How to Factory Order a Mitsubishi (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Mitsubishi

While Mitsubishi may not dominate the headlines like some other car brands, it stands out for its performance, affordability, and the unique appeal of its vehicles.

For those drawn to owning a Mitsubishi, you have two main paths: purchasing from a dealership or third-party agent, or customizing your vehicle through a factory order.

Opting for a factory order allows you to tailor your Mitsubishi to your preferences, with the added benefit of seeing price estimates or MSRPs upfront and the potential to negotiate better deals.

Though it might appear complex at first glance, factory ordering a Mitsubishi is straightforward.

The process involves visiting Mitsubishi's website, selecting your model, customizing it, choosing a dealership for a test drive, and completing the payment process to bring home your custom Mitsubishi.

This guide will unpack the factory ordering process for a Mitsubishi, offering insights to navigate your purchase smoothly.

How to Factory Order a Mitsubishi

1. Visit the Official Website

The first step to factory ordering a Mitsubishi car is to visit the company’s official website. This can be confusing at first because you will have our car stories, plant tours, images of sustainable development goals, new releases, and lots more. There are no clear pointers on the website where you can purchase a car.

To factory order a Mitsubishi, you can scroll to the “products” page on the drop-down menu.

Click Products and proceed to search for any Mitsubishi model of your choice. To do this, you will need to move from the Mitsubishi global website to choose your continent and country. This personalizes your search, giving you Mitsubishi cars and dealers near you.

You will examine the vehicle type information from your country’s website.

2. Explore and Select a Car

Now that you are on the regional website, select the vehicle section, and choose a Mitsubishi car of your choice.

There are lots of Mitsubishi models on display with their estimated prices attached to them. You explore by studying any of the models, one after the other.

There is a compare feature in the shopping tools to explore different models and decide which one meets your needs.

When you are done exploring as many Mitsubishi vehicles as you want, select one and begin the next process. You can click “discover more” to learn all that is to know about the car.

3. Build and Price

Now that you have selected a car, the next thing to do is to build and price it. Scroll down a little further and click “Build and Price.” Building your Mitsubishi gives you the opportunity to configure your car just as you want it.

After selecting your model preference, you proceed with trim selection. This goes through every phase of configuration; the color, interior, and accessories.

Some build options are available for free. It is your decision to either choose the standard options or go for a premium option at an extra cost.

On some models, you might not have much of an option to choose from regarding the interior designs, but there are endless accessories to choose from.

From bump protectors, tow hitch, side window deflectors-tinted, and lots more. The accessories available for your selection vary according to the model and trim you are building.

You will need to take your time in the building or your car. This is because whatever your build order states, that’s what the company is building for you.

Copy and save the URL of your build. You will need it during discussions and negotiations with your dealer.

4. Special Offers and Financing

After building your Mitsubishi car, a little lower than the link to your build, you will click ‘view offer’ to view all special offers and financing options available for the car you wish to buy.

There are different special and financing offers, each split through different models. There are loyalty offers, APR and Cash offers, lease and cash offers, and a $500 military rebate.

The essence is to give users a fair chance at affordable prices. Even at the point of requesting a quote, you can negotiate prices with the dealership.

You must understand that factory ordering a Mitsubishi comes with destination and handling fees.

5. Find a Dealer

Your Mitsubishi factory order wouldn’t come directly from the company, straight to your house. The company will work with dealerships to get your car to your doorstep.

With available options on the shopping tools, select “find a dealer.” This opens you to a form where you will need to fill in your location using a zip code and choose your preferred contact details. The dealership will contact you to finalize your order and get you a test drive.

You can opt out of promotional offers and communications.

6. Test Drive

No matter how well you’ve heard about a car, you can only have real-time experience with the car by test-driving it.

Sitting behind the wheels gives you a full experience, the thrill of the car that you are planning to buy. You get to experience what you will expect from buying the car.

7. Finalize Payments

You are done with everything that is, viewed, and selected whatever special offers are for you. The next thing to do is to finalize payment with your dealer.

You must not forget that car prices are negotiable, and you must review your build order to ensure that you don’t have bulky configurations that you need to remove.


Factory ordering a Mitsubishi is a great idea. You can build your car just as you want it. This includes the benefits of enjoying the amazing offers that the company offers. You must know the delivery timeframe to ensure you are patient enough to wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a new Mitsubishi?

The timeframe for getting a new Mitsubishi car varies according to the model, supply, and demand of the vehicle. The time it will take to get a new Mitsubishi range from as low as 56 days to as high as 157. The good news is that you can track your factory order with your VIN.

Is Mitsubishi affected by chip shortage?

Lots of car companies were affected by chip shortages during the covid period. This resulted in the inability to include certain features in the build and configuration of their cars. Mitsubishi wasn’t left out in the shortage.

As a matter of fact, there are possible delays in the production of Mitsubishi cars in Mexico due to chip shortages.