How to Factory Order a Hyundai (9 Easy Steps)

How to Factory Order Hyundai

Purchasing a Hyundai involves various channels, but factory ordering directly from the manufacturer offers a personalized approach.

This less familiar route allows for customization directly on Hyundai's official website, where you can select, customize to your preference, and then engage with a local dealer for pricing negotiations. It's important to compare dealers to ensure fair pricing.

The process extends from selecting your vehicle online to staying updated on your order's status until delivery.

Opting for a factory order not only has the potential for cost savings but also guarantees your Hyundai comes with genuine factory parts, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

How to Factory Order a Hyundai

Here are easy steps to factory ordering a Hyundai.

1. Visit the Hyundai Official Website

The easiest place to factory order a car is through Hyundai’s official website. You don’t need to visit the company to get this done. Visit the website, scroll through the model section, and scout the cars that meet your preferences.

You will need to conduct a little research during, before, or after visiting Hyundai’s official website on the best Hyundai cars to buy in 2023 or any production or model year you choose to buy from.

2. Choose your Preferred Car Model

Now that you know the type of car you want to buy and are already on the Hyundai official website, select your preferred car model. This is usually on the website’s homepage. You will find this in the model category.

The Hyundai website’s slider page contains the recent car release. This will help you view the specs on the recent cars and select accordingly. You can also use the “find a car” feature to choose your preferred car model across different categories; Cars, SUVs, and commercials.

3. Quote, Confirmation, and Verification

Requesting a quote is one of many things you will have to do. You can also request to test drive your preferred model. This will give you a real-time understanding of what the car offers.

The driving dynamics, handling, aerodynamics, traction, and overall driving experience, you test drive to experience how/what it will feel like buying the car. Test driving Hyundai cars is done in Hyundai Motors Test drive centers.

There’s a form to fill out your personal information to access test drive services. This applies to requesting a quote.

You can proceed to request a quote. The company will contact you about the available offers for your preferred model.

4. Build your Car to your Specifications

When requesting a quote, provisions are made to build your car to meet your specifications. You choose the accessories you want, trim levels, and all the extras that come with the car.

This gives the dealer an idea of exactly what you need in your car. Sometimes, you are free to inform the dealer that you don’t want the dealer’s stickers on your car. It is your car and your money, so you can dictate what you want and how you want it.

Your build order is sent for pre-delivery inspection, and your requests are fully met. It can be window tint, wheel type, paint, fabric, etc. These accessories are not factory installed but installed by the service department.

During the process of building your car to your taste, you might find out that there are some features that you don’t need.

Maybe you don’t need a GPS sensor, door edge guards, wheel locks, nitrogen, or whatever. These accessories are added to the market value selling price (MSRP) to determine the final purchase cost.

5. Locate a Dealer in your Region

When you are done with building your car, print the build sheet and head out to the closest Hyundai dealer in your region. Some dealers give you the opportunity to order Hyundai online, while in some cases, you do the building with them.

Whichever case it might be, you must understand that Hyundai wouldn’t send their cars directly to you but through dealers. There are few car companies that don’t use dealerships, like Tesla.

You might be asking why we can’t sell Hyundai directly to customers. The truth is that there are a lot of state laws that prevent car manufacturers from selling directly to users. This is designed to protect the user’s interest.

You have direct access to insurance, warranty, etc., from the dealership, then you will from the nationwide manufacturer.

6. Negotiate Prices

You found a Hyundai dealer near you and built your car to your specifications, now’s the time to negotiate prices. The MSRP is not always fixed. You can bargain for a low price. Discounts, price slashes, first-time offers, a lot comes into play when negotiating a price.

You must note that after negotiating a price, the dealer must sign the order. That is the only proof you will have that determines the agreed purchase price. Hyundai company will have little effect on the charges of dealerships, so it is important that you strike a fair bargain.

7. Do the Paperwork and Finances

Complete all documentation, finances, and requirements. Some dealerships make provisions for credits and loans according to your credit score to help you get the car you need.

Your payment should include taxes and charges, but you can apply for credit if that will boost your purchasing power. You might be lucky to get options to finish up the paperwork online, all at your convenience. Discuss with the dealership the best payment mode, and proceed with payment.

8. Track your Order

You should get a tracking order form that will help you decide on the Hyundai factory order wait time and the delivery period of your order. Sometimes, your Hyundai factory order will take close to 137 days, eight months to one year, for delivery.

Order processing might take one – three days, but you must understand that price fluctuations during the period will affect the initial purchase cost of your order.

9. Confirm and Take Delivery

Confirm the Hyundai Factory order status, and take delivery when it arrives. Ensure it came as you expected, and drive your car home.

How Long Does it Take to Get a New Hyundai?

It takes 137 days, eight months, or even one year to get your new Hyundai order. The average order wait time for a new Hyundai car should be eight to twelve weeks.

Sometimes, factors like increased demand can influence the availability of the model and when it gets to you.


Factory ordering a Hyundai car gives you the opportunity of building your car to your taste. You take full control of the car's customization, accessories, and features. This also reduces the price of the car, against buying from resellers.

If you are willing to wait that long for a new car, then a factory order is a great choice for you.