How To Factory Order An Infiniti (5 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order an Infiniti

Factory ordering a car varies slightly by brand, including the process for customization, test driving, and overall service.

For those interested in an Infiniti, factory ordering allows you to tailor your new vehicle to your exact preferences.

To start, visit the Infiniti official website, choose your vehicle, and enter your location to find the nearest Infiniti center.

The process includes selecting your model, customizing it to your specifications, scheduling a test drive if desired, receiving a quote, and negotiating the purchase.

Although it might seem complex, factory ordering an Infiniti is manageable with the right steps. This article will detail how to factory order an Infiniti, simplifying the process from start to finish.

How To Factory Order An Infiniti

1. Visit the Infiniti Official Website

The first thing to do if you wish to factory order an Infiniti is to visit the Infiniti official website. Infiniti offers a dual purchase option. You can choose an Infiniti center near you, book a test drive, get a quote and pay, or you can opt for the Infiniti now option.

The “Infiniti now” feature integrates the latest offers option and the opportunity to build every single detail of your car.

The Infiniti Official website is the only trusted place to factory order an Infiniti. You don’t need to walk to their companies or outlets to get a car. You visit, choose your car, and order online.

2. Explore the Options and Choose your Preferred Vehicle

Now that you are on the Infiniti official website, it is time to choose your preferred vehicle. There are assorted versions of cars for you to choose from. You choose according to your preferred model while considering the production year.

While exploring the options and making decisions, you will have access to the different trim levels of each Infiniti vehicle. View the key features of each configuration, compare the trim levels and select which of them addresses your immediate needs.

You can also customize your preferred Infiniti vehicle according to your taste. Your customization will address your desired vehicle grade and your preferred exterior design, paint, and color.

3. Test Drive

When you are done building your car to your taste, proceed to book a test drive. This requires that you select the Infiniti showroom near you, input your details, and register interest. While filling out the form, you must ensure that you already have a driver's license.

Test driving is only limited to professional drivers. Test driving an Infiniti car will give you a real-time experience of what to expect from your dream car. You are sure of what to get from the brand-new car after having the thrill of driving it.

4. Choose your Preferred Offer and Retailer

Choosing your preferred offer includes getting a quote and negotiating a price that matches your budget. You’re done building your dream Infiniti car to your taste; select the model and choose the Infiniti local retailer near you.

You can do this by inputting your city and zip code or using the GPS of your current location. Insert your details, contact details, and email address.

An Infiniti advisor will contact you on how to proceed with arrangements and the paperwork for getting your dream car.

Many drivers do not know that prices are negotiated; you don’t need to move along with whatever the Infiniti company pegs as its MSRP. Work with the local retailer to reach a fair agreement that is favorable for both parties.

5. Finalize Payments

At this point, you should discuss with your local retailer a mode of payment, financing options, if any, taxes, charges, and all the documentation involved. The payment will align with the quote you requested, MSRP, and any other accessories included in the car.

The Infiniti Now shop feature makes it easy for you to have real-time access to the pricing of your car, depending on the build and configuration.

Is It Cheaper To Order A Car From The Factory?

Ordering a car from the factory has numerous benefits, one of which is the advantage of buying cars cheaper than you will get from a dealer’s outlet. The cheapness of ordering a car from the factory goes beyond the cost of purchase. You have the opportunity of loading up the car with as many accessories and features as you like.

The truth is, ordering a car directly from the factory is one of the ways of avoiding dealer markups. You bypass the need to pay the ridiculous price increment added by dealers, which is above the company’s MSRP.

Can You Negotiate A Car You Build?

Surprisingly, yes. You can negotiate the car that you build from the factory. Car prices from factories don’t have a one-for-all fixed price. There is room for negotiations.

Some car companies like Infiniti introduce offers that give you a slash on your factory order. Ordering a custom-built car from the factory doesn’t mean that you have to pay the full MSRP. You can negotiate, choose what’s excess and trim off.

Why Can’t You Buy A Car Straight From The Factory?

Buying a car from the factory is a huge deal, and there are many explanations for this. You can order a car from the factory, but you cannot buy ‘straight’ from the factory.

Car factories introduce the use of third-party businesses in their sales process with users. You order from the factory but transact with a dealer or local retailer. The car comes exactly as ordered or built, but the dealer handles the documentation and transaction.

The reason why you can’t order straight from the factory is to protect the user’s interest. It is easier to get your complaints tackled when there is a dealer near you.

There are also state laws that prevent factories from selling directly to users. Dealers need to make some profits, so even if you order from the factory, it will go through the dealer.


Factory ordering an Infiniti car is not as hard as it seems. You get to build the car exactly as you want and also determine a price that is way cheaper than what you will get if you trade with a dealer. If you have the patience, you can factory order and wait till your car arrives.