Lexus Reliability 101: Comprehensive Guide

Is Lexus Reliable

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury brand, operating as an independent unit with its production, marketing, and sales team. There have been many arguments about Lexus’s reliability against Toyotas.

We all know that Toyota, the parent brand of Lexus, has an indisputable record of reliability, but are Lexus reliable?

Yes, Lexus is a highly reliable car brand. Lexus boasts a high-reliability rating, impressive handling, amazing engines, and great safety and technology packages that you can rely on. This includes its low repair and maintenance costs.

It shouldn’t sound strange that Lexus was named the most reliable 2022 car. The Lexus brand is responsible for producing some of the most reliable cars in the market. Lexus is one of the few luxury car brands that produce cars that last the test of time.

Here's why Lexus is a highly reliable car brand.

Are Lexus Reliable?

Yes. Lexus cars are highly reliable, and there are no disputes about their reliability. Lexus is one of the few luxury car brands that assure you of running more than 100,000 miles without any single repair.

Not specifically because we are fans of the Lexus brand, but Lexus is the first luxury car we drove for more than three years, and the only repairs we had were to change fluids, spark plugs, align, and replace tires and wheels.

The reliability of the Lexus brand is so impressive that there are great chances that your Lexus car will last up to 25 years with extended use of 400,000 miles if maintained properly.

The reliability of Lexus varies according to its different models, but overall, they’ve maintained a high standard of excellence. For instance, the Lexus GX earned a 100/100 reliability rating on consumer reports, indicating that they are “problem-free”.

Lexus rose from being the third reliable car brand on consumer reports to the first car brand on the list of dependable cars.

On the other hand, RepairPal awards Lexus a 4.0 out of 5.0 reliability rating, ranking 7th out of 32 car brands. This is with a 0.5 average chance of visiting the repair shop and an 8% probability of major repairs.

Why Lexus Cars Are Considered Reliable

1. The “Toyota Effect”

This might sound petty and unnecessary, but we can’t neglect that Lexus is highly reliable because they are taking up and maintaining the standards of its parent company, Toyota.

Toyota is known for its outstanding reliability, dependability, and reputation for making highly reliable cars. It will be a shame if Lexus doesn’t maintain the trend of excellence.

Toyota is known for its solid build, impressive designs, efficient engine, and systems. At the launch of Lexus in 1989, there were no doubts that the Japanese subdivision would maintain the status quo.

So far, Lexus hasn’t failed the task of outsmarting and dominating other luxury car brands like Mercedes and BMW.

2. Craftmanship and Design Philosophy

Lexus’s design philosophy has always centered on creating satisfying experiences, igniting senses, stirring passions, and bonding customers with their products. This has pushed the company to employ high-level craftsmanship to achieve an amazing customer experience.

However, the goal of the Lexus brand goes beyond just making things but creating cars immersed with durability, taking into account the drivers' needs and the roads' conditions.

The motive is to beat market demands and push Lexus to inculcate a culture of excellence by subjecting its cars to thorough and repetitive testing until they are sure it is okay for public use.

3. Low Maintenance and Repair Cost

Lexus has maintained reliability by sustaining low maintenance and repair costs in its cars. It costs an annual average of $551 to repair and maintain a Lexus car. This is lower than the average $652 repair and maintenance cost for all car models.

Surprisingly, it is so cheap to own and maintain a Lexus, even as a luxury brand. Aside from the durability of its parts, the Lexus brand adopts a cost-effective option that makes it easy for Lexus and Toyota to share some internal components.

4. High Level of Durability

Lexus maintains a high level of durability, from high-performing engines to high tensile-strength steel, transmissions, and other necessary components. Lexus cars can last 200,000 to 300,000 miles or up to 16-20 years. The beauty of Lexus durability is that you will spend less maintaining and repairing them over this long period compared to other luxury brands.

Lexus's durability also makes them nearly impossible to break down.

5. Safety and Technology

Lexus has sustained an impressive record of safety and passenger protection. Four Lexus cars have earned the 2021 Top Safety pick+ rating, with two cars in the top safety pick rating. The Lexus NX was recently awarded the 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

Lexus takes its safety technology to the next level by introducing the Lexus Safety system+ 3.0. The system prioritizes the need to make the world accident-free.

This is achieved with the integration of:

  • Pre-collision systems
  • Lane assistance
  • Intelligent high beams
  • Dynamic radar cruise control
  • Road sign assist

Supports from the Lexus safety connect that integrates a GPS navigation system, collision assistance, improved airbag technology, and high-tech visibility systems for increased awareness.

Drivers are shielded from dangers and are well informed of all potential harm on the road. Driving a Lexus is like driving with extra eyes on the road.

The integration of technology in Lexus cars cuts across its infotainment. Lexus’s bond with technology doesn’t reduce its reliability but gives it an edge to win drivers’ trust.

6. Engine Performance

Lexus cars are known for their high-performing engines, impressive handling, and steering. This is seen across the different categories of cars that Lexus produces.

Lexus is renowned for its impressive V8 engines that deliver a burst of power, smooth handling, and variations for fuel efficiency. The Lexus engines are so reliable that you don’t need to worry about major repairs and frequent visits to the mechanic shop, as seen in most luxury brands.

Lexus Reliability: Pros

  • Durable
  • Amazing rides
  • Comfort
  • Engine reliability
  • Low maintenance and repair cost
  • Great hybrid options
  • High resale value

Lexus Reliability: Cons

  • Average power delivery as compared to other luxury brands, except Lexus sporty engines
  • Unnecessarily huge grilled
  • Lack of sporty feel


Many benefits come with owning a Lexus car. The reliability, stress-free experience, comfy rides, superb engines, and low maintenance cost. You can get many Lexus models that offer great gas mileage, like the 2022 Lexus NX plug-in hybrid, the RX 450h, etc.

Lexus is the type of car you buy when you want a luxury car that will last forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a Lexus last?

Lexus is a luxury car brand that boasts of its advanced technologies, smooth ride and reliability on the road. They can last 200,000 to 300,000 miles or up to 16 to 20 years. However, their ability to last long depends on proper maintenance and good driving conditions.

Are Lexus expensive to maintain?

No. Lexus is not expensive to maintain. The average annual cost of maintaining a Lexus is $551, which is lower when compared to the industry average of $652. However, repair and maintenance costs vary depending on mileage, location, and shop.