How to Factory Order a Volvo (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Volvo

Factory ordering a Volvo offers flexibility, whether through local retailers or directly via the company's website.

Opting to order online enhances the experience, granting you the freedom to customize your Volvo precisely to your preferences, bypassing potential markups from retail and dealer pricing.

Ordering online not only affords the chance to tailor your car with desired accessories but also provides access to financing options and a variety of online shopping tools for a seamless configuration process.

To begin, you might explore factory-ordered Volvos at a local retailer or dive into customization on the Volvo website, where you can design your car, schedule a test drive, get a quote, select a dealership, and complete the purchase.

This guide offers a comprehensive look at the process of factory ordering a Volvo, ensuring you have all the necessary information for a personalized buying journey.

How to Factory Order a Volvo (Step By Step)

1. Visit the Volvo Official Website

The first step to factory ordering a Volvo is to visit the company’s official website. Volvo’s official website is quite fanciful, with beautiful displays. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to figure out where you can order their cars from.

To factory order a Volvo from the website, you will need to scroll down to the footer and select “Our Cars” under the Volvo cars category. This will lead you to the Volvo cars page with a bold inscription that reads thus; Welcome to Volvo cars.

For easy customization, you will need to select your country from the continents listed. This will help personalize the site to match your region.

Selecting your country goes beyond the provision of dealers, it also affects your navigation on the site. For instance, choosing the United States of America eliminates the chance of building and customizing your car.

You are redirected to a page to select a Volvo retailer and choose from the available cars in their inventory.

You might consider shopping with the international site to grant you full access to shopping tools. We wouldn’t advise choosing a country that you don’t reside in. This is because the retailers you will engage in will revolve around the country.

2. Choose a Retailer

If you choose the USA as your country, the next thing to do is to choose a retailer. This requires that you input your zip code and select one of the Volvo dealers near you. You will need to check out their inventory of available cars and choose accordingly.

Availability is important as there are cars available or will be available in two or four weeks. While viewing the car’s details, ensure that you confirm its availability.

3. Explore and Select a Car

In the absence of choosing the USA as your country, after visiting the Volvo official website, the next thing to do is to explore and select a car of your choice.

There are displays of different cars and featured models running in various categories. The prices of these cars are not usually on display.

On each car, you have two things to do, to either learn or shop. Clicking the learn option gives you the opportunity to explore and learn more about the model. This is a cool idea. You don’t need to rush head-on in factory-ordering any car without first studying its features and offerings.

You can explore as many Volvo cars as you like across different categories. Continue till you are sure that your choice is the right vehicle for you. When you are done choosing, click shop to begin the buying process.

4. Choose Trim and Build

In some cases, there might be options to choose trim levels. But, when there are, choose a trim level that matches your budget and needs. To achieve this, consider comparing different Volvo trims to decide the best for you.

After selecting the model and trim that you want, start building. Your Volvo build process will cut across the powertrain, theme, interiors, exterior, and overall design packages.

There aren’t any complexities in Volvo’s build process. Most customizations do not inflate or add extra cost to the initial purchase price of the vehicle. When you are done building, click to review your build and design.

5. Request a Quote and Submit it to a Retailer

After building your Volvo vehicle, there are two final things to do: request a quote and test drive. Before requesting a quote, consider saving your build order by copying the link or downloading the document as a PDF file.

Considering the fact that you already chose your resident country, requesting a quote is not difficult. This is the same process that will help you find a local Volvo retailer. Click request quote, and select the closest dealer from the list of retailers near you to submit your build order.

The request a quote feature will return a form requiring you to fill in your personal and contact details, choose your preferred contact mode and await a call, email or text.

6. Test Drive

There are no better ways of experiencing your new Volvo vehicle than test-driving it. To request a test drive, you have to select the model and type of car that you wish to test drive.

You need to choose the model you customized, select a dealer, preferably the dealer you sent your build order to, fill out the form, and expect a call from the sales rep.

7. Finalize Financing and Payment

Now that you are done building and test-driving, the next thing is to discuss a preferred payment plan with the retailer.

Explore the available financing options and negotiate prices accordingly. You can request a VIN or tracking number to track the delivery of your order.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A New Volvo?

It takes five to eight weeks to receive the new Volvo you ordered. Sometimes, Volvo order wait time extends to 10 weeks or even six months. It all depends on the availability of the models, parts, and shipping schedule.


Volvo runs a dual shopping system where you can either buy without identifying with any country or shop through your country’s site. You will shop via the international site without visiting any of the country’s sites. This gives you more autonomy on your build order and customization.

Choosing a country like the US limits your ability to build as you will be directed to a retailer that will offer what they have. However, due to the global shortage of automobile supplies, it is necessary that you confirm with your dealer the availability of whatever configuration that you choose.

There are Volvo insurance packages and financing services that you might love to utilize. Consider options and choose which one will make your purchases easier.