How To Factory Order A Kia (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Kia

Ordering a Kia online is straightforward, aligning with the automotive industry's shift towards digital convenience.

At FindTheBestCarPrice, we leverage our automotive expertise to guide you through this process, emphasizing the benefits of bypassing dealership markups and customizing your vehicle directly from Kia’s website.

This method not only offers cost savings but also personalizes your purchase to fit your exact needs.

The process involves selecting your model on Kia’s website, customizing it, completing financing details, and reviewing your order before delivery—all without stepping foot in a dealership.

This guide breaks down the essential steps to factory order a Kia, ensuring you can confidently navigate the online buying process.

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How To Factory Order A Kia

1. Visit the Website and Choose a Car

To factory order a Kia, you first have to visit Kia’s official website and select the car that aligns with your goals. There are assorted types of cars for your selection, each with peculiar features that distinguish them from the rest.

Consider weighing your budget to know which of the models matches your finances. These cars are available in different colors, so you have to choose accordingly.

2. Request a Test Drive

After selecting your preferred car, you should go ahead and test-drive it. This will give you a real-time experience of what it looks and drives like. You get to experience the drive mechanics, aerodynamics, and how well they appear on the road.

Test driving your dream Kia car is the best way to know more about the vehicle. To test drive a Kia car, you have to request and schedule a meeting with the closest dealership.

There are many certified Kia dealers near you; choose one closest to you. You will need to select an available time that matches your schedule. A sales specialist will contact you as soon as they can.

3. Build, Customize, and Negotiate

This is the most crucial phase of factory ordering your Kia. This is when you decide what your Kia looks like, how you want it, and all the accessories you want it to come with. Choose the build option and start configuring your car.

You can start by comparing and choosing between trims. From tiny details like wheels and paints to the powertrain, you can customize your Kia car just as you want. Building a Kia car starts from selecting the trim and design down to the financing options.

When you are done building and choosing the right accessories for your car, request a quote from nearby dealers.

This is the point where you negotiate the price that is right for you. You don’t need to pay exactly the price written as the MSRP. Choose the best estimate that sounds nice to you and the dealer.

There are provisions for calculating how much you’ll pay every month for your car.

4. Book

In the bid to show interest in the car you just built, it is important that you book the car. Booking a Kia car requires that you pay a nominal amount to secure the car. The nominal fee you are paying is way smaller than the purchase cost of your Kia car.

After booking your Kia car, you can see the booked vehicle under the “My Dashboard” section on the Kia Website.

5. Complete Financing Details

You’re done building and booking your Kia car, now’s the time to select finance options that meet your needs. This covers your payment plan; how and when you will want to pay for the car.

You can either choose between paying from your bank account or applying for a Kia loan with any of the banks that they work with.

When you are done building and calculating your financing, it is important that you either print it, send or email the quote to the dealer for reference. You might consider having the dealer sign the order to solidify a fair agreement for both parties.

6. Review

Before you complete your Kia factory order process, it is important that you review your choices and options. Your selection and customization will be available on your dashboard. You can view this through the “My Dashboard” screen.

This will show all the necessary information about the car you built; then, you can review and trim off the excesses.

7. Await Delivery

Delivery comes after you’ve finalized payment and all that needs to be done. You will need to schedule delivery while your dealer handles the delivery.

It is up to you to decide where you want to receive your car; home or office. You can send in queries on operational routines, features, and all you need to know about your order.


The process of factory ordering a car is usually similar to all car brands, with slight variations. Aside from buying new cars, you can also buy used cars from the Kia website. You can check the used cars category and choose either from used car dealers or approved used cars.

Whichever model you go for, you should not forget to negotiate the prices and meet a fair agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Kias shipped from?

Kias are shipped from different ports in South Korea, with its main shipping port located in Pyenogtaek, South Korea. Its global headquarters is also located in Seoul.

How do I track my Kia order?

After placing your Kia order, you can track your order with your vehicle’s VIN. Every Kia car is assigned a Vehicle Identification Number which you will use to track the delivery process of your car on the website.