How To Factory Order A Lexus (6 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Lexus

If you're looking for a specific Lexus configuration that's not available at local dealerships, factory ordering is a practical choice.

This process allows for complete customization of your Lexus to fit your exact preferences.

After a temporary halt in 2020 due to inventory issues, Lexus has resumed taking custom orders, offering the option to order online for a personalized experience or through a dealership.

To place a factory order, simply visit the Lexus website, choose your model, customize it, and submit your order to a dealership. The dealer will then handle the process until your car is delivered.

This article outlines the steps to factory order a Lexus, providing a straightforward guide to getting the car you want.

How To Factory Order A Lexus

1. Explore and Choose a Car

The first step to factory ordering a Lexus is to explore the available models that are up for purchase. You can browse through the SUV category, Sedan, Hybrid/Electric, or performance cars. This also gives you the opportunity to choose which year of production you would love to own.

It can be confusing trying to choose the best car for you. But you can compare different models, explore the trim levels and decide which one aligns with your goals. You can view the prices to decide if they align with your budget.

Clicking the “explore options” grants you access to view the car’s key features. You can analyze the specs, packages, design, technology, performance, and overall safety of the car. You can compare different styles of the same model to give you an easy rundown on which will be best for you.

2. Input your Zip Code

For you to be able to build your dream Lexus car just as you want it, you will need to input your Zip code.

This is necessary to allow the system to customize your experience to match dealers and services near you. The process of inputting your zip code tailors the dealers and buying experience to your region.

3. Build your Lexus

Exploring any of the selected Lexus cars opens you up to the different styles and trims you can build with. There is an array of configurations and trim levels that you can build on.

If your preferred configuration is not available, the dealers will assist you in finding the closest match to the initial configuration you selected. Some of the styles are available in AWD and FWD systems, so it’s necessary that you explore your options.

After making up your mind on which style to go for, start building. Your car build will handle the exterior, interior, packages, and accessories.

The package options differ on different models. You might be getting an added safety feature or increased towing capacity. Whatever package or accessory that you choose comes at an extra cost.

4. Choose Financing Offer

Lexus provides lots of financing offers to give you the ease of owning a car without breaking the bank. You can either choose to pay cash or access finance options that spread across forty-eight months.

The available financing options vary on different cars. Whichever option you choose, you will need to contact the dealer to finalize the process. Click on the “contact dealer” option below the financing offer, which will direct you to the page where you need to send the dealer your info.

You are only sending your name and email address. The dealer will contact you as soon as possible regarding your interest in those cars.

5. Review and Send your Build Specifications

After you are done building your preferred car, it is necessary that you review and send the build specification to a dealer. You can review or even edit the build order before sending it. You review the prices and accessories you included; there’s always room to remove and add.

You’ll have access to your build order after clicking “summary.” This presents your selections, standard features, and all that relates to your car. You don’t need to visit a dealer to send your build order. Click “send to a dealer” on the new page, fill in your personal and contact information, select a dealer near you, and submit. The dealer will contact you with the final documentation to receive your car. You can request a brochure if you so desire.

6. Wait for Delivery

Now that you are done building and ordering a Lexus, you have to wait for the Lexus order time. The number of days it will take to order and receive a Lexus varies according to different models and styles.

However, Lexus has a short wait time, not one of the car brands that will burn up your patience during the wait. Lexus has a time of two-three months.


Factory ordering a Lexus is an amazing experience. You gain the opportunity to build your car just as you want it. It is important that you confirm the availability of your preferred Lexus vehicle to avoid waiting so long for its delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does it take to build a Lexus?

It takes a few hours to build a Lexus. You can start and complete building your Lexus car with just a few clicks on the website. This excludes the time included for your test drive.

How long does it take to order a Lexus from Japan?

It takes close to five-six months to order a Lexus from Japan. The order and delivery time from Japan depends on the model you are ordering. Although, there is bad news.

Lexus once announced that it would take close to four years if you are ordering the 2022 Lexus LX from Japan. This is because the car is all sold out, and you will have to wait. There are exceptions to this for regions like the US, and this does not apply to all Lexus models.

Can you negotiate Lexus price?

Yes, you can. You can negotiate Lexus’s price with the dealer. This includes choosing a fair purchase price, preferred financing option, and all the terms and conditions included in the contract.