How to Factory Order a Porsche (8 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Porsche

Ordering a Porsche directly from the factory is an unparalleled experience, allowing you to design your dream car with personalized features while potentially saving on dealership markups.

The process for factory ordering a Porsche can differ based on location, with unique opportunities such as picking up your new car directly from the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta or Los Angeles for U.S. customers, which may not be available elsewhere.

Despite regional differences, the core steps for factory ordering a Porsche remain consistent worldwide.

It starts with visiting Porsche's official site, choosing your model, customizing it to your preferences, scheduling a test drive, creating an account, selecting a dealer, and completing the purchase and delivery arrangements.

This guide will walk you through the comprehensive process of factory ordering a Porsche, ensuring you have all the information needed to embark on this exciting journey.


How to Factory Order a Porsche

1. Visit the Official Website

The first step to factory ordering a Porsche is by visiting the company’s official website. When you visit the Porsche website, you are required to select your market or region.

There is a list of countries categorized according to their continents. It is important that you choose the country that you reside in, as this will make it easier to find a dealer.

After choosing your market and region, you will gain access to factory ordering any Porsche of your choice. You can navigate through the Porsche shop menu to see what the website has to offer.

On Porsche’s official website, you are not restricted to factory ordering a new car; you can access the used car inventory and explore rental options, parts, accessories, and lots more.

2. Explore and Select a Car

Porsche cars are lined up on the top of the web page for you to choose from. Each model displays the different trim levels that they have. You can either click to select one of the trims that catch your interest, or you can choose to compare the available Porsche models.

After making up your mind on the exact Porsche cars you need, click to view the detailed features of the car. Each Porsche has on display its design concept, design elements, performance stats, and details about its comfort and safety.

You cannot view the MSRP of Porsche cars until you get to the stage of building the cars. Your choice will focus more on what the car offers than its estimated price. However, you can view the estimated prices by comparing as many Porsche vehicles as you want.

3. Build

The configuration and building phase is one of the crucial stages of factory ordering a car. To ease you of the stress and confusion, Porsche integrates an “intelligent configuration system” that provides configuration recommendations that you might like.

You do not necessarily need to follow the configuration suggestion. It’s your car; build as you want.

Your Porsche build, and configuration will cut across the exterior colors, wheels, interior colors, seats, options and packages, equipment and accessories, safety supports, and infotainment.

You must understand that the configuration prices of most accessories and ad-ons on Porsche cars are more costly than what is achievable on other car brands. This is because Porsche is considered a luxury car, so users pay more for more value.

Porsche metallic colors are free, but it costs $2580 to choose from any of the special colors. This applies to the wheel designs, driver assistance systems, tech, sound, and lots more. Systems like the Lane Change Assist and adaptive cruise control costs between $700 and $1670.

Take your time, and build the car just as you want. After building, you will choose to either send it to a dealer or save your build order.

4. Create a Porsche Account and Upload your Build

To save your build order, you will need to create a Porsche account. This will give you a Porsche ID that will allow you to save your build order and also communicate with members of the Porsche community.

Your Porsche ID also allows you to discuss your next purchase with an authorized Porsche dealer.

However, it is possible to save your build order without creating a Porsche personal account. When you are done building your Porsche, click save, and a Porsche code will be generated. The link/code will load your configuration whenever you want it.

5. Download

If you don’t want to create a Porsche account or save the link to your build order, you can download your configuration. Use the print option and save your build. You can present it to the dealer to finalize the process.

6. Find and Send to the Dealer

Instead of saving the link, creating a Porsche account, or printing your build order, you can simply send it to a dealer near you. Click share, and send to the dealer. You will need to input your zip code, select any of the dealers closest to you and click continue.

To send your build order, you will need to include your personal and contact details, when you wish to buy the new vehicle, and any notes you wish to attach. The dealer will receive and contact you as soon as they can.

7. Test Drive

Test driving a car is the easiest way to understand all that is to know about the model. This includes its max performance, handling, and flaws, if any.

Before finalizing the factory order for your Porsche car, you can request a test drive. You will need to input your personal and contact details to request a test drive. Choose a Porsche center, model derivative, and your purchase timeframe. You will be contacted on the best time to test drive.

8. Finalize and await delivery

This is when you will conclude all that is to be done: the paperwork, documentation, and even negotiations.

Factory ordering a car gives you the opportunity to negotiate a fair deal with the dealers. You are not mandated to pay all that is requested for as the estimated price.

Can I Pick Up My Porsche From The Factory?

Yes, you can. Porsche introduced the Porsche experience center program. This allows customers in selected regions to order cars and pick them up from the factory.

Customers are advised against making travel plans if they wish to pick up their Porsche from the factory until the delivery date is confirmed.

How Long Is The Wait For A New Porsche?

You should expect to wait for the delivery of a new Porsche for as long as three to nine months. It might extend to 18 months, as there is no fixed duration for deliveries.

There are quite a lot of factors that can influence the sales and delivery of Porsche cars. This includes global supply constraints and demand fluctuations. This can influence the wait time for some new Porsche models, making the order wait time longer than necessary.


There are two ways of factory ordering a Porsche. You can either order the Porsche car from the company’s website or explore the Porsche experience center delivery program.

If you choose to factory order a Porsche car with the Porsche experience center delivery program, it is important that you place the order at least 12 weeks before the expected delivery time.

There are provisions for special orders and custom orders. However, this lies in the availability of the materials needed for the production of your configuration. You should confirm with your dealer the possibility of getting exactly what you built.