How to Factory Order a Toyota (6 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Toyota

Renowned for its reliability, Toyota offers a personalized way to get your new car through factory ordering.

This process not only lets you customize your Toyota to your exact preferences but also opens the door to potentially better pricing and exclusive Toyota deals and incentives.

You have two main options for placing a factory order: directly through a dealership or online. The online route is notably more straightforward, allowing you to configure your Toyota from anywhere and have it delivered directly to you.

To begin a factory order, visit Toyota's official site, select your preferred model, customize it, receive a quote, choose a dealership for a test drive if desired, finalize your payment, and then await the arrival of your new Toyota.

This article details everything you need to know about how to factory order a Toyota!

Special Ordering a Toyota Walkthrough Video

How to Factory Order a Toyota

1. Visit the Official Website

You will need to visit the official Toyota website to explore the different options available. The Toyota website goes beyond offering cars for sale; you also get to view different financing options, military rebates, and easier ways to buy your new Toyota car.

Toyota launched the Smartpath car shopping tool to give users better ways of buying a Toyota car.

You get the opportunity of not just ordering your Toyota online but a smarter way of doing so. It offers you the best prices, dealers, amazing savings options, and price estimates that match your budget.

2. Explore and Select Car

After navigating through the Toyota website and exploring its shopping tools, you can proceed to choose one of the available cars for sale.

To make the right choice, we will advise that you explore all vehicles, trucks, electrified cars, minivans, SUVs, and crossovers. You can ignore this if you already have a car in mind.

Choose any car that matches your goals and explore its features and offers. Aside from viewing the estimated price (MSRP) of the car, you also get to study the specifications of the car.

This ranges from performance, design, infotainment, safety, and security. Toyota integrates embedded links that help you read more details about a particular aspect of the car.

You also get to view the different trims for each model. All Toyota models come with different trim levels. The features and pricing are always different, so it is necessary that you make the right choice.

3. Build

Building your Toyota car is one of the most crucial parts of factory ordering it. The goal of your Toyota build is to tweak the powertrain, colors, packages, and accessories to match your taste.

Before you proceed with building your model, Toyota will require that you input your zip code. This will help personalize the site according to your region.

Most Toyota models offer different types of powertrains to choose from at no extra cost. The paint colors, too, are free, but you might not find available packages in all models.

You’ll need to explore as many Toyota cars as you can to confirm if they come with the features you want or at least as packages. Your build and configuration will attract extra costs for choosing accessories.

Most times, there are over 30 accessories for each car, with prices that run into hundreds of dollars. The costs are not usually much, and you must understand that you don’t need all provided accessories for your new Toyota car. When you are done building, click to view summary.

4. Save Build Order

After building your preferred order, it is necessary that you save your build order. This is the document that you will need to discuss with your dealer on what you need on your car.

There are different ways to save your Toyota build order. You can email the Toyota order, download in PDF format, or print it. You can also build another vehicle, but make sure you save the previous one.

5. Get a Quote

Now that you are done building and saving your build order, click to request a quote. This will return the estimated price of the car, covering all costs that the MSRP didn’t handle. You will get costs for shipping, delivery, incentives, taxes, and any extra charge that may arise.

To request a quote, you need to get the form on Toyota’s website and fill accordingly. On the form, you will provide your personal and contact details, address, and city.

You already indicated your location with a zip code while building your Toyota car, so Toyota will generate a list of dealers near you. If there is more than one Toyota dealer near you, choose the one closest to you. You can insert comments to guide the dealer on specifications.

6. Find a Dealer Near you

You will find Toyota dealers near you by requesting a quote, but you can also do this by visiting the Toyota dealers’ page.

Type your zip code and search. You will get a list of dealers near you, their personal and contact details, working hours, approximate distance from your location, and an option to schedule service with the dealer.

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Toyota?

It takes close to four to twelve weeks to get a new Toyota. Sometimes, it might take longer than necessary due to some internal and external factors that disrupt the supply chain.

However, you can track how long it will take to get your new Toyota with the consignment number or tracking number assigned to the vehicle.

Why Does It Take So Long To Get A New Toyota?

There are many reasons why it usually takes so long to get a new Toyota. One of which is the shortage of semiconductor chips and materials for production.

There can also be shipping problems and labor deficiencies. These factors impact the production chain and delivery of new Toyota cars.


There’s nothing difficult about factory ordering a Toyota car. They are simple steps that you can carry out with a few clicks on your phone. You can choose to factory order with the dealership, but doing it via Toyota’s website offers more convenience and build ease.