How To Factory Order A Mazda (8 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Mazda

Buying a car comes with several options: purchasing from a dealership, finding one online through third-party sites, or opting for a factory order.

Factory ordering stands out by letting you custom-build your car to your exact specifications, avoiding additional dealership markups.

It also provides transparency in pricing, allowing you to negotiate on packages and protection plans directly.

When it comes to factory ordering a Mazda, the process is largely similar to other brands but with a few brand-specific nuances.

The first step in factory ordering a Mazda involves selecting your preferred model directly from Mazda.

Let's take a look.

How To Factory Order A Mazda

1. Visit the Official Website and Find your Regional Website

The first step to factory ordering a Mazda car is visiting the official website. However, you will need to do more than just scout the official website. Mazda integrates an option that allows users to personalize their search according to their regions.

This is specifically meant for users that have intentions of purchasing a car. There are three regions available for you to choose from; Europe, Asia Pacific, and North and South America.

You will need to narrow your search to the regional website closest to you. This makes it easier for you to locate a Mazda dealer near you and finalize payments and processes for the delivery of your car.

Your zip code can also make it easier to bring your search closest to you.

2. Explore and Choose a Car

This might be the phase where you will have a lot of crucial choices to make. But, if you’ve already made up your mind on the exact Mazda model that you want, you shouldn’t experience difficulty choosing one.

You can choose a Mazda car by either exploring some of the numerous Mazda cars on display or clicking “Build and Price.” This opens you to the shopping tools page, where you will choose the trim that you want.

The homepage of your Mazda regional website features four actions for you to take; build and price, special offers, find a dealer and schedule a drive.

3. Build and Customize

Building and customizing your factory order is one of the crucial stages of buying a Mazda car online. You will need to start with choosing your preferred trim.

The prices and features of the trim of whichever model you choose are on display. It is important that you choose according to your needs and budget.

Your build and customization will handle the exterior, powertrain interior, and accessories. When you are done building, it is important that you save your build.

Some Mazda cars might not give you a wide range of options to choose from regarding their drive systems, transmission, and engine. However, you have the paint, rear bumper guard, and lots more.

One of the nicest things about building Mazda cars is that there are no extra costs for whatever paint color you choose. You will have to choose if you want floor mats, carpet cargo mats, and lots more.

Most of these accessories and additionals cost $100 or a few more. The minor price additions will not excessively inflate the initial price of the car. Mazdas are known as budget-friendly cars.

When you click to save your Mazda build, you will need to input your personal and contact details. Mazda will send the link to your custom build to your email address, and you should expect a call from a dealer on how to finalize the delivery of your car,

4. Special Offers and Financing

Before you proceed to look out for and locate a dealer, it is important that you check out Mazda’s special offers. There are over ninety Mazda offers, each tailored to give customers great value for their money, discounts, and price slashes.

There is the $500 Mazda military appreciation bonus, loyalty reward program, lease offers, disaster relief assistance, and lots more.

The special offers vary for different models. You will see which offers to apply for whatever Mazda model you are going for. This might not be too much, but who wouldn’t want a little cash appreciation for a car company?

The offer that you choose will impact your financing options when you request a quote. Choose any offer that relates to you, and click “Get a Quote.”

At this point, you will need to input your zip code to view the dealers near you. Fill in your personal and contact details, select at least two dealers, and await a call from their sales team on your interest in any of the cars.

5. Locate Dealers

Locating Mazda dealers ain’t hard. You can do this from the homepage by clicking ‘locating a dealer or following the process up to special offers.

When you click “locate a dealer,” Mazda directs you to a custom map where you can find a dealer near you. Locate dealers by searching with your zip code, dealers name, or city.

If you choose to locate dealers with your zip code, then you will need to decide if you want dealers 50 miles away or widen the search to 250 miles from your location.

You will get a rundown of as many dealers that are near you. Choose accordingly. Their address and contact details are on display. Send a message and schedule a meeting.

6. Test Drive

Test-driving your Mazda vehicle before purchase gives you first-hand experience of what to expect from the car. The driving mechanics, aerodynamics, features, and overall performance are what test-driving a car will reveal to you.

You will need to reserve a test drive by filling out the form provided by Mazda. Select the vehicle and trim you are interested in, provide your personal and contact information, choose your preferred contact method and the Mazda dealer near you, and await a call to test drive.

7. Request a Quote

Requesting a quote gives you the price estimates for your car. However, you have the opportunity to negotiate and select fair prices for your vehicle.

Click on the request quote, fill out the form as provided, and wait for a call from the Mazda sales team.

8. Finalize Purchase

You got your build order with you, requested a quote, and received a call from the Mazda sales team. Now’s the time to finish what you started.

You will need to locate a dealer near you, preferably the one you test-drove your car. Get all the paperwork and documentation done and await delivery.

How Long Does It Take Mazda To Build A Car?

There is no fixed time for how long it takes Mazda to build a car. It usually takes between 10 days to eight weeks for Mazda to build a car, but this varies according to many factors.

For Mazda to build your car, they need to consider demand and supply around your region. They wouldn’t build and ship an order when only one car was requested. With thousands of cars on the factory order lineup, it is easier to build and ship all right at once.

You can easily track the build and delivery of your Mazda car with the VIN assigned to the vehicle.


Factory ordering a Mazda has many advantages compared to ordering from dealerships. You might need to grow a lot of patience regarding the wait time of your factory-ordered car.

Sometimes, it can take up to three months to receive the car. We wouldn’t advise you to factory order a car if you are not patient.