How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Ohio

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Ohio

Understanding how to get a rebuilt title in Ohio is a process you must learn, especially if you plan to buy a salvage car. Car dealers and users are permitted to trade and title salvage and junk vehicles, but strict laws apply to these practices.

This includes laws related to rebuilding, inspection, and even licensing. It is important to mention that before you can drive a once-salvaged vehicle in Ohio, you must first get a rebuilt title. So, how do you get a rebuilt title in Ohio?

You can get a rebuilt title in Ohio by first applying for a salvage title, repairing the car, and taking it for inspection. If your car passes inspection, you can apply for a rebuilt title, pay the required fees and provide the necessary documents.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide on how to get a rebuilt title in Ohio.

What Does a Rebuilt Title Mean in Ohio?

In Ohio, rebuilt titles are titles issued to vehicles that were repaired and restored after they were once declared salvage.

Vehicles with rebuilt titles are initially declared a total loss by insurance companies because of the extent of damages that they incurred, probably through accidents, natural disasters, or any unfortunate event.

The damage done on these vehicles is usually so much that they are not motorable until repaired, but not too much to be declared junk.

The thing with rebuilt titles in Ohio isn’t in the possibility of getting one but in the chance of rebuilding the car to meet the state’s legal and safety standards. You will need the help of a professional to help you with the rebuilding and also ensure that you follow the stipulated rules for rebuilding cars in Ohio.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Ohio

Do you wish to get an Ohio rebuilt title? Here are easy steps on how to get a rebuilt title in Ohio.

1. Confirmation, application, and Documentation

The first step to getting a rebuilt title isn’t rushing for a salvage title. You’ll need to discuss with your insurance company the right decision to make. When your car is damaged to a point where it is declared a total loss by insurance companies, you have two options:

  • Sell the car
  • Rebuild and Drive again

The cost and processes of getting a rebuilt title might make you decide to sell the car. This includes the fact that the damages on the car might be too great that you have no other option than to sell it to a junk or scrap yard for recycling or reselling the used parts.

To sell your car as junk or scrap, you will need to refer to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get acquainted with the laws that apply to selling salvage vehicles, as you will need licensing to do so.

This reduces the chances of fraud and reselling of stolen cars. If you choose to repair the vehicle, you will need to apply for a salvage title, but first, you will need to complete Form BMV 3774 (certificate of title of a motor vehicle).

2. Apply for a salvage title

You cannot get a rebuilt title if you don’t have a salvage title. To apply for an Ohio salvage title, you’ll need to complete and submit the following forms and documents;

  • Form BMV 3774 to get a certificate of Title to a Motor vehicle.
  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Title
  • All necessary documents from your insurance company related to the car or lienholder as applicable. The BMV title office and your insurance company will guide you on the necessary documents to provide.

After documents and paperwork submission, proceed to pay the $4 salvage title fee. You might incur other fees in the process of getting a salvage title.

In Ohio, you will pay $15 if you are applying for a salvage title with a lien and an additional $5 late filing fee if you fail to obtain your salvage certificate during the given time.

3. Repair

After getting a salvage title certificate, you can proceed with repairs. Ohio doesn’t have a stipulated rule on the type of person that should handle your repairs, but it is necessary that the vehicle passes inspection after the building and replacement.

You can choose to handle the repairs yourself, but we advise you to get a professional to handle the repairs. This will ensure that the repairs meet the required legal and safety standards according to Ohio state laws.

The cost of repairs for a rebuilt salvage vehicle will depend on the extent of damage, but you must keep the receipts after repairs. You will need these receipts during inspections.

4. Pass Inspection

After repairs, the next step is to book an inspection. You will need to schedule an inspection at any of Ohio’s licensed salvage inspection offices near you.

The purpose of inspecting your repaired salvage vehicle is to confirm ownership of all parts used, review and authorize paperwork and all related documentation, then proceed to ensure that your repairs match the safety and legal requirements related to road use in Ohio.

To inspect a restored salvage vehicle, here is all that you will need to do:

  • Pay the required $50 for inspection and provide original inspection receipts from the Ohio BMV Deputy Registrar. You can do this from any of the approved BMW deputy registrar locations. You must understand that the $50 inspection receipt will grant you the ability to drive your salvage vehicle to the inspection station even without registration.
  • Present a state-issued ID or passport. You can use your valid driver's license too.
  • Provide an Ohio title with the name of the current owner clearly written.
  • Tender all original receipts for all parts used in the replacement and repair of the vehicle.
  • If you use any used parts for your salvage vehicle replacement, you must provide the VIN of the donor vehicle.
  • Ensure to notarize receipts if you purchase parts or engage in any casual sale with an individual or business that is not a licensed parts dealer.

It is important to mention that the type of vehicle and licensing involved can also influence the inspection fee. Inspectors have the right to impound your vehicle if it is proven that you used any stolen parts in the restoration of the vehicle, and they can also request that you remove some vehicle parts or leave your vehicle overnight.

In this situation, you should have someone waiting to drive you home. The duration of the inspection can be determined by how early you got there. You should visit your inspector as early as you can to avoid rescheduling.

Don’t forget that all receipts used during the inspection must be original, and you will need to provide the name, phone number, and address of all businesses and individual sellers you traded with. This will aid in confirmation and authentication.

5. Pay the necessary fees and get approvals on your paperwork

Did you pass the inspection? Hurray! You are halfway through the process of getting a rebuilt title in Ohio. You will need to provide proof that you passed the inspection and pay the required title fees.

Rebuilt title fees in Ohio vary in different countries, so you’ll need to call the title office near you to confirm how much you will need to pay. The estimated rebuilt title fee in Ohio is $15.

Can You Transfer a Rebuilt Title in Ohio?

Yes. You can transfer a rebuilt title or just any type of title in Ohio. However, you must realize that to do this, you’ll need to pass the proposed vehicle through inspection. The process of transferring out-of-state title must be completed within 30 days of the date of sale.

What’s the Difference Between a Salvage Title and a Rebuilt Title in Ohio?

The clear difference between a salvage title and a rebuilt title in Ohio is that salvage titles are given to vehicles that are declared a total loss by insurance companies. Rebuilt titles are reserved for salvaged vehicles after they are repaired and restored.

Issuance of rebuilt titles occurs after you’ve repaired your salvaged vehicle and it passes inspection. These titles indicate that the salvage vehicle is now motorable and safe to hit the roads again.


Getting a rebuilt title in Ohio isn’t entirely hard. You just need to understand the process and do it accordingly. This includes ensuring that your paperwork is done right and that you pass inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell a salvage title car in Ohio?

Yes. You can sell a salvage title car in Ohio, but you will need a license to do this. In Ohio, only people with a salvage dealer’s license are permitted to sell a salvage title car. The process of selling a salvage title car is detailed in the Ohio BMV laws. This is designed to protect the dealer and the buyer.

Can you sell a car without a title in Ohio?

No, you cannot sell a car without a title in Ohio. Every dealer is mandated by Ohio laws to sell cars with their certificate of title. However, there are a few exceptions to this. The exception in selling a car without a title in Ohio is ensuring that your practices align with the laws in sections 4505.032 and 4505.05.

Can you scrap a car without a title in Ohio?

No. You cannot scrap a car without a title in Ohio. Scrapping cars is legal in Ohio, but this must be done with the possession of a title. To scrap a car in Ohio, you will need a certificate of title, which will serve as proof of ownership.

Can you insure a rebuilt car in Ohio?

Yes. You can insure a rebuilt car in Ohio, but the insurance coverage is limited. You will face a certain level of difficulty finding insurance companies that will accept insuring a rebuilt car. If you finally find an insurance company, there’s a chance they wouldn’t cover physical damages to the car.