How To Factory Order A Jeep (11 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Jeep

Jeep allows customers to factory order their vehicles, providing a way to bypass dealer markups and customize your car exactly to your preferences.

This direct ordering method not only cuts costs but also offers potential discounts of up to $1500 on your initial purchase.

Factory ordering a Jeep involves selecting your preferred model on their official website, customizing it, choosing a dealer, setting up a payment plan, and finalizing the order online.

Jeep distinguishes itself with the option to add service protection plans and the convenience of reserving a vehicle until you're ready to complete the purchase.

This article explores how to factory order a Jeep, providing a step-by-step guide to navigate this straightforward yet customizable process.

How To Factory Order A Jeep

1. Visit the Website

There is no other place to factory order a Jeep vehicle than on the Jeep website. You don’t need to walk down to the company to get your custom order. With a few clicks, you can order a Jeep online.

Visiting the Jeep website does not only give you the opportunity to order and build your dream Jeep just the way you want it, but you also gain access to the amazing Jeep offers.

For instance, Jeep offers a $1000 cash bonus for the 2023 Grand Cherokee and $1500 for the 2022 Gladiator models. This includes a $1500 bonus for your next purchase on select Wagoneer models.

2. Customize the Site to Match your Location

To get the best from the Jeep website, you have to customize the site to match your location. You can do this with your Zip code or GPS location.

You have to indicate where you are accessing the website from. This makes it easier to link you up with dealers and grants you a list of Jeep dealers near you.

3. Start Buying Process

Now, you start the buying process. There are numerous Jeep models on display on the website, with their MSRPs attached to them. Clicking the “start buying process” on the Jeep website directs you to the online store where you can make all purchases.

You can view the 2022 and 2023 models of your preferred car, compare the features and pricing and decide which one matches your needs and budget.

4. Find and Choose a Jeep Dealer Near you

The process of finding a dealer depends on which of the buying processes you started with. If you started by exploring your preferred car, then you need a dealer when you are done building your car and printing your build order.

Buying from the Jeep shop will require you to choose either the closest dealer near you or all dealers within 50 miles.

The price offering and MSRP of these dealers vary on the same cars and different models. You will have to consider the distance of the dealer, how far away they are from your house and which one offers the best price, suitable for your budget.

If you are ready to buy immediately, choose the “continue shopping option” or click “Reserve Now.” Even before you start building your car, you have a prompt requiring you to fill out a form to receive assistance from a dealer on how to go about your order.

5. Build your Jeep

After choosing your preferred model, you can proceed to building it exactly the way you want. This includes tweaks on the exterior, interior, packages, and powertrain.

Some Jeep models, like the Grand Wagoneer, come with two-tone exterior colors, the prices are the same for any type of paint you choose, but you can select the standard free paint option.

This is similar for the wheels, tires, entertainment components, additional interior features, and other features across different categories. There are packages you can decide to include or remove, then select the powertrain according to how strong you want your Jeep to be.

6. Service Protection and Accessories

There are provisions to include service protection and accessories for your Jeep. There are different service protection packages like lease protect, lease wear and tear, added care plus short-term lease, maximum care short-term lease, road hazard tire and wheel, and auto appearance care.

These service protection programs enhance the performance and lifespan and offer overall mechanical coverage for your Jeep. This extends to handling the cost of repairs and replacements of tires and wheels.

7. Print

When you are done building and choosing your protection plan and accessories, print your build order. This is the document that you will take to your dealer to finalize payment. After building, submit your request and wait for the dealer to contact you.

8. Input Personal Contact Details

When you are done building and printing your build order, input your personal details. The dealer will reach out to you with the information that you provided.

9. Finance Options and Payment

Apply for credit; Jeep offers discount codes with discounts and price slashes of up to $1500 for your next purchase. You simply have to fill out the form to provide your contact details to be contacted by a dealer.

There are different finance and payment options on the Jeep website for you to easily factory order your dream Jeep without breaking the bank. Choose what works for you.

10.  Review Payment Options and Test Drive

Review your payment options and request a test drive. This ensures that you have everything checked and also gives you a first-hand experience of your dream Jeep.

The dealer will contact you on the available days to test drive. It is important that you choose the dealer closest to you.

11.  Finalize your Order

Finalizing your Jeep factory order requires you to submit your build order to a dealer, get a quote and wait for confirmation. This will facilitate the process of your Jeep factory order tracking and preparing for delivery.


Factory ordering a Jeep is an amazing experience, but not as long as described. With Jeep, you don’t necessarily need to purchase the vehicle immediately. You can reserve the car for later purchases.

It is important that you understand that Jeep reservations do not guarantee that the car will be available for purchase. You simply declared an interest, and in the event that the cars are unavailable, the dealer will suggest a refund or recommend another Jeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you negotiate Jeep’s price?

Yes, you can. There are no fixed prices in Jeep factory orders. You can negotiate for a lower price and eliminate accessories or packages that will increase the cost.

How do I check the status of my Jeep order?

You can check the status of your Jeep order by inputting your vehicle order number, last name, or business name attached to the order and submitting it through the “Jeep Track your Order” option.

This will track and give you the status of your vehicle. The dealership can also help you check the status of your Jeep order.