How to Factory Order an Acura

How to Factory Order Acura

With dealership inventories running low, many buyers end up paying more for cars.

Opting for a build-to-order vehicle directly from the manufacturer, like Acura, allows customers to get exactly what they want without the extra dealer markups or fees.

This method, typically arranged through dealerships or online for some brands, avoids market adjustments and can be a more cost-effective way to purchase.

This guide, drawing on our expertise at FindTheBestCarPrice, will walk you through factory ordering an Acura, offering a straightforward path to getting your ideal car at a better value.

How to Factory Order an Acura

There are two ways to factory order an Acura: the dealership and straight from the factory by ordering online.

Ordering from the Dealership

The local dealership salesperson will handle your order, including setting up delivery and taking it to the factory.

You should choose your local dealer and salesperson the same way you would if you were planning on buying a car from a lot.

You can also check out your friends' reviews who have already purchased from the dealership to ensure a smooth experience.

Certain automakers will not allow you to order your vehicle when you want. For instance, Acura allows quarterly orders.

You must speak with the fleet manager to order a specific model. They will then request before the vehicle is placed every quarter.

A highly anticipated new model can be difficult to factory order due to limited supplies. Also, the dealer might need help selecting the exact versions of hot models it gets.

The manufacturers will check the previous model years' sales records to determine which vehicles will be allocated for the initial shipment.

If your local dealer did not perform well, you might not be able to get a similar number of these newer models.

Ordering from the Car Factory

In the current market, factory-order cars directly from the manufacturers are rare.

Several states have laws that prevent manufacturers from directly selling their products to customers absent a franchised dealership. Some brands, such as Lucid, Tesla, and Rivian, currently use this method.

Car buying can be fairly simple with the help of online platforms. You must go to the Acura manufacturer's website, find and configure the vehicle you want, and then place an order.

The prices are non-haggle, and customers will have to pay a reservation or an order fee, which can vary by the automaker.

Factory Ordering an Acura (Step by Step)

To successfully factory order a car, take the following easy steps;

Make a Decision

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a new car is the type of vehicle you want to buy.

Since there are limited options for certain models, it is essential to find out which fits your needs best. For instance, various options are available if you plan on buying a Porsche 911 or Ford F-150.

Maintain Your Focus

Before you start shopping for a new car, make sure you double-check every option that's on the list. Not doing so could cost you more when you sell the vehicle and won't help you recover the extra cost.

If you're focused on getting the car that you want, then it's not a problem. However, it's essential to realize that your tastes might be kept from the public in the future.

Most used cars are cheaper than new ones, and less popular options don't increase their resale value.

People are more likely to buy a used car if they can save money on the technology package or wheels.

Plan Accordingly

You should plan ahead and ensure that your new car will arrive just as you prepare to sell your old vehicle.

Most of us don't need to replace our cars every few days. If you're planning on buying a new car, you must clearly understand what you need to finance.

This can be done by checking with your credit union or bank. In most cases, the manufacturer's finance arm can provide you with a better rate.

Find the Right Dealer

Your relationship with the dealer is significant when buying a new car. This is because, during the entire process, they will be talking to you about everything from the initial order to the delivery.

Having a good relationship with the dealership will allow you to keep up with the progress of your order.

If you're planning on buying a new car, you must choose the right dealer. You should also talk to your friends who have used the same facility to ensure that they'll have a smooth experience.

Ensure the Deposit Is Refundable

Most dealerships require a deposit when you're making an order, and it can range from $100 to $1,000.

Some dealers will hold the deposit until the vehicle is sold, as they have a hard-to-sell option. For instance, the reservation fee is not refundable if you plan to buy a new car from Tesla.

Settle on a Price and Get It in Writing

Before you start shopping for a new car, make sure that you contact other dealers for price quotes.

Remember that if there are incentives on the vehicle, these may only be available once it's on the dealer lot.

You can also negotiate as if the car was on the lot, but you'll likely be paying the higher price these days.