How Much Does LoJack Cost?

Lojack Cost

Cars are among the most expensive things to own; you wouldn't want to lose yours – especially if you spent a lot to buy them.

Car manufacturers understand this, so they integrate quite many security technologies and features for you to monitor your car, even in real-time. But these standard security technologies have limited features, so most people still install "car trackers."

LoJack is a popular car tracking system that provides a wealth of security features, including real-time monitoring from your mobile device. You can install the LoJack system in virtually any car.

With the LoJack system installed in your car, even if the vehicle gets stolen, there's over a 90 percent chance of getting it back. But how much does LoJack cost?

LoJack's security and tracking system costs about $800 on average, and we will discuss everything you need to know about this device in this article.

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LoJack Security and Tracking System

The LoJack car tracking system is pretty much advanced and comes with decent perks – all provided in a seamless manner to make vehicle tracking and recovery easy for every car owner.

This particular car tracking system is very popular because the company claims it has helped its product users to recover over 100,000 vehicles since its launch.

You can install the LoJack system on regular cars, trucks, or SUVs – all information is monitored from the mobile app installed on your smartphone. LoJack comes with a transceiver device installed inside the vehicle (in a hidden location). The transceiver then provides real-time notifications via the mobile app.

With the LoJack system, you will always know your car's location, even when someone else is driving it. This is a security product loved by many car owners as it allows them the ease of finding their vehicle at any time.

But then, ensure that you install the transceiver where someone else won't see it – because once it is removed from the car, you can't track it anymore.

Interestingly, when you install the LoJack system, you automatically get into insurance coverage to get up to $10,000 reimbursement if your car is not recovered in 30 days. The transceiver lets you know how your vehicle is being driven by sending you real-time alerts for speed & geo-boundaries.

On the LoJack app, you can track the transmitter's battery charge level, so you'd know when the battery is running down and needs a recharge. Also, the app lets you see the history of service records and maintenance schedules for your car. Overall, LoJack is a feature-rich gadget for modern car owners.

How Much Does LoJack Cost?

First, before you can get the LoJack system, you need to check if it is available in your region. This check is performed on the official LoJack website. If the service is available to you, then you should pick a package. The average cost of getting LoJack installed in your car is $700.

However, installing LoJack in higher-end car models may cost up to $1,500. The final cost you'd pay to have the LoJack system installed in your car is relative to the type and model of the car you own. Installing this on an older vehicle might not be worth it, except the old one is very expensive.

Also, LoJack offers different payment packages, so you can choose the one that suits you the most. The company offers warranty plans you want to add to your package; some people pay up to $3,000 for LoJack setup, and that's largely due to the plans and offers they selected.

All parts of the LoJack system can be bought online from any of the company's approved dealers.

There's a premium offer from LoJack, sold for a $1,200 one-time fee. The package offers a silent transmitter, delivers a warning call to tell if the transmitter has been removed from the car, and a 5-year extended warranty. You may ask the support team to provide a clearer explanation of LoJack's pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will LoJack really pay me $10k?

LoJack pays up to "$10K coverage per vehicle for dealers who preload," but this amount varies by state and has conditions that must be met. As long as you meet the requirements, you'd get up to the amount limit for your state. However, LoJack doesn't pay this money in cash.

Does LoJack actually help to recover stolen cars?

Yes, the system is one of the most advanced car tracking systems with lots of good features that improve security and theft awareness. Once you notice your car is stolen, log in to the LoJack app on your smartphone, and you can track the car to see where it's parked.

How long does LoJack last?

The Classic LoJack Early Warning Key Pass battery is poised to last up to six months, after which it should be changed. So, change the transmitter's battery at specific intervals that are most convenient to you.