating from RepairPal. The yearly maintenance and repair costs for the Jetta are around $609, slightly higher than the average cost of compact cars.

The frequency of repairs that the Volkswagen Jetta gets is also good, averaging around 0.3 times per year, slightly better than the average of 0.4 for other models.

The likelihood of having major repairs with this model is only 10%, which is better than 12% for all car models.

Volkswagen Tiguan Maintenance Costs

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a popular entry in the compact crossover segment. Although it doesn't offer much performance, it provides good handling and sharp styling.

Unfortunately, it has a mediocre reliability rating of 3.0 out of 5 from RepairPal. Also, it's dead last in the compact SUV competition.

The average cost of repairs for the Volkswagen Tiguan is around $730.

This is significantly higher than the average cost of repairs for all models, and it's almost twice as likely that the vehicle will get repaired at least once every year.

It also has an average chance of experiencing major issues, with a probability of around 12%.

In other words, Volkswagen is slightly more expensive to maintain than regular cars.

Average Costs of Common Maintenance Services for Volkswagen

Like other car brands, the costs associated with maintaining a Volkswagen will vary depending on the model it's based on.

However, there are a variety of standard maintenance services that car owners can expect.

Oil Change

One of the essential factors that car owners should consider when maintaining their vehicle is regularly changing the oil.

Doing so will help prevent various issues, such as engine failure. It costs between $99 to $134.

Tire Replacement

The wear and tear on your tires will affect your vehicle's performance, which can cost you up to $350 per tire. It is recommended to change them every six years or 50,000 miles.

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

According to Volkswagen, it's recommended that car owners change the air and cabin filters every 20,000 miles.

Doing so will help reduce the number of pollutants in the vehicle. It costs between $64 and $76.

Spark Plug Replacement

It's also recommended that car owners replace the Spark Plugs every 30,000 miles.

Not performing properly can cause various issues, such as engine misfires and rough idling. The average cost is $117, with $22 for parts and $95 for labor.

Timing Belts and Chain Replacement

Timing belt and chain replacement are also recommended for every 80,000 to 90,000 miles.

Doing so will help ensure that the engine is working correctly. It costs between $409 to $919.

Although Volkswagen cars are known to be slightly more expensive to maintain than other brands, they are still reliable. Some models are more dependable than others.

Why You Should Maintain Your Volkswagen

Maintaining your vehicle regularly is the best way to ensure that it is in good condition and that you are driving safely. It can also help you save money on repairs.

Having a well-maintained vehicle can help keep you and your passengers safe. It can also help keep the value of your car high. In addition, it can prevent expensive repairs.

It's only sometimes fun to maintain your vehicle. However, it's important to remember that a poorly maintained Volkswagen can put you at risk of having an expensive breakdown and driving an unsafe car.

How Do Extended Warranties Help With Costs?

When buying a car, it's easy to forget the other essential factors that come with the vehicle.

An extended service contract can also help with the costs associated with repairs and breakdowns.

You can choose the type of coverage you want, whether for the entire vehicle or just the powertrain.

For instance, if you have a Volkswagen, an extended service contract can help you avoid expensive repairs, such as replacing the head gasket.

Some drivers can save money by not paying for these types of repairs. However, others can't afford to pay for them. Having an extended service contract can help keep your monthly budget in check.

How to Keep Maintenance Costs for a Volkswagen Low

To keep your vehicle's maintenance costs low, we'll talk about some of the most effective ways to keep it running efficiently.

Have Preventative Maintenance Kept Up

Preventive maintenance, such as an oil change, can help extend the life of your vehicle by improving its performance and airflow.

During an oil change, the shop will also perform a point inspection to check the health of your car. This will allow them to identify potential issues before they become more costly.

Choose an Independent Import Repair Shop

Contrary to popular belief, you can take your Volkswagen to a dealership for regular maintenance or repairs.

Even if it's under warranty, manufacturers can't tell you where you have to take it for service.

Dealerships typically charge higher prices for their services compared to independent repair shops.

Although it's not always possible to have a buddy fix your car, you can still rely on an independent mechanic to repair your Volkswagen. Usually, many people can save a lot by avoiding dealerships altogether.

Unlike dealerships, independent repair shops can source genuine OEM parts for less.

They can also provide various services, such as repairs on Volkswagens, which experienced mechanics typically perform.

An experienced independent mechanic helps customers get the best possible service at the best rates.

Carefree Maintenance with Volkswagen Care

In 2020, Volkswagen launched a Carefree Maintenance program that covers the first two services for free.

After 20,000 miles, the program's participants can choose a pre-paid maintenance package that fits their vehicle's needs.

This convenient option allows them to save money on car maintenance by planning and pre-paying.