How to Factory Order a Tesla (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Tesla

Tesla stands out in the auto industry, not just for its cutting-edge electric vehicles but also for its unique approach to sales and distribution.

By selling directly to consumers and bypassing traditional dealership networks, Tesla streamlines its supply chain, offering a more direct and efficient purchasing process.

This direct-to-consumer model allows Tesla to maintain higher profit margins and ensures customers receive their vehicles without the geographical limitations often imposed by dealership territories.

Tesla’s market includes the US, Canada, and Europe, with options available for exporting vehicles to other regions.

Ordering a Tesla is straightforward: visit the official Tesla website, select your preferred vehicle, customize it to your specifications, and complete your order online with a payment method of your choice.

This guide will cover all the essentials of factory ordering a Tesla, providing you with the knowledge to navigate this modern car buying experience.

How to Factory Order a Tesla

1. Visit the Official Website

To factory order a Tesla, you need to visit the company’s official website. You must understand that visiting Tesla’s website is not the only way to factory order a Tesla; you can do that in showrooms. The website grants you the option of customizing your car just as you want it.

Tesla adopts a simple web layout that not only displays cars but also handles the sale of solar roofs, solar panels, and options to find the closest Tesla service center.

You can easily find destination charging spots, superchargers, collision centers, stores, and galleries. This includes insurance plans for users.

2. Explore and Select a Car

You can poke around a few cars and view their specifications and features till you find one that meets your needs. There are different Tesla Models up for sale. These models are usually classified with letters and numbers; Model X, Y, S, and Model 3.

You can also choose to purchase the roadster or the cyber truck. As a matter of fact, the Tesla Roadster boasts of being the fastest. So, whether you are thinking of class, tech, or speed, there’s a Tesla model for you.

The price ranges of these cars are on display, with trim variations. You also get to view your potential savings because of the incentives attached to your non-gas car trade.

Ordering a Tesla costs quite a fortune, so it is necessary that you make the right choice in your selection. You are free to navigate through as many cars as you want, exploring their features individually. This will give you a rough overview of what you are getting into.

3. Customize and Configure

Finally, you’ve chosen a car that matches your interests and goals, now’s the right time to configure your car.

Tesla makes it easier to configure; just as you are exploring the car, you are choosing the features you will love your car to have and the ones you don’t want. This starts with choosing trim levels.

You are meant to either choose between the model’s long-range or performance version. Your choice and configuration will extend to paints. Some paints are free, while some colors come for an extra thousand dollars.

You will have much customization for the wheels and accessories. Not all features are necessary; a little research or discussion with any service center will give you more details about the accessory that you intend to have.

The interiors, seating layout, safety features, self-driving capability, and some other features might not be available, but you can make do with what is available.

Don’t forget to select your Tesla charging system.

4. Test Drive

After building, the next thing that should follow is to make payment. We strictly advise against it. Paying for your Tesla after building is not the next thing to do. It is important that you test-drive the car.

Tesla cars are not on the top of reliability charts, so it is necessary that you have first-hand experience with the car that you wish to purchase. Click to schedule a test drive, choose the model you are building, and fill in your personal and contact details.

You must remember that to qualify for a Tesla test drive, you must have a driver’s license and be up to 18 years of age or even older.

After providing your name, phone number, email address, preferred mode of contact, region, and zip code, click submit and continue. The Tesla test drive is limited to a few countries, so you shouldn’t feel bad if your country is not listed. Tesla doesn’t yet have full coverage in all countries.

5. Financing, Insurance, and Leasing Options

Buying a Tesla electric car makes you eligible for financial incentives and other owner benefits. The Tesla brand integrates lots of financing options and Insurance packages to make it easier for people to buy their cars.

You have to choose from the available payment methods, opt for a credit application, and await delivery.

You can choose to lease a Tesla for a specified period, secure a loan to purchase a Tesla or pay upfront with cash. If you opt for a loan or lease, you have to choose the credit application and hope that you are eligible.

There are also insurance packages powered by Safety Score to ensure safe driving. You can get Tesla insurance by signing up through the app. The safety score Beta system helps track your driving behavior for more efficiency and service delivery.

6. Order with a Card

There’s no easier way to buy a Tesla than ordering with a card. You are done with verifying the performance of the vehicle. You will need to fill in your card details and await delivery.

7. Confirm Delivery

The time frame for Tesla cars varies according to the model you are ordering, location, and availability. If you want immediate delivery, you can check out your area's inventory, choose the available models, and order.

There are multiple delivery systems for Tesla factory orders; express delivery which entails that you pick up from a Tesla location, or carrier direct, which delivers the car right to your doorstep. You should consider being around during delivery to confirm your order.


Factory ordering a Tesla is an amazing experience; seamless, easy, and fast. You don’t need to worry if Tesla doesn’t sell its cars to your country. You can order and import.

However, you will need to send the car back to the production center anytime it needs factory maintenance. Always ensure that you research price offerings and features before you make your final decision on ordering a Tesla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which car manufacturer sells directly to consumers?

Tesla is one of the few car manufacturers that sell directly to consumers. This increases profits for the company and, at the same time, builds direct customer-to-manufacturer relationships. Tesla service centers are open to all customers anytime, any day.

How long does it take to get your Tesla after you order it?

It takes five to six weeks to get your Tesla after your order. This might vary in some cases, as availability and product demand are not the same with all Tesla models. It is easy to know when Tesla will deliver the car you ordered because you will receive a message on your vehicle assignment and a link to schedule delivery.

Does Tesla need proof of income?

Tesla only needs proof of income if you are applying for a loan to get your new Tesla. It is important to see how much you earn and estimate if offering you a loan for a Tesla is a wise idea. This makes it easy to decide if you can afford to pay for the car within the stipulated time.