How to Factory Order a Subaru (8 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Subaru

The process of factory ordering a Subaru is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that customers can tailor their new vehicle without hassle or confusion.

Whether you choose to place your order through a retailer or prefer the convenience of online customization, Subaru aims to provide a seamless experience.

Opting to factory order your Subaru online offers the benefit of personalizing your vehicle exactly to your liking, all from the comfort of your home.

The steps include selecting your desired model and trim, customizing it with specific packages and accessories, submitting your order to a retailer, finalizing the financing, and then simply waiting for your custom Subaru to be delivered.

This guide will detail everything you need to know about factory ordering a Subaru, making the process as easy as possible for you to get the car that meets all your requirements.


How to Factory Order a Subaru

1. Visit the Official Website

Except you want to factory order a Subaru through retailers, the easiest way to factory order is by buying it online. You can do so by visiting the Subaru official website. The Subaru official website leads you to an array of SUVs, performance, and other types of cars you will love to drive.

The price estimates are attached to these cars. You can navigate through the shopping tools to view the different purchase aids that Subaru offers to make factory ordering easier and better.

2. Explore and Select a Car

Click Vehicles to view the assorted types of Subaru cars that are available for sale. These cars are split into different categories; SUVs, Cars, and Performance, with their estimated prices attached to them. You can compare different Subaru vehicles to decide which is best for you.

When you are done exploring and comparing, click to choose any of the cars that match your needs. Selection of the available cars and models will give you a detailed overview of the car. This includes its features, specs, and trims.

It is important that you take your time to study any of the cars that you wish to buy and the best Subaru trim level for you.

There are slight and major differences in all Subaru trims of the same model. Their prices also vary. You must align the prices to the corresponding value they offer to decide the best for you.

Some trim levels offer specifications that are available on other trims.

3. Build

After selecting your preferred model and trim, the next step is to proceed with building and pricing. This is the stage where you will need to configure whatever model you choose and estimate the price for your build. Your build will handle the color, packages, and accessories.

One of the benefits of factory ordering a car is that you earn the right to customize the car just as you want it. The great thing about building Subaru cars is that most of their offerings are for free. On most models, there are no extra costs for choosing any of the exterior or interior colors.

You also get a real-time view of what the car will look like as you build. There are extra costs for the inclusion of packages. These packages vary according to different models and trim levels.

There are lots of accessories that you might love to include in your new Subaru car. From auto-dimming mirrors, all-weather floor liners, grilles, bumper covers, dog/pet packs and kits, and lots more.

The type of accessories you get to choose from will vary amongst different trims/models, and your choice will have to fall within those parameters.

When you are done building, click to view the summary and proceed to the next stage.

4. Find and Send to Retailer

The next step is to send your build order to a retailer. You can download your build order as a PDF for reference, but you will need a retailer to handle your custom order. To send your build order to a Subaru retailer, click “Send to a retailer.”

This will lead you to a page with your current build and a form to fill in your contact details, personal details, intentions, and retailers near you.

You will need to input your zip code. This will generate a list of retailers near you, which you can always choose from.

5. Request a Test Drive

The form from your Subaru build order has three functions; to get you a local price quote, schedule a test drive, or get more information about your custom order.

You’ve already filled out the form to find and send to a retailer; no need to start the process afresh. Simply tick the three boxes, and send. The retailer will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting for your test driving.

Test driving is the only way to get real-time analysis of the car you wish to buy. You get to experience the control, comfort, handling ease, impact on weather conditions, and overall driving experience.

After indicating interest with the form, wait for the retailer to contact you about test-driving your Subaru.

6. View and Choose Financing Options and Special Offers

There are many options in Subaru’s shopping tools, one of which is financing and special offers. These offers vary according to different models.

For instance, you will get a 2.9% APR financing on the 2022 Subaru Legacy Base model but a 3.9% APR financing on the 2023 Legacy Base. This spreads out to cars in different categories and years.

You can apply for financing on any of Subaru’s models to confirm your eligibility before visiting the retailer.

Fill out the “apply for financing” form on the shopping tools, choose your model, and trim, input your zip code and select a retailer near you. You will be contacted about your pre-approval and informed of the next step.

7. Get Local Prices

To easily estimate the price of the Subaru car you are buying, Subaru installed a payment calculator to help you do that. This is a cool way to choose a car that matches your budget.

8. Finalize your Factory Order and Await Delivery

You are done with all you need to factory order a Subaru. It is time to discuss financing and payment plan with the retailer. This includes negotiating a fair purchase price.

It is important that you stick within your budget. Don’t forget to get a VIN to track your order.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Newly Ordered Subaru?

It takes between eight to twelve weeks to get a newly ordered Subaru. Production time might take up to eight weeks, and there’s the time for delivery.

Some models might take longer than usual, and some will have a shorter delivery period. This depends on the production measures, demand, and supply chain.


You shouldn’t experience any difficulty factory ordering a Subaru. You can visit a retailer’s shop and select any of the cars in their stores. However, this wouldn’t give you the opportunity to build the specs just as you want them.

Ordering a Subaru online is the best way to factory order.