Is the Honda Odyssey Reliable?

Honda Odyssey Reliability

RepairPal gives Honda Odysseys an average rating of 3.5 over 5.0. This places it on a moderate scale, coming up 3rd against 5 different minivans.

The Odyssey is a fairly reliable car with a sleek exterior, a convenient interior, and a more formidable engine that beats quick wear and tear.

But that’s not all. Let's get into the details about the reliability of the Honda Odyssey and teach you everything you need to know before getting one.

Honda Odyssey’s Reliability?

Yes, Honda Odyssey is reliable. You should consider the Odyssey if you want a car that combines space and style for personal and your family’s comfort during any trip.

Its reliability is evident in the company’s bid to correct some of the flaws reported by its users. Amid the complaints against the Honda inventory, It converts an average reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5. It is ranked 3rd on the list of 5 most reliable minivans while retaining a 80/100reliability rating from J.D. Power.

Honda Odyssey has a 12% chance of encountering a severe issue, a score close to that of minivans and all vehicle models.

Although the Honda Odyssey has had its fair share of complaints and dissatisfactory comments from its previous models over the years, it hasn't lost its place in the league of minivans.

Honda Odyssey Reliability Analysis

1. Interior Design

The Odyssey's exquisite and accommodating interior marks it out from other minivans. Its reliability comes up a tad more due to the enhanced technological advancements in the cabin structure.

The interior design avails it as both flexible and spacious, giving you the minivan flair of convenience and comfort.

It has a comfortable seat formula that beats most contenders with the effortlessly practical operation and appealing aesthetics.

2. Maintenance

The cost of maintenance of a Honda Odyssey is $547 per year. This falls below $647, the average price of maintaining a minivan.

You save up to $100, ensuring that your Honda Odyssey remains in good shape. While most minivans cost more to fix, the Odyssey has new developments that make it less expensive to maintain.

3. Engine Durability

The Honda Odyssey comes with a durability-tested VTEC V-6 engine, featuring a 240 HP and a 3.5L diesel cylinder. The engine generates a 10-speed automatic transmission and around 262 lb.-ft of torque, which supplies enough power to the car.

The new versions of the Honda Odyssey come with an oil light reminder, which transmits signals from the engine.

This reminder works with the engine to ensure there is enough oil to carry on the vehicle. Since the Honda Odyssey has a recurrent issue with low oil, this feature helps to give the engine a long life span than other minivans.

You can get the signal and swing into action to change the oil to keep your car's wheels rolling.

4. Fuel Economy

The reliability of the Honda stretches to its use of fuel and how well it conserves it. Looking at the size of the Honda Odyssey, you might expect it to come with higher mileage, but it does not.

However, the car records a mileage of about 18 mpg for rides in the city, 25 on the highway, and approximately a combined rate of 23.5 mpg.

Although the calculations might not sound convincing to you, it is reasonable given the size of the car, as against minivans of the same size from the different brands.

5. Driver’s Assist Features

The Honda Odyssey can easily pass for a family car and provides enough driver-assist features that keep you safe. From the rearview camera to the infotainment system, there is enough technological support that you can rely on.

There are modern technological installations like a hands-free call and music stream Bluetooth and a navigation system that aids a smooth driving experience.

It also features accommodating mug holders, a transparent and eye-widening screen-view, and clear, far-reaching headlights that aid vision.

The new Honda sensing button is quick to pull up options for safety system settings, which is certainly a nice feature to back up the reliability of the Odyssey.

6. Safety and Security

The safety rating of the Odyssey is high, as it backs up the reports from users worldwide. It received an overall 5-star safety rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Some of the Odyssey variants like Touring and Elite trims come with the HondaLink Security plan, consisting of roadside assistance and collision notification, which all add up to the security package of the car.

Honda Odyssey assures you of security with these amenities, including a transparent rear cross-traffic warning system, which averts unseen collision with an approaching vehicle.

Honda Odyssey Reliability: Pros

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Low gas mileage.
  • Quiet Rides.

Honda Odyssey Reliability: Cons

  • Transmission Failures.
  • Constant Oil Change.

Common Honda Odyssey Problems

  • Transmission Failures
  • Recalled Takata Airbags
  • Uncomfortable Seats
  • Excessive Oil Consumption
  • Braking System Issues
  • Defective Windows and Doors
  • Ignition Switch Malfunction
  • Catalytic Converter Failure


The Honda Odyssey combines quality, innovation, and an inventory deeply rooted in providing a support system to its users. Most car users count on crucial factors like reliability when choosing a car, and this car does averagely well.

Even in the light of so many defects surrounding its production, the car is sure to provide the essential convenience which most minivans will do. With the Honda Odyssey, you have comfort, safety, space, and a minimal maintenance cost at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Honda Odyssey have engine problems?

Yes, the Honda Odyssey does have some significant engine problems. Though the engine is well built, running on a V-TEC V-6 engine, it still has issues like misfiring and excessive oil consumption. The excessive oil consumption has to do with faulty piston rings, the misfiring issue is prevalent in older versions of the car, especially the ones from 2005 to 2011.

Does Honda Odyssey have transmission problems?

Yes, Honda Odyssey has transmission problems. The transmission problem mainly affected the Odysseys from 1999-2003, resurfacing in the 2018 and 2019 versions of the car.

Why did Honda Odyssey have transmission problems?

Honda Odyssey has transmission problems because faulty torque converters fail to send transmission signals to the engine. The defect can cause the vehicle to stagnate after a series of firings.

How many miles will a Honda Odyssey last?

A Honda Odyssey will last up to 200,000-300,000 miles for about 16-25 years. The life span of your Honda Odyssey depends on how well you maintain it and how much you use it.

Are Honda Odysseys expensive to maintain?

No. Honda Odysseys are not expensive to maintain. The annual cost of maintaining the Honda Odyssey is approximately $547 per year. The price is lower than the $647 average yearly maintenance cost for minivans.

How soon should you expect rust on a Honda Odyssey?

Honda Odysseys do not rust early. They only start deteriorating after the first 4-5 years of usage. Some areas prone to rust on your Honda Odyssey are the tailgate area, rear quarter panels, hood area, and front and back doors. Regular washing of your Honda Odyssey while focusing mainly on these areas will help prevent rust.

Does the Honda Odyssey have a timing belt or chain?

Honda Odysseys have timing belts. Honda maintained unionism in its production by ensuring that all of its models from 1995-2021 came with timing belts.