Infinity vs Mercedes-Benz: Reliability Guide

Infiniti vs Mercedes Reliability

Mercedes and Infiniti are amazing car brands with an admirable reputation when it comes to their luxurious feel, performance, capacity, and overall safety. However, it can be confusing trying to choose between Mercedes and Infiniti.

This is because you are worried about the inflated prices of Mercedes, but the cheap offers of Infiniti can make you doubt their reliability.

Well, the truth is, Infinitis are more reliable than Mercedes. With Infiniti, you are getting cheaper repair and maintenance costs, better warranty coverage, and relatively more features compared to Mercedes vehicles of the same level.

Safety Ratings of Infiniti vehicles aren't as encouraging as what's obtainable on Mercedes cars, just as Infiniti doesn't offer as much luxury and comfort as Mercedes does.

Here's a detailed comparison of the Infiniti vs. Mercedes reliability to guide you in making better choices.

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: A Detailed Comparison

Powerful Elegance; artistry, performance, sharp angles.
Sensual Purity; Sophistication, modern luxury, high tech
Gas Mileage
Infiniti cars have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years and an extended mileage of 200,000 to 300,000 miles
Mercedes have an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years, lasting up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles.
High Safety Ratings
Higher Safety Ratings
Engine and Performance
Repair and Maintenance Cost

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: Which Is Better?

Mercedes Benz has been around for a while now, basking in the glories of its prestige and class. With Mercedes, you are getting luxurious interiors, amazing performance, and superb technology.

The Mercedes-Benz brand is always concerned about equipping its cars with the latest tech, high-end features, and accessories. However, this comes at a high cost; the risk of over-engineering.

While this offers the perks of innovation, you will be getting cars that will cost you a mountain to fix when they break down.

On the other hand, Infiniti is just a premium Nissan brand that is concerned about giving customers the best experience at a cheaper cost. However, when it comes to a direct comparison of reliability, Infiniti is better.

This doesn't imply that Mercedes vehicles are trash. It's just that in the bid of offering more luxury, Mercedes sacrifices crucial elements that jeopardize its reliability.

According to RepairPal, Infiniti has a reliability rating of 3.5/5.0, ranking 16th out of 32 car brands. Mercedes takes lots of steps backward with a reliability rating of 3.0/5.0, ranking 27th out of 32 car brands.

The case isn't any different on the 2022 Consumer Reports reliability survey, because Mercedes Benz is the least reliable car brand, taking the 24th position on the list.

There isn't any rating for Infiniti due to low model count and insufficient data. As for the 2022 JD Power dependability survey, Mercedes and Infiniti fall below the industry average, although Mercedes earns a higher position than Infiniti.

Considering the varying reports on different reliability reports, it is obvious that you can't build your understanding of the reliability of a car brand, solely on what surveys say. Let's take a look at the features that both brands offer in their vehicles.

One of the noticeable differences in the reliability of Mercedes and Infiniti cars is in their warranty coverage. Infiniti offers a 6-year/70,000 miles powertrain warranty and basic warranty coverage of 4 years/60,000 miles.

This is compared to Mercedes which offers a basic Warranty of 4 years/50,000 miles and a powertrain Warranty of 4 years/50,000 miles.

Aside from the increased warranty that Infiniti offers, you are also getting cheaper repair and maintenance costs from Infiniti than Mercedes. It becomes obvious that the overall cost of ownership is way lesser for Infiniti than for Mercedes owners.

It's a mixed ball for Infiniti and Mercedes when it comes to engine performance. Mercedes takes the win for gas mileage, while Infiniti offers more power and speed.

It's hard to decide the superiority in the design of both, but the complexity of Mercedes's designs makes them require more maintenance over time.

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: Design

Whether you are going for an Infiniti or Mercedes vehicle, you are assured of getting stylish and sleek designs that meet your different tastes and needs. However, there are huge differences in how these brands approach designs.

With Mercedes and Infiniti, you are simply comparing German engineering with Japanese engineering, and if there's one thing peculiar about German engineering, it is over-engineering cars.

In the bid to offer high-grade technology and systems, their systems are over-engineered; complex control modules, overwhelming electronic systems, and lots more. To an extent, it becomes difficult to trace a fault and when you finally do, replacement or repairs are very expensive.

Infiniti isn't heavy on complexity. As a Japanese brand, their design philosophy borders around five elements:

  • Iki - designs must be Sharp
  • Ma - Mastery of space, minimalism. This is done not in the way of subtraction, but by considering each element that is introduced to each car, to create balance and harmony.
  • Utsuroi - Appreciation of change, Dynamism, the adaptation of innovation
  • Shun - which implies for electric cars entail the sense of speed and express speed in detailed forms
  • Sho - soaring effortlessly

In simpler terms, comparing the designs of Mercedes and Infiniti, Infiniti is the brand you go for when you want good luxury but wouldn't want to spend outrageously.

With Infiniti, you are getting sporty and aggressive styling, with many models featuring bold grille designs, sharp angles, and dramatic curves. However, Mercedes is optimized to offer more luxury and comfort.

Yet, when you bring a Mercedes vehicle of the same price as an Infiniti, you wouldn't get as much value as you will from the cheaper Infiniti. This is because Mercedes vehicles are designed to offer you more tech, comfort, and features at higher prices.

In terms of interior design, both brands offer luxurious and high-quality materials, with a range of customizable options available to suit different preferences.

Infiniti’s interiors tend to have a sportier and more modern feel, while Mercedes' interiors focus more on comfort and refinement. Legroom, headroom, and cargo space are relative and this depends on the model that you choose.

Winner: Both

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: Engine and Performance

In terms of engine and performance, the major difference between both brands lies in how they handle power and fuel efficiency. Infiniti offers more power and speed, but this comes at the expense of fuel economy. Mercedes Benz is a good option for gas mileage, but not the best choice for speed.

For instance; the 2023 Infiniti Q50 returns 300 - 400 hp depending on the engine that you choose. This is compared to the 2023 Mercedes Benz E-class that returns 254 - 362 hp based on engine selection.

The 2023 Infiniti QX60 beats the 2023 Mercedes Benz GLE with 295 hp as against 255 hp. Even the 2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan, beats the 2023 Mercedes Benz C-class sedan.

It's always a win for Infiniti vehicles in terms of engine performance. One of the rare moments that Mercedes beats Infiniti with better horsepower is with the 2022 Mercedes Benz C-class as against the 2022 Infiniti Q50.

Winner: Infiniti

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: Gas Mileage

When it comes to gas mileage, Mercedes generally has an advantage over Infiniti, with most Mercedes models offering better fuel economy than their Infiniti counterparts.

For example, the 2023 Infiniti Q50 has a gas mileage of 20/29 MPG for city and highway, while the 2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 23 - 33 MPG. The 2022 Infiniti Q50 gets a gas mileage of 19/29 MPG as against the 2022 Mercedes C-class returns 17/35 MPG.

Although Infiniti tends to step up with the 2023 Infiniti QX60 as against the 2023 Mercedes Benz GLE. This is with a gas mileage of 21/26 MPG for Infiniti and 20/25 MPG for Mercedes

It is important to mention that fuel economy can vary depending on many factors such as engine size, transmission, and driving conditions.

Winner: Mercedes

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: Safety and Technology

Mercedes has high safety ratings than Infiniti. This is an advantage for Mercedes in terms of the reliable safety that it offers as against Infiniti's.

There are four Mercedes vehicles earning the 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick (+) award. This is compared to Infiniti which has only one vehicle.

Mercedes Pre-Safe System includes:

  • Active distance assists Distronic
  • Attention Assist
  • Adaptive highbeam assist
  • Night view assist plus

The Mercedes brand categorizes its safety systems into lightning technology, accident investigation, prevention, and protection.

Technology isn't lacking in both brands. From sound systems, and navigation, down to driver assistance systems, the level of technology you get from Infiniti and Mercedes depends on the class of vehicle that you bought.

Winner: Mercedes

Infiniti vs. Mercedes Reliability: Repair and Maintenance Cost

When it comes to repair and maintenance costs, it is more expensive to maintain and repair a Mercedes than an Infiniti.

According to RepairPal, the average annual repair cost for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is $908, compared to $638 for an Infiniti vehicle.

Winner: Infiniti


It is obvious that Infiniti is more reliable than Mercedes. This is irrespective of the fact that Mercedes cars have more resale value than Infiniti vehicles.

The problem with Mercedes lies in the overengineering of their vehicles. This makes them require excessive maintenance, accumulating huge sums on repairs even over issues that should be minor.

Driving a Mercedes gives you the feeling of class and prestige, but we will only advise that you go for Mercedes vehicles if you are rich enough to handle the expenses.