How to Factory Order a Chrysler

How to Factory Order a Chrysler

Ordering a car straight from the factory might appear challenging at first glance, yet with a structured approach, it becomes a swift and manageable task.

Our aim is to guide you through the essential steps to successfully place a factory order.

Chrysler simplifies this process by providing two options: visiting a dealership in person or completing your order online. The choice between these options depends on what you find most convenient.

In this guide, we'll delve into the specifics of how to factory order a Chrysler, equipping you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and proceed with confidence.

How to Factory Order a Chrysler

This article will discuss the two main ways to order a new car from the factory. They either visit the dealership or complete the entire process online.

Completing the Order Online

An online order is one of the easiest ways to order a car. This method eliminates the need to meet with a sales representative. It allows you to complete the process at home.

You can start the process by visiting Chrysler's website. You'll be able to view the various packages and options available. Once you receive the necessary details, you can submit your order.

The process of factory ordering a car can be very time-consuming for people who need to become more familiar with the various options available for each model.

In addition, this method can create a lot of frustration for people who need help understanding the package thoroughly.

Visiting the Dealership

Most people prefer to build their vehicle's specifications online but then print them out and take them to the dealer.

A sales professional will review them, and they'll likely provide helpful suggestions.

During your visit to the dealership, a sales professional will likely explain the various options and packages available for each model. This helps you determine if the vehicle is right for you.

Successfully ordering a Chrysler from the factory includes the following easy steps;

After finding the vehicle you're interested in, head to the manufacturer's website to build it. You'll be able to bring the build sheet with you when you visit the dealership.

After visiting the dealership, make sure that you show the sales representative the build you want.

Then, negotiate the OTD price, the amount the dealer would be willing to accept for the vehicle.

After signing the contract, you'll need to get the build sheet. You'll also need to follow up with the sales representative to keep track of the vehicle's status.

You'll also need a pre-approved bank loan to start the process.

You'll additionally need to meet with the sales representative to see if they can lower the interest rate and prices of various other products.

Red Flags to Watch Out For in Dealerships

The factory ordering a car is similar to purchasing a vehicle from the dealer's lot. It sounds similar.

Although there are no specific red flags that you should watch out for when placing an order for a factory-made vehicle, there are still some things you should keep in mind.

They include the following;

If the Dealer Insists That Dealer-Installed Accessories Are Required

This is a common argument that's made in today's market. Dealers add these to vehicles when they receive them.

Some of these include wheel locks and LoJacks. These are standard dealer-installed accessories.

Often, salespeople or sales managers tell you they can't remove the dealer-installed accessories from a vehicle.

Factory-ordered vehicles don't have to be equipped with these accessories, as the dealer will let you take delivery of the car once it arrives.

If the dealer refuses to remove these accessories from the vehicle, that's a red flag. It's a completely illogical argument.

If the Dealer Refuses to Negotiate the Price When You Place the Order

If the dealer refuses to negotiate the price when you place an order for a vehicle, that's a red flag. If the car does arrive, two things will happen.

You're in for a surprise regarding the actual OTD of the vehicle, and even when the car arrives, it's not guaranteed that it will be yours.

If the Dealer Refuses to Sign a Buyer's Order or Build a Sheet

After settling the OTD price, you can deposit the required deposit to secure the vehicle. The only way to confirm that the agreed-upon price is legitimate is by having a mutually signed buyer's order.

This will include the deposit and build sheet, which clearly shows that the price is negotiated.

If the Dealer Refuses to Sign the Buyer’s Order, That’s a Red Flag

You want to go to the dealer and find out that the price you agreed upon has changed before the vehicle is ready.

Having the signed agreement is the only way to ensure you're protected from this situation.

Can You Negotiate on a Factory Order?

Even though the prices of factory-made vehicles are likely to go up, you should still be able to negotiate the price even though the dealer will be charging higher fees.

Contrary to popular belief, it's still possible to negotiate with the dealer when you are "custom-ordering" a vehicle.

The reality is that a factory-ordered vehicle is like any other deal that the dealer will make.

When to Negotiate on a Factory Order

You can only negotiate when placing an order for a factory-ordered vehicle. This is the best time to negotiate as it allows you to get the best possible price.

A common misconception is that you have to negotiate when you're delivering a car that's been ordered from the factory. This is a terrible idea.

After completing the transaction, your sales professional will create a deal jacket, which will contain all the necessary paperwork related to the deal.

An out-of-the-door price is computed based on the details of the deal.

The dealer will use the suggested retail price as the basis of the deal if you don't negotiate. If you don't negotiate, you end up paying more than required.