How to Factory Order a Chevrolet

How to Factory Order a Chevrolet

Ordering a car directly from the factory might seem complex, but with the right guidance, it's quite straightforward.

Whether you're eyeing a new Chevy, this guide is designed to simplify the factory ordering process for you.

Drawing on a wealth of information from various sources, we aim to provide a clear pathway for your purchase.

Chevrolet offers two convenient methods for placing a factory order: online or through a local dealership with a spec sheet in hand.

This article is your comprehensive guide to factory ordering a Chevrolet, ensuring you have all the necessary details to confidently acquire your new vehicle directly from the manufacturer.

How to Factory Order a Chevrolet

When it comes to ordering a new car from the factory, there are two main options. We'll look at the two to see which one suits you best.

As we previously mentioned, the two different ways include; Completing the entire process online and visiting the dealership.

1. Completing the Order Online

One of the most convenient ways to get an order placed for a new car is by ordering it online. This method eliminates the need to meet with a salesperson and allows you to complete the process in the comfort of your home.

To get started, head to Chevy's website and navigate the various options and packages available for you. You'll then be able to submit your order once you've gotten the financing details.

Unfortunately, doing it this way can be very time consuming and confusing for people who need to know more about the various options and packages available for each model.

This method can also create a lot of frustration for those who need help understanding the possibilities thoroughly.

2. Visiting the Dealership

Most people find it easier to build their vehicle's specs online but then print them off and take them to the dealership.

During your visit, a sales professional will review the specs you provided, and they'll be able to provide helpful suggestions.

During your visit, a sales professional will be able to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the various options and packages that are available for each model.

This will help you determine if the vehicle is the right fit.

To successfully order a Chevy, take the following simple steps;

After finding the vehicle you want, go to the manufacturer's website and build it. You can then bring the build sheet with you to the dealership.

Make sure that you show the sales professional the build that you want.

You then negotiate the OTD price, the amount the dealer would like to receive for the vehicle.

After you've signed the buyer's order, you'll need to get a copy of the agreed-upon build sheet.

After you've signed the contract, you'll need to follow up with the sales professional to keep track of the status of your vehicle.

Before starting this process, you'll need to get a pre-approved bank loan.

You'll also need to meet with the sales professional to see if they can lower your interest rate and the prices on the various ancillary products.

Can you Negotiate on a Factory Order?

If you're considering a factory-ordered vehicle, you should still be able to negotiate the price of it even in 2022, as vehicles will be selling for much higher prices with dealer-supplied fees.

Contrary to popular belief, you can negotiate with the dealer when you're "custom ordering" a vehicle.

The truth is a factory-ordered vehicle is like any other car dealer, and the dealership will profit from it. As a customer, you should also treat it the same way.

How Long Does It Take to Factory Order a Chevrolet?

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased the time it takes to order a new Chevy. Before, it typically took days or weeks to get a new vehicle from the factory. Now, it takes months.

The average time to get a new vehicle from the factory is around 10 to 12 weeks.

Even though it's frustrating, this isn't a permanent state of affairs. The shortage of the chips needed to complete a vehicle is temporary.

When Should You Negotiate on a Factory Order?

You can only negotiate on a factory-ordered vehicle when placing the order.

Another common misconception is that you must negotiate when delivering a factory-ordered vehicle.

You negotiate when ordering the car because the dealership will treat the ordered car just like any other deal.

Your sales professional will create a deal jacket, an industry term for all the paperwork involved in a car dealership. An out-the-door price is then computed based on the deal's details.

If you don't negotiate, the dealer will assume that the deal is at the factory's suggested retail price (MSRP), and your leverage will be lesser once the vehicle is on the lot.

Negotiating the price upfront is also important to ensure you'll get the best possible price. This will allow you to lock in the deal and avoid any surprises.

What to Negotiate on a Factory Order

You can also negotiate the price of a factory-ordered vehicle using the same principles you would apply when buying a car from the dealer.

You should also be prepared to negotiate the additional dealer fees and taxes in today's market. This is because the lack of supply has caused many dealers to overcharge.

Manufacturer's Incentives

Unlike other incentives, manufacturers' incentives are not applied when you place an order for a vehicle; instead, they're applied when you take delivery.

For instance, if you're considering a truck, you can negotiate the OTD price with your sales professional today.

After you've placed an order for a vehicle, you receive the manufacturer's incentives once the vehicle is delivered 8 weeks later.

This means that you'll be able to take advantage of the incentives available at the delivery time. However, you won't be able to get the credit that was applied when you ordered the vehicle.