How To Factory Order A Lincoln (5 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Lincoln

Like every other car, you can factory order your Lincoln and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Aside from the benefits of getting the price offered for your Lincoln, factory ordering your Lincoln gives you the opportunity to personalize the car just as you want it.

You get to customize every single element of the car, building it just as you want. To factory order a Lincoln car, you need to select your preferred model, build accordingly, confirm your build order with the local retailer near you, place the order, and await production and delivery.

Lincoln integrates offers and incentives for customers that factory-ordered their cars. You will need to confirm if you are eligible to qualify for the incentive during the time of placing your order or during delivery.

Here’s all you need to know about how to factory order a Lincoln.

How To Factory Order A Lincoln

1. Explore and Select a Model

The first step to factory ordering a Lincoln is selecting a car from the list of available cars on display. Your choice of exploration will start with choosing a model, but it will extend to choosing a trim level that specifically addresses your needs.

There are different options for you to choose from, with different price tags. View the details of the trim levels available and choose which one aligns with your budget and specifications.

You must understand that there are factors that will determine the availability of the trim or model that you choose. This might include high demand and disruption in the supply chain. It is important that you are in sync with the retailer for updates and assistance.

2. Customize the Site with your Zip Code

In the process of choosing a model, you will need to input your zip code. This will also provide the closest Lincoln dealer near you. This also customizes your entire experience on the website.

3. Build and Personalize

The next phase to factory ordering a Lincoln car is to build it. From the paint, packages, powertrain, and exterior, down to the interiors, you have the opportunity to customize your Lincoln vehicle just as you want it.

Depending on the model and trim level that you choose, there is a wide range of paint options for you to choose from. The paint comes in different colors. To save costs, you can go for the standard color, which will cost you $0. Other colors will cost $750.

The available packages for your selection also depend on the model and trim you settled for. From premium to cargo packages and accessories, you can decide which accessories will be included in the car and which one goes.

The cost of packages on Lincoln cars varies according to the package you are aiming for.

This is similar to the powertrain, exterior, and every single element of your Lincoln vehicle. Whether you choose to drive an AWD or FWD vehicle, type of wheels, infotainment, or whatever add-on that you wish to have on the car, it is up to you to decide.

Most of these accessories and upgrades are cheap, costing as low as $40 - $50.

4. Confirm and Place the Order

When you are done building your car, the next thing to do is to print the build order, confirm the availability of your dealer and place an order. Inputting your zip code will grant you access to the list of dealers closest to you.

You don’t need too many issues locating a local retailer. You will find the address and contact details of the local retailer near you. Contact them, book a meeting, and get started with finalizing your order.

The local retailer will inform you about the availability of the model that you choose and the ease of getting all the features you added to your build order. If the model, trim, or features are not available, the local retailer can suggest an alternative or inform you about a better way around it.

You will submit the build order to the local retailer, and they will help you get the most for you. Local retailers are the ones that you will negotiate prices with.

They will also inform you of any available financing offers for your car. You can opt for a 48-month lease. You must not forget to negotiate prices with the local retailer.

5. Wait for Delivery

Now that you are done with building your car, submitting your build order, and negotiating a fair price with the local retailer, you will do nothing other than wait till your order is delivered.

Lincoln will work with the local retailer on the delivery of your car. They deliver the car to the retailer, and you pick it up when it is ready.

The retailer’s sales rep will contact you about the arrival and the next steps to take for the delivery. You can request for a VIN from the retailer to enable you to track the vehicle.

There is no fixed time frame for the delivery of all Lincoln vehicles. You will receive the car when it is ready.

Where are Lincolns Manufactured?

Lincoln is a subsidiary of Ford Motors, with all of its cars manufactured in different United States of America, Canada, and Mexico assembly plants.

The manufacturing points of Lincoln cars are spread across Oakville, Ontario. The Canada assembly plant handles the manufacture of Lincoln’s crossovers, MKX and MKT.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Lincoln SUV?

There isn’t a fixed timeframe for how long it will take to build and deliver your Lincoln SUV or any of the cars in its lineup.

The build time and order wait time depends on the model, availability of accessories and parts, demand and state of the supply chain. With all things considered, it should take approximately five to eight weeks to build and deliver your Lincoln vehicle.


There are many benefits of factory ordering a Lincoln. There are no extra costs attached to factory ordering a Lincoln, and you can always negotiate the final prices.

To prevent the case of ordering a car that is unavailable or will take so long to build, you should consider discussing with the dealer about your options.