A Guide for Transmission Repair Costs

Transmission Repair Costs

Is your transmission developing problems lately? Will you love to know how much it costs to repair it? Sometimes, you might consider a transmission replacement too expensive to handle and resort to settling for a repair. The cost of repairing a transmission depends on what is wrong with the transmission.

You must understand that there are certain circumstances that you will need to do more than repair the transmission–a replacement will work better. Your transmission only needs repairs if the damages are minimal. The average cost of repairing your transmission ranges between $80 and $1500.

Certain factors determine the estimated cost of repairing your transmission. This includes the type of transmission you are repairing, the extent of damage, and even your location.

Here’s all you need to know about transmission repair costs and what to consider before hiring a mechanic for a repair.

Transmission Repair Cost: How Much Does It Cost?

It will cost you between $80 and $1,500 to repair your transmission. The cost of a transmission repair depends on what is done to the transmission system. As expected, if your transmission problem is labor-intensive, the cost of repair will be expensive.

You must understand that the level of services/repair on your transmission system determines the cost. It is cheaper to have a transmission fluid flush than when there is a need to repair a transmission leak or replace the shift solenoid.

You expect more for a CVT transmission repair, at least between $3,500 to $8,000. In most cases, if the problem extends to rebuilding the transmission, you should expect a repair cost of $2,500 to $5,000.

Although this is cheaper than replacing the transmission, which will cost up to $8,000, you must understand that your location also determines the cost you will get for a transmission repair.

You should not expect the transmission repair cost in New Zealand to be the same as what is obtainable in Texas. The type of car and the model that you are driving play a great role in determining the transmission repair cost.

It is cheaper to repair a manual transmission than it is to repair an automatic transmission. This is because of the labor required to repair an automatic transmission against a manual transmission.

Is It Worth It To Fix Your Transmission?

Yes. It is worth fixing your transmission. Fixing your transmission offers a cost-effective solution to buying a new one. You will save thousands of dollars fixing your transmission instead of replacing it. However, a few situations will determine if you need a fix or a replacement.

To decide if it is worth fixing your transmission or if you should resort to replacing it, start with figuring out how many miles the car has gone. The required mileage for all transmissions differs. For some transmissions, you will expect them to last up to 200,000 miles, while on some, 50,000 miles is okay.

Figure out the limit of your transmission. If the transmission has usurped its durability and is entirely worn, there is no need to patch it up with a fix. Replace it as soon as you can. To determine if it is worth fixing your transmission, do the following.

  • Get the estimated cost of repairing your transmission.
  • Determine how long the transmission has gone and how much longer you want to go on it.
  • Understand the short-term and long-term benefits of fixing the transmission and decide if that is what you want.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Transmission Repair

Here are a few factors that determine the cost of transmission repair.

Type of Transmission

The type of transmission you want to repair greatly determines the cost you will get for it. You will spend less repairing a manual transmission than repairing an automatic one. The reason is that automatic transmissions have too many parts and are more difficult to work on.

The complexity of automatic transmissions, the need to achieve precise fittings, tight tolerances, and many precise measures make repairing an automatic transmission expensive.

There are more than 800 parts to a modern automatic transmission. The washers, O-rings, seals, sensors, solenoids, and as many components as you can imagine, dissembling and assembling these components aren’t an easy task.

Type of Car

The type of car that you are bringing in for repairs also determines the overall cost of repair. You should expect the same service fee from a CVT transmission as you will get from just any automatic transmission.

You will most likely get a cheaper repair cost on US domestic models than on imported cars. This is if you are repairing your car’s transmission in the US.

You stand an easier chance of getting a cheaper repair cost if you come in with a new car, as against an old model. Just like imported cars, getting replacement parts for old cars is difficult.


The cost of labor is not the same in all regions. You will not also get the same service charge from different shops. Some repair shops will offer repair costs that are cheaper or costlier than what is achieved in other areas.

If the cost of living is higher in your region, the cost of repairing your transmission will also be higher.

Extent of Damage

The extent of damage done to your transmission will determine how extensive the repair cost is going to be. Did you maintain your transmission system properly? Does it have so much wear and tear?

What type of driving conditions did you subject your car to? The extent of damage on your transmission should tell you the level of stress and repair procedures that the mechanic will have to go through to get it working again.

Can Transmission Damage Be Repaired?

Yes. Transmission damage can be repaired, but it greatly depends on the extent of the damage. You can repair your damaged transmission if the damaged parts are repairable. These repairs include throttle cable adjustments, leak sealing, and solenoid replacement.

You must get a professional technician to diagnose your transmission and decide if it is best repaired or replaced.

Is It Cheaper To Rebuild or Replace a Transmission?

Yes. It is cheaper to rebuild your transmission than to replace it. Rebuilding a transmission requires a technician to observe all parts of your transmission, note the bad parts, and replace them.

The expert looks for wear, tears, damages, or problematic parts, and then removes them, and replaces and recouples the transmission.

This usually demands dissembling and reassembling the transmission. On the other hand, transmission replacement requires you to get a new transmission. This happens because the extent of damage cannot be repaired, or it will cost so much trying to repair it, only for it to break down again.

Is It Better To Repair or Replace a Transmission?

The choice between repairing or replacing a transmission depends on needs and budget. It is better to repair the transmission if it has minimal damage.

You don’t need to replace the transmission when the problems are few and repairable. The only time it is better to replace a transmission is if the transmission is too bad that it can't be repaired.

Why Are Transmissions So Expensive To Repair?

Transmissions are expensive to maintain because of the complexity involved in their repair. This also includes the high-level precision demanded to get things right with them. Transmission repair is a high-labor intensive task.

When reassembling and assembling, you need the best hands to do the job. For a system that is so complicated and demands great tolerance and correct clearance, it is normal for the charges for repair to be expensive.

The truth is that repairing a transmission requires some level of specialty. This boils down to the specialized tools and type of equipment that is used for transmission repairs. These factors compound to get you a high bill.


Transmission repair costs might be too pricey, but it is necessary. You don’t need to neglect the need to repair your transmission because it is expensive. It is important that you save some money to handle some of these needs.

If you bought a new car, you might have to rely on the warranty period or the dealer’s offer to save you some dollars. You can also choose to deal with technicians that offer cost-effective solutions.

Regardless of your decisions, always understand when your transmission needs a repair, rebuild, or replacement.