Jaguar vs Audi: Which Is More Reliable?

Jaguar vs Audi Reliability

Is a Jaguar better than an Audi? You're planning to buy a new luxury car, and you're stuck between options, Jaguar and Audi. Which is more reliable?

Jaguar and Audi are popular names in the luxury industry. Probably, not as good as the likes of Toyota and Honda, these brands have a good thing going on for them in terms of performance, styling, and build quality.

However, Audi is more reliable than Jaguar. With Audi, you are getting cheaper repair and maintenance costs compared to what Jaguar is offering, higher safety ratings, and higher resale value. Although Jaguar is considered to have more luxury than Audi,

Audi presents an affordable overall cost of ownership.

The quality of design, gas mileage, and performance offered by both brands depend on the model that you choose.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Jaguar vs. Audi reliability!

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: A Detailed Comparison

Features JaguarAudi
Britishness; Beautiful lines, Great Proportions, clear and pure surfaces, modern
Constant Progress; Traditional styling, clarity, clean surfaces.
Gas Mileage
Repair and Maintenance Cost 
Poor Safety Ratings
High Safety Ratings
Engine and Performance
Jaguar cars can last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles with an average lifespan of 10 years.
Audi cars have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, lasting up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles.

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: Which Is Better?

There are a lot of things that Jaguar is good at; status, luxury, and identity. However, when it comes to a close reliability comparison between Jaguar and Audi, Audi is a better option.

According to RepairPal, Audi has a Reliability rating of 3.0/5.0, ranking 28th out of 32 car brands.

This is compared to Jaguar, which takes the 29th position with a 2.5 reliability rating. The 2022 Consumer Reports reliability rating places Audi in sixth position, whereas Infiniti is nowhere to be found on the list.

However, Infiniti beats Audi in the 2022 JD Power's dependability study.

You must understand that you need more than just reliability ratings to decide the reliability of a brand.

Audi offers cheaper repair and maintenance costs, fewer tendencies to visit the repair shop for major or minor repairs, and relatively higher safety ratings.

The design reliability of both brands varies according to the model and trim level that you choose; however, you are getting more practicality from Audi vehicles.

Irrespective of the fact that Audi has a cheaper repair and maintenance cost, it is important to mention that Jaguar offers better warranty coverage. Jaguar offers a 5-year/60,000-mile basic and powertrain warranty.

This is compared to Audi, which offers 4-year/50,000-mile basic and powertrain warranty coverage. The extra one-year and 10,000-mile warranty coverage goes a long way in reducing expenses in the course of driving the car.

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: Design

Designs are one of the major factors to look out for when considering the reliability of a car brand. This goes beyond how beautiful vehicles from these brands look and includes how reliable the design-build quality, usability, and functionality are.

Jaguar and Audi are both known for producing stylish, well-designed vehicles that appeal to luxury car buyers. However, their design philosophy differentiates them from the others.

Jaguar's design philosophy borders around building cars that are enticing and capture a balance of proportions and lines. As a British brand, Jaguar embodies Britishness in all of its designs.

The colors, materials, and all elements are interwoven to achieve innovative elegance. This gives each vehicle a unique character. Jaguar's designs adopt beautiful lines, great Proportions, clear and pure surfaces, and modern styling to get the best of luxury.

With close comparisons to Audi vehicles, Jaguar has more emphasis on luxury while Audi tilts towards tech, practicality, and amazing user experience.

Jaguar's designs are typically more dramatic, with bold lines and curves that give the cars a sporty, aggressive look. Meanwhile, Audi's designs are more understated, with clean lines and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

With both brands, you are getting a wide range of exterior and interior customization options that vary according to the available models and trim levels on each brand. This will allow you to create a car that suits your tastes.

The major differences in the design of Jaguar and Audi are peculiar to their models. At some point, the wheelbase will be bigger on Jaguar, and sometimes Audi gets the bold look. This is also applicable to the cargo volume, headroom, and legroom of both car brands.

Ultimately, the design preferences of each individual buyer will play a large role in their decision between Jaguar and Audi.

Winner: Both

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: Engine and Performance

Whether you are choosing a Jaguar or an Audi, you are getting engines that are good enough to keep you running.

The engine performance greatly varies depending on the model that you choose. In some cases, you will get more horsepower from Jaguar, and in other cases, the table turns, and you find better engine performance on Audi vehicles.

For instance, the 2023 Audi Q7 beats the 2023 Jaguar F-Pace with better engine performance. You are getting 261 HP from the Audi Q7 and 247 HP from the Jaguar F-Pace. However, the F-Pace is a better option than the Q7 regarding gas mileage.

A similar experience is the 2021 Audi Q5 that beats the 2021 Jaguar F-Pace with 248 HP as against the F-Pace's 246hp. Everything takes a different turn as the 2022 Jaguar I-Pace beats the 2022 Audi E-Tron with 394 hp as against 355 HP.

The 2022 F-Type offers a more thrilling driving experience and a burst of power than the 2023 Audi Q3 E-Tron, but the 2022 Audi A6 is a better option compared to the 2023 Jaguar XF.

The reliability of the engines of both brands depends on the model that you choose, your budget, and your needs.

Winner: Both

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: Mileage

Just as there are varying figures for engine performance, there are varying records on the fuel efficiency delivered by Audi and Jaguar.

For instance: with the 2023 Jaguar XF, you are getting 22/33 MPG for city and highway. This is compared to the 2022 Audi A6, which returns 15/32 MPG.

The 2022 Jaguar I Pace presents an 80/72 MPG while the 2022 Audi E-Tron returns 78/77 MPG for city and highway, respectively. This implies that while the Jaguar I-Pace is a better option for the city, the Audi E-Tron is a great choice for the highway.

However, the 2023 Jaguar XF beats the 2022 Audi A6 with a gas mileage of 22/33 MPG, while the 2022 Audi A6 gets a gas mileage of 15/32 MPG.

To get the best fuel efficiency from any of these brands, it is important that you research the best option available for you.

Winner: Both

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: Safety and Technology

In terms of safety, Audi has an advantage over Jaguar. This doesn't imply that Jaguar vehicles are entirely unsafe or are death traps for users. The higher safety ratings of Audi cars give it an edge over Jaguar.

Twenty-one Audi vehicles have earned the 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick (+) Award. This is an impressive feat compared to Jaguar, which hasn't earned an IIHS safety award even as far as 2011.

Audi's impressive safety ratings are due to the features and technology equipped on their cars.

The Audi brand adopts the Audi Pre Sense, a suite of safety technologies equipped on Audi vehicles to give you peace of mind.

Here's a list of some of the features to enjoy on the Audi Pre Sense.

  • Turn Assist and Collision Avoidance Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go
  • Vehicle Exit Assist
  • Night Vision Assistant
  • Traffic Jam Assist

Just as related to safety, you are getting more technology from Audi. This doesn't neglect the fact that Jaguar is big on luxury.

Ranging from modern infotainment systems, navigation systems, smartphone integrations, touch screen displays, Bluetooth connective and sound systems, everything tech is better on Audi.

Winner: Audi

Jaguar vs. Audi Reliability: Repair and Maintenance Cost

It is cheaper to repair and maintain an Audi than a Jaguar. According to RepairPal, you get an average annual $987 for Audi and 1,123 for Jaguar vehicles.

The truth is that the cost of repairs for Audi and Jaguar is costlier than the average cost across all models. However, Audi's reduced cost is an advantage to the users.

Audi has a 0.8 chance of visiting the repair shop and a 13% probability of severe damages. Jaguar gets a 14% probability of severe damages and a 0.6 chance of visiting the repair shop.

Winner: Audi


It is obvious that Audi is more reliable than Jaguar. Aside from the higher reliability ratings and better features on Audi vehicles, there's an alarming factor on Jaguar cars; safety ratings. Jaguar manages to earn 5-star crash ratings on its I-PACE, but its absence on IIHS ratings is an alarming trend.

You can rely on Audi for cheaper repair costs, higher safety ratings, and better resale value. Aside from these, you should consider comparing the features of the model that you wish to buy. A test drive will give you a better understanding of what to expect.