How To Factory Order A Land Rover (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Land Rover

Land Rover has streamlined the car buying process, allowing customers to easily factory order their vehicles online.

This initiative caters to those aiming to purchase their dream Land Rover without the traditional dealership experience.

Starting with a visit to the Land Rover website, you can browse through the available vehicle options.

The process involves selecting your preferred model, customizing it to your specifications, and downloading your build order to take to a nearby Land Rover dealer for finalization.

While Land Rover doesn’t impose strict rules on price negotiations, you’re encouraged to discuss pricing with your dealer to reach a fair agreement, unless faced with a firm “no haggle" policy.

This guide will walk you through each step to factory order a Land Rover.

Let's get started.

How To Factory Order A Land Rover

1. Explore and Select

The first thing you have to do to factory order your Land Rover is to visit the official Land Rover website and explore the vehicle options there.

You can scroll through the vehicle section and select from the “all vehicles” category, “electric,” “special vehicle operations,” or “Land Rover classic.”

Whether you are scrolling through the vehicles on the home page or slider menu, there are numerous cars for you to choose from. You can click “find out more” on any Land Rover vehicle that catches your interest to view its features, designs, highlights, and overall performance.

Most Land Rover cars are available with different trims and configurations. It is important that you select the model that fully/closely addresses your needs.

2. Build and Customize

One of the benefits of factory ordering a Land Rover is that you get the opportunity of building the car just as you want. After selecting the car you want and like, click “build your own.”

This will redirect you to a “build your Land Rover” page. This is where you get to explore the models and configurations of the car and choose which one matches your goals.

When you’ve selected your preferred model, you will start building your Land Rover. Your customization will range from the exterior, interior, package options, and accessories.

There are many options to choose from: driver assists pack, blind spot, convenience pack, and lots more. This varies for different Land Rover cars and models. Your customization lies in the available options on your dream car.

You must understand that your customization will influence the price of the car.

3. Print your Build Order

When you are done building and customizing your car just as you want it, you have to click “finish my build.” This opens you up to a page where you can review your customizations, preferences, features, and accessories which you installed in the car.

To ensure that you got the best customization, you can compare your build with another to choose which specifications are the best.

When you are done, and you are sure that you got exactly what you need, you must copy and save your build URL or download your personalized build order in PDF. This is the document that you will need to meet a dealer or an experience center.

4. Locate a dealer

For you to easily locate a Land Rover dealer near you, it is essential that you select your market to customize the website to your region.

This will ensure that you get dealers around your region. Clicking on “locate a dealer” or “locate us now” will redirect you to a page where you can find many dealers close to you.

You will gain access to the location and contact details of these dealers. This will enable smooth communication between users and dealers. Your dealer will help you finalize sales and purchase of your car.

5. Book a Test Drive

Aside from helping you finalize your order, you can book a test drive with your dealer. All you have to do is to fill out a form indicating the model you are interested in, your personal and contact details, and give consent.

The Land Rover customer service team will contact you within one business day to connect you with the closest retailer near you.

It is very important that you test-drive your preferred car. This will give you adequate information and experience on what to expect from the car. This includes efficiency, aerodynamics, traction, and overall performance of the car.

6. Support and Assistance

Factory ordering a Land Rover goes beyond choosing and buying the car of your choice. You can contact the Land Rover service team for support, feedback, and queries.

Fill in your contact and personal details; the service team will contact you to address your needs and put you straight on any issue.

7. Finalize Payments and Financing Options

You are done building your Land Rover to your specifications, now’s the time to finalize payments and financing options.

There aren’t many details from Land Rover on credit offers and loans, not even room for negotiations. You will have to discuss with the dealer on what is acceptable and the preferred mode of payment.

You can request for negotiation. Like every other car brand, there’s always room to negotiate prices. This is except the dealer frowns at it.


Land Rovers are great cars, and they hold their value for quite a long time. Factory ordering them is a good idea too.

You get the opportunity to build your car just as you want and also beat down prices with dealers. However, the issue of negotiation depends on the local retailer you are dealing with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wait time for a new Land Rover?

The wait time for a new Land Rover varies according to the model. You should expect a wait time of 180 – 298 days for a new Land Rover. Sometimes, it might take three-six months to receive your new Land Rover order.

You will get messages from the service team about the build process and when to receive your new Land Rover.

Does Land Rover negotiate price?

Yes. You can negotiate prices with Land Rovers. It is hard to find a car brand that has unnegotiable offers. You can discuss with the dealers to set a fair price for your order.