How To Factory Order A Jaguar (7 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Jaguar

Opting for a factory-ordered Jaguar not only allows you to customize your vehicle to your exact specifications but also presents a cost-effective approach by bypassing dealership markups.

The process to build your ideal Jaguar involves selecting your model, tailoring it to your preferences, scheduling a test drive, obtaining a quote, selecting your payment method, and finalizing the purchase.

This route offers a high degree of personalization.

Be mindful that every custom choice, from paint color to wheels and additional packages, can impact the overall cost. Opting for standard options over premium upgrades can help manage expenses.

This guide will walk you through the steps to factory order a Jaguar, offering insights on what to consider to ensure your custom order aligns with both your desires and your budget.

How To Factory Order A Jaguar

1. Choose and Explore Your Preferred Car

The effortless journey to owning your dream Jaguar car begins with exploring and choosing your preferred car. There is an endless variety of cars, luxury, and models for you to choose from. You can choose from the all-vehicles category, electric, class, or special vehicles category.

Visit the Jaguar official website, input your region and location, choose a car that matches your interest, and explore the offerings online. This will grant you access to the interior, exterior, and performance details.

You must understand that there are different trims of a particular Jaguar model, so it is essential that you build according to the configuration that appeals to you. You can compare and choose the one that fits you most.

2. Build your Car

Now’s the time to build your car. One of the benefits of factory ordering a car online is the ability to build as you like. When you choose your preferred model, you gain access to building any trim you want.

Your build accessories will depend on the overall cost of the vehicle. There are different prices for different additionals. You might consider sticking to the free solid options to save less. For instance, choosing a Santorini Black color will cost you an extra £740, whereas the Fuji white solid color is £0.

The cost variations cover your color choice, visual packs, glass, headlights, wheels, and roof. Choosing the standard options will save you some cost, but it might not give you all you want. If you have extras to spend, then there’s no harm in choosing as many accessories as there are.

3. Choose Finance Options

The finance options for your factory-ordered car go beyond requesting a quote. You get to decide how you want to pay for it and when you want to. There are lease options, loans, any vehicle to trade in, a down payment, and term options. You will also get to negotiate prices with the local retailer before payment. You don’t have to pay for everything as written on the order.

4. Locate a Dealer

You will need to send your build order to a dealer or a local retailer. You cannot buy a new Jaguar vehicle right from the company.

You can easily find a Jaguar retailer near you by inputting the details that you would like the retailer with. There are multiple search options; search by ZIP code, state, city name, and retailer name.

Choose your search query and search accordingly. Searching with zip code will reveal Jaguar retailers around your location.

The local Jaguar retailer is the one that will complete your order. They are the ones to attend to your complaints, offer discounts and valid warranties, and initiate close customer-brand relationships.

5. Request for Support

Even though you are factory ordering your Jaguar online, the Jaguar brand makes it possible to offer assistance, irrespective of where you are ordering from.

No matter what your queries or feedback might be, you can fill out the contact/support form, input your email address, name, and mobile number, and give consent to getting a message from Jaguar agents.

The support you will get will revolve around company products, financial service offers, and other special offers.

6. Request to  Test Drive

You can request a test drive. This is the best way to have a first-hand experience of the car you built and are making plans to buy.

To test drive a Jaguar car, you must fill up the information indicating your model of interest and personal/contact details. You will receive a call within a business day to connect you to the closest Jaguar retailer for your test drive.

7. Finalize Payment and Documentation

After building and test-driving your car, you have to finalize payment and documentation with the retailer. This is the final stage to getting the car that you ordered.

After payments, you are offered a means to track your order, when it will be shipped, the delivery point, and the delivery date. You must ensure that the retailer signs whatever negotiations you guys agreed on. This will prevent unnecessary spikes in prices during delivery.


Ordering a Jaguar car from the factory is an exciting experience. You get the opportunity to build your car just as you want, including cutting the costs of trading directly with dealers.

Your decision on the choice of car to order is up to you, but you must understand that the right decisions will ensure great value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Jaguar cars assembled?

Jaguar cars are built by Tata Motors, but they are generally assembled in Birmingham. Jaguar has its main assembly plant in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, with its headquarters in Coventry, England. There is another assembly plant for Jaguar cars in Halewood, Liverpool.

How long does it take to order a new Jaguar?

It takes a few minutes to order a new Jaguar. Ordering a Jaguar is easy. You can get this done with a few clicks on the website.

The timeframe will differ if you want to test-drive the car because it will take one business day for the company to get back to you on your request to test-drive before ordering.

Do Jaguars hold their value?

No. Jaguars don’t hold their value, and they are not the type of cars that we will recommend for value retention. These cars depreciate in value quickly, and the prices drop even before you know it.