How to Factory Order a RAM (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order RAM

RAM's lineup, known for its robust trucks and vans, offers the option for factory ordering, allowing you to pick and customize your vehicle directly from its production line.

This method not only lets you tailor your RAM to your exact preferences but also ensures you're eligible for any current incentives and special offers.

Ordering a RAM directly from the factory involves a few straightforward steps. Start by visiting RAM's official website and navigating to the online vehicle shopping page.

There, you can select your desired truck or van, customize it to your liking, and request a quote. The process continues as you connect with a dealer, explore financing options, possibly schedule a test drive, and complete the payment for your customized RAM.

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how to factory order a RAM, simplifying each step to make your purchasing experience as smooth as possible.

How to Factory Order a RAM (Step-By-Step)

1. Visit the Website

Factory ordering RAM is easier than you think. You don’t need to walk down to the factory. You can simply use RAM’s official website to buy any RAM car of your choice.

When you visit the RAM official website, choose your country. You will remain on the global website if you reside and choose the USA as your location. There are other regional websites for customers in other regions.

The problem with RAM’s regional website is that some countries are not included because RAM cars are not sold there. These are customers from countries in Africa like Nigeria.

You can explore and navigate through the website. There are lots of RAM shopping tools that can help you buy your dream car.

2. Choose a Car

Now that you are on the website, you can factory order a RAM by clicking the “Trucks and Vans” section. This will open a list of all available RAM cars and their price estimates. The cars are split into two categories; all vehicles and special editions. Choose any of the RAM cars that catch your attention and explore its features.

You can explore the interior, exterior, engineering, and performance. There are embedded videos on each design element to give you an in-depth understanding of what the car offers. You can opt for the RAM model to compare different RAM vehicles.

3. Build and Price

After exploring all the features of the RAM vehicle that you wish to buy, you can proceed with building and configuring the car. Your RAM build will focus on tweaking the powertrain, packages, interior and exterior specifications to your taste.

There are lots of standard features, your duty is to select the extras that you want on the vehicle.

RAM packages are usually sorted into groups and editions. You can get the advanced safety group, bed utility group, and lots more. These packages vary according to different RAM models.

You must understand that some of RAM’s packages have prices that run into tens of thousands of dollars. You should know how necessary your choices are and if you want such inflation in your budget.

In the paint and exterior category, you can choose between monotone or two-tone colors. Some of these are free, and some come at an extra cost. Your configurations will address the entertainment, safety, security, and overall performance of your RAM car.

You will see price estimates for your RAM car after building. You can also compare your configuration with that of other models.

There are provisions for you to view the estimated number of available vehicles of the model you chose in your region. For future reference, you can save your configuration with its link or download it as a PDF.

4. Find a Dealer

There are two things to do after building your RAM car, you either find a dealer or request a quote. The process of finalizing your factory/custom order starts with finding a dealer, inputting your contact information, and forwarding your build order to the dealer.

There is a space to input your zip code to generate a list of RAM dealers near you. You filter the searches to make it easier on the type of dealers that you want to find.

With any dealer you choose, you can view their available models, sales hours, contact details, address, and a map to offer directions. Choose any of the dealers that seem right for you.

You can actually do more than find a dealer. RAM offers discounts and price slashes; you can sign up to gain exclusive access to the company’s amazing offers.

5. Request a Quote

Click “Get A Quote,” fill in your personal and contact details, and await communication from a dealer. After submitting the form for a quote, a dealer will contact you about vehicle financing and your interest in purchasing a vehicle.

The quote you will get doesn’t translate to the final purchase price of your vehicle. You can negotiate with the dealer on the best price for you. When requesting a quote, you should indicate whether you have a vehicle to trade in or want a dealership. Submit request when you are done.

6. View Incentives and Financing Offers

On the shopping tools, there are options to select incentives and financing offers. The offers vary according to different models. The incentives include lease options, discounts, etc. You can contact your local dealer about the offers available for any vehicle you choose.

7. Schedule a Test Drive

Test driving a RAM is the best way to get real-time experience about what driving the RAM will feel like. Click “schedule test drive” to choose your preferred test drive time.

This includes the month, day, and time. You will need to input your personal and contact details for the dealer to contact you regarding your appointment.

How Long Does It Take To Get A RAM Truck If You Order?

It takes between four to twelve weeks to get a RAM truck after an order. The duration for delivery varies, and this is because there are a lot of factors that influence that.

You can check and track the production of the RAM truck that you ordered with the VIN that was assigned to your truck. The order number will give you tracking details of your order.

You can work with the dealer on a communication routine of how and when the manufacturing and delivery process will start and end.


Factory ordering a RAM doesn’t need to be a complicated or difficult process. It is easy and simple. Instead of going to a RAM dealership to order your trucks, you can do it with a few clicks online, as we have shown you.

You must remember that the demand and supply of these trucks will impact their production and shortage.