How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Georgia

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Georgia

Getting a rebuilt title isn't a new idea. You might have heard about getting a rebuilt title if you've tried buying a used car in Georgia. Cars with rebuilt titles are cars that were repurchased and repaired after they were declared 'savage' and a total loss by insurance companies.

This usually occurs when a car is involved in a fatal accident, a natural disaster, or just an unfortunate incident that damages the car to the extent that it is declared a total loss.

Although rebuilt titles give you the opportunity of buying redeemable cars at cheaper rates, there are a lot of processes involved. This includes a thorough understanding of the regulations, laws, and activities permissible in the course of action.

To get a rebuilt title in Georgia, you'll need certain documents, like the receipts of parts used in rebuilding the car, an old picture of the car in its damaged state, a license, and certain fees you'll need to pay.

Here's a detailed guide on all you need to know about how to get a rebuilt title in Georgia.

What Is a Rebuilt Title in Georgia?

Different car titles apply in different scenarios, such as a clear title, lienholder title, electronic titles, and many others that you’ll soon hear of.

Rebuilt titles in Georgia refer to repaired and reconstructed cars after insurance companies declared them a total loss.

Most times, declaring the car a total loss doesn’t imply that it is irreparable. There are chances that the insurance company has estimated the cost of repair and figured out that it will cost so much, more than necessary, to repair the vehicle.

This happens when a particular car that was involved in a fatal accident gets acquired by the owner for cheap after following due process, and the owner, with the help of a licensed rebuilder, goes forward to rebuild the car till it passes a safety inspection. In Georgia, rebuilt titles are usually synonymous with cars that were damaged by flood.

However, numerous incidents can cause a car to be declared a total loss.

Here are some of the reasons why a car can get a rebuilt title:

  • Odometer rollback.
  • Major damage due to flooding.
  • Serious wreck due to an accident.

Can You Have a Rebuilt Title in Georgia?

Yes. You can get a rebuilt title in Georgia. All you need is (to be) a licensed rebuilder, make the necessary repairs, pay the agreed fees, and provide the necessary documents.

Part of the documents you must submit to get a rebuilt title in Georgia includes pictures of the vehicle in its salvaged/wrecked condition.

The rebuilding process doesn’t stop here. You’ll need to wait until the car is passed through safety checks and confirmed that it is safe to hit the road again.

Is a Rebuilt Title Bad in Georgia?

Getting a rebuilt title in Georgia isn’t a bad idea. There are lots of states that make it difficult to get a rebuilt title. This is because there are strict laws and regulations on car registration and ownership.

You will surely get a rebuilt title in Georgia if you can meet all the requirements and provide the necessary documents.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Georgia

Now that you’ve understood that it is possible to get a rebuilt title, let’s proceed to guide you on how to get a rebuilt title in Georgia.

Here are simple steps to get a rebuilt title in Georgia:

1. Be a Licensed Rebuilder

The state of Georgia makes it mandatory that if you must get a rebuilt title in Georgia, you must be a licensed rebuilder. Sometimes, there are varying interpretations of this law which include that you can have a licensed rebuilder help you get a rebuilt title.

The sole purpose of being a rebuilder is to ensure that only licensed rebuilders get to work on those salvage vehicles.

To ensure that the car is restored to a normal state, at least to the point where it is safe to drive again, it is necessary that only licensed professionals handle its rebuilding. To this effect, you’ll need to provide a copy of the rebuilder's license to ascertain your claims.

2. Get pictures of the vehicle in its damaged and wrecked stage

There are quite a few reasons why photographs of the damaged and wrecked vehicle are requested before rebuilt titles are issued. One of the main purposes of taking pictures of a vehicle in its salvaged/wrecked condition before any repairs are even made is for documentation purposes.

There is a great need to document the damaged or wrecked cars within the state and serve as future references when the need arises. This might also help states to ascertain the brand of the rebuilt vehicle.

Pictures of the rebuilt vehicle in its original state will also reveal any safety concerns that will help the state determine if it was thoroughly repaired and safe to ply the road again.

3. Complete and sign the necessary documents

To get a rebuilt title, there are a few documents that you will need to sign and complete. Some of the important documents that you will need to sign to get a rebuilt title in Georgia include:

  1. Form T-22R Request for inspection of a rebuilt motor vehicle
  2. Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application
  3. Form T-129 Labor and Parts Certification

4. Get Original Valid Salvage Title

To get a rebuilt title in Georgia, you will need to get and provide the original valid salvage title. You'll need to provide only original copies of the salvage title that states the photocopy.

5. Provide Necessary Receipts

To get a rebuilt title in Georgia, you'll need to provide certain receipts related to the expenses done in the rebuilding of the car. The receipts will help confirm proof of ownership of the vehicle owner or rebuilder.

List of receipts that you'll need to provide to get a rebuilt title includes:

  1. Receipts of vehicle parts purchased and their stock numbers.
  2. Receipts showing that the vehicle owner or rebuilder purchased those parts. This must be cited in reference to Form T-129.
  3. In the event that you are purchasing a used part, there must be an indication of the parts name and vehicle identification number of the vehicle where the parts were gotten from.
  4. If the used parts are from another state, then you must provide a certification letter from the other state.

6. Pass Inspection

When all documents and receipts are completed and rebuilding is approved and done, you'll need to get the vehicle to pass inspection before you can get a title.

Rebuilt inspection is done before you paint the car. Painting a vehicle without passing inspection can cover up lots of areas that might pose safety hazards.

To get your rebuilt car inspected, you'll need to visit any of the state department's approved private inspectors or stations. There are lots of rebuilt car inspectors in Georgia, scattered across different cities, you'll simply need to find one closest to you.

From Banks County, Jenkinsburg, and Ringgold, to Athens, Marietta, and beyond, you'll need to go through the list of state-certified salvage inspectors to choose one.

Some inspectors are only available by appointment while some can travel to your location to inspect your car. It is important that you contact the inspectors to book an appointment with them.

7. Pay Necessary Fees

If you are finally booked and you pass inspection, then you'll need to proceed to pay the fees. The state of Georgia requires that you pay the sum of $118 to the department of Revenue. The fees are paid as follows:

  1. $18 for rebuilt title fee
  2. $100 for the state inspection fee


It's quite cheaper to buy damaged cars that will enable you to get a rebuilt title. Like, you'll be buying that for up to 20 to 40% less than the market value.

This might seem like you're saving a lot of costs, but you must consider the entire cost of rebuilding and the entire process of getting a rebuilt title. If you feel it's worth it, then you can proceed to get it done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a rebuilt title in Georgia?

Getting a rebuilt title in Georgia isn't costly. You'll only need to pay $118 to get a rebuilt title. The $118 is paid to the department of Revenue and this covers the title fee ($18) and state inspection fee($100).

Should you get a rebuilt title in Georgia?

Sure, you should. Rebuilt titles are legal in Georgia, so there's definitely nothing that will hinder you from getting a rebuilt title in Georgia. The cost of getting a rebuilt vehicle in Georgia is $118, so it's not expensive.

Can you insure a car with a rebuilt title?

Yes. You can insure a car with a rebuilt title, but it might be quite difficult to find an insurance provider that will agree to offer you the insurance. If you're lucky to find an insurance company to insure your rebuilt vehicle, you might only get liability-only and not full insurance. It is also more expensive to insure cars with rebuilt titles compared to cars with clean titles.