Lexus vs BMW Reliability: A Detailed Comparison

Lexus vs BMW Reliability

You’ve heard so much about Lexus and BMW cars, and you are finding it hard to choose any of them as your preferred reliable car brand. One of the benefits of choosing a car from a reliable brand is that you are sure you are getting much value for your money. However, when it comes to Lexus vs. BMW reliability, Lexus is the winner.

It shouldn’t surprise you why people keep choosing Lexus over BMW. We understand that BMW offers the amazing benefits of impressive handling, a pleasurable driving experience, and a beautiful appearance. Although BMWs deliver better performance than Lexus, they do not last as long as Lexus cars.

Lexus offers cheaper repair and maintenance costs than BMW, fewer chances of major or minor breakdowns, more durability, and even higher safety ratings. You should only choose BMWs over Lexus if the only thing you care about is speed, power, and driving pleasure.

Here’s all you need to know about Lexus vs. BMW reliability and why Lexus is considered more reliable.

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: A Detailed Comparison

Features LexusBMW
Functionality; Comfort and Ergonomics
Sporty; Performance-Oriented
Repair and Maintenance Cost
Lexus cars last 200,000 to 300,000 miles or up to 16-20 years
BMWs last up to 200,000 to 250,000 miles, with an average lifespan of at least 15 years.
Gas Mileage
Safety and Technology
High Safety Ratings
Higher Safety Ratings

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Which is Better?

The reliability of Lexus vs. BMW shouldn’t be an argument. Lexus is better than BMW in build quality, comfort, minimal problems, and even cheap maintenance and repair cost. If you are hell-bent on getting a safe vehicle, then Lexus is your best bet.

Lexus and BMW offer almost the same fuel efficiency. Although BMW delivers a better drive performance and more tech refinement, you will have to spend so much on repairs and maintenance. You will get more powertrain warranty coverage from Lexus than from BMW cars.

It is also important to mention that Lexus has a higher reliability rating than BMW. According to Repairpal, Lexus has a reliability rating of 4.0/5.0, ranking 7th out of 32 car brands.

On the other hand, BMW has a reliability rating of 2.5/5.0, ranking 30th out of 32 car brands. Consumer Reports rates Lexus as the most reliable car brand, with BMW taking the 18th position.

The scores are similar on JD Power. In 2021, Lexus came first as the most dependable car brand, with an impressive performance of 88 problems per 100, while BMW ranked 11th with 102 problems per 100.

2022 took a great toll on both car brands as Lexus fell to the sixth position with 159 problems per 100, and BMW jumped to the 15th position with 187 problems per 100.

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Design

Lexus and BMW are big on design. It has always been a legacy for BMW to produce eye-catching and breathtaking designs. From seats, stereo, infotainment, technology, and hardware, the BMW design speaks for itself.  Lexus is just starting to pick up in designs, which is visible in its newest designs.

Both cars are big on ergonomics, flashy cars that impress their customers, bold designs, and innovative interiors. The truth is that while Lexus is designed to achieve users’ comfort, BMW optimizes performance.

The aesthetics of BMW cars is tweaked to aid the car in achieving high speeds. Although Lexus is improving to meet up with the performance gaps, they have built a design foundation to match BMWs. They have a design that makes it safe and cool to drive in.

The glaring difference between BMW and Lexus cars lies in how long those designs can hold. With BMW, even though they are flashy and nice-looking, you will have your bushings, ball joints, and electronic components falling apart.

The choice between Lexus and BMW designs lies in if you want a design that works or a flashy design that will have you spend so much after a few miles.

Winner: Both

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Repair and Maintenance Cost

It is cheaper to maintain a Lexus than a BMW. BMW holds the premium virtues of a luxury car, including high maintenance costs. The cost of repairing and maintaining a BMW car is not limited to the cost but also the ease of breaking down.

It costs an annual average of $551 to fix a Lexus, whereas you should budget $968 for your BMW. This factors in the fact that with a BMW, you have a 15% chance of major repairs and a 0.9 chance of minor repairs. Lexus has an 8% probability of major repairs and a 0.5 chance of minor repairs.

Winner: Lexus

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Durability

The Lexus brand and its cars are miles ahead of BMW when it comes to durability. You can expect your Lexus car to last till the end of the world. This cannot be said of BMWs. Compared to Lexus, those cars are usually problematic, to the extent that many users believe they are made of cheap junk.

The problem with BMW cars isn’t about how long they will last but how much you are willing to spend during their lifetime. The truth is, Lexus cars can last up to 300,000 miles, with a 20-year lifespan, while BMWs last up to 250,000 miles, with a lifespan of 15 years.

However, while owning and driving a Lexus car, you will fix your ball joints for half the amount of time you will do with a BMW.

BMW engines last forever, just as long as Lexus engines, but the car’s body might have fallen off before that time. The thing about the slide in BMW durability and the increase in Lexus is that Lexus works in the pathway of Toyota’s engineering principles.

Lexus uses the best engineers to run its production line. The “kaizen” design model is sustained in Lexus to ensure that all car components are improved before final delivery. This is not the same case with BMW.

BMW over engineered its cars to achieve better driving dynamics and performance, using the latest technology. This system is usually inconsistent and leads to many problems that turn them into money pits.

Winner: Lexus

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Engine and Performance

There are high-performing engines in the Lexus lineup, but none can compare to BMW’s performance. You can rely on Lexus’ V8 engines for great power delivery, efficiency, and handling.

Engines from Lexus are not bad for a daily driver, but BMW engines are strictly optimized for performance. You think of a BMW engine when you need fast speed, great performance, and amazing handling.

Whether you choose the Inline-4 engine, or turbocharged engine, whatever your choice may be, you are assured of getting the best performance from BMW cars.

Winner: BMW

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Gas Mileage

There isn’t much difference in the gas mileage of Lexus and BMW cars. The difference in the gas mileage of Lexus and BMW is obvious in their different models.

For instance: the BMW 330i xDrive returns better gas mileage than Lexus ES 350, just as the Lexus RX 350 returns better gas mileage than BMW X5.

The truth is that, just as Lexus uses its Econ Mode to achieve better fuel efficiency, BMW uses the efficiency dynamics. Both technologies aid driving dynamics while achieving the best fuel economy.

Winner: Both

Lexus Vs. BMW Reliability: Safety and Technology

On an overall scale, Lexus is safer than BMW. Although BMWs are more tech-inclined and loaded with more technology, those systems are not sustainable. In the bid to join technology trends, BMW releases lots of technology packages that do not last long. The software glitches and electronic failures put Lexus miles ahead of them.

In the 2021 IIHS Top safety rating, only three BMW cars are earning the IIHS top safety pick rating. There are no Top safety pick + awards. Lexus has four cars on the 2021 IIHS Top safety pick + rating and two cars on the Top safety pick.

Winner: Lexus


Your choice between BMW and Lexus depends on your driving needs and the conditions you wish to drive in. If you are a daily driver, then Lexus is the best choice for you. You have the cheapest maintenance cost and minimum problems. The build quality is better, and you can cruise the town comfortably.

You can consider BMWs if you are in for racing, speed, and power. Whatever your case may be, you must understand that BMW and Lexus pass as luxury car brands but have different target audiences. Lexus is for drivers that love luxury, comfort, and safety, while BMW is for drivers that love performance and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lexus last longer than BMW?

Yes. Lexus lasts longer than BMW. Lexus lasts up to 200,000 to 300,000 miles, or 16-20 years, while BMW lasts 200,000 to 250,000 miles with an average lifespan of 15 years. Lexus cars are built to last long and usually do not have any major issues until after hitting over 150,000 miles.

Is BMW cheaper than Lexus?

No. BMW is not cheaper than Lexus. BMW is one of the German luxury cars in the automotive industry with high ownership and maintenance costs. Even as a luxury brand, Lexus has one of the cheapest auto repair/maintenance and cost of ownership.