Is the Honda Civic Reliable?

Honda Civic Reliable

Honda Civic is one of the most reliable compact cars on the market, with a reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5.0. This places the vehicle in the 3rd position, ahead of 36 compact cars.

Sincerely speaking, we didn’t expect less from the Honda Civic as the Honda brand has set a record in producing reliable cars.

According to the US News best car rankings, the 2022 Honda Civic ranks as “the best compact car for the money.” This comes with an 8.7 out of 10 rating, with JD Power giving the 2022 Honda Civic a reliability rating of 90/100.

Let’s quickly learn more about Honda Civic reliability ratings and their impressive features!

How Reliable Is Honda Civic?

Honda Civic holds an impressive record of reliability along with the ability to win the heart of users. In 2019, the IHS market ranked the Honda Civic as the best car with the highest model loyalty. Today, Honda Civic is the North American Car of the year.

This includes the fact that Honda Civic has held the record as the best-selling Canadian Passenger for 24 years. This should end the argument. The Honda Civic wouldn’t be the best-selling if it were made of trash.

Reliability remains one of the selling points of the “people’s car.” Honda Civic is made of high-quality interiors and exteriors, with a less likelihood of repairs.

This includes the fact that it is very cheap to repair and maintain a Honda Civic. You have a car with the highest ratings and the ability to last long.

As a bonus, Honda Civics is very affordable. Honda Civic is a reliable car, but the reliability is not always the same with the different models of the vehicle. There’s the Honda Civic sedan, Honda Civic Hatchback, and Honda Civic Si Sedan.

Let’s explore some significant reasons why the Honda Civic is reliable.

Why Honda Civic is Considered Reliable

1. Fuel Economy

Honda Civic holds an impressive fuel economy. The fuel economy of the Honda Civic varies according to the car’s models, trims, and makes.

The Honda Civic Si has a gas mileage of 27/37 MPG city/highway driving, the Civic Hatchback holds a 30/38 MOG city/highway rating, while the Honda Civic Sedan peaks at a 31/40 MPG city/highway rating.

Honda Civic offers one of the highest fuel efficiency systems amongst cars of its class.

2. Safety and Security

Honda Civic holds a 5/5 IHS star rating on crash testing. With impressive safety ratings on the front driver side, front passenger side, roof strength, head restraints, and seats, your safety is assured with a Honda Civic.

The reliable safety and security ratings of the Honda Civic are because of the features and technology that accompany the car.

Here are excellent safety and security features of the Honda Civic:

  • Advanced compatibility engineering body structure.
  • Multi-angle rearview camera.
  • BlindSpot Infotainment.
  • Collision mitigation braking system.
  • Road departure mitigation system.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Lane keeping assist system.

Honda Civic provides a sensing suite comprising safety, security, and assistance features that protect you and your passengers. This includes making driving easier. Honda Civic’s safety and assistive technology make it difficult for a driver to get into harm’s way.

3. Engine and Performance

Honda Civic has different engines for the other models of the car. However, the standard of outstanding performance and power delivery remains the same. The Honda Civic hatchback boasts:

  • A 180 HP turbocharged engine.
  • Six-speed quick-shift manual transmission.
  • Continuously variable transmission that maintains efficiency.
  • Dual suspension system includes the Macpherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension.
  • Paddle shifters.

Honda Civic features multiple drive mode system, which include the comfort mode, sport mode, and +R. You can choose the drive mode that matches your mood – and there’s ECON mode for fuel conservation.

4. Durability

Like every other Honda vehicle, Honda Civic has a three-year limited warranty and an extended five-year powertrain limited warranty. Honda covers the repair and replacement of the parts of your Honda Civic for up to five years.

Honda Civic is a very durable car. You can describe them as cars that will last forever. The engine, transmission, suspension, body structure, and a Honda Civic’s robust design are unmatchable.

5. Comfort and Handling

Honda Civic features an ergonomic design. The Civic Si has race-inspired seats, the Civic Hatchback offers ample interior and cargo space, and you are assured of a broader and lower frame with the Honda Civic Sedan.

Drivers can rely on the Honda Civic car for an immersive driving experience, a personalized cockpit that makes your ride enjoyable, and an ergonomic structure that your seat can adjust to your body frame.

The 18-inch alloy wheels and aerodynamics allow quiet and fuel-efficient rides and a leather-trimmed interior that prevents your seats from shrinking.

The Honda Civic has an 8-way power driver’s seat that allows you to customize the heat to your comfort.

Easy-to-reach controls, scratch-resistant surfaces, heated front seats, and 60/40 split rear seatback give you many ways to customize your car for cargo and passengers. This is the car you can rely on for everything.

There are a lot of accessories in the Honda Civic that you can use for many duties, like the Civic roof rack which you can use to haul items of up to 154 pounds.

Honda Civic Reliability: Pros

  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Comfy and Quiet Rides
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic Design

Honda Civic Reliability: Cons

  • Some Honda Civic models are restricted to Manual Transmission. Although the standard Honda Civic sedan has the CVT option, the Honda Civic Si only has a manual transmission.
  • No AWD options.

Final Verdict

The truth is, Honda Civics are just so excellent. They beat the standards for reliability, making it easier for everyone to love the car.

Like every other car in the market, we wouldn’t feign ignorance that you might encounter some problems with your Honda Civic, but they won't be as regular as you will find in most less reliable cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honda Civic good in snow?

Honda Civic has impressive handling and road grip, making it good in snow. The car features a front-wheel-drive system, driver assist technology, and a strong engine that makes it easy for the wheels to run on snow without hydroplaning.

Do Honda Civics have a lot of problems?

No. Honda Civics is one of the cars we can refer to as an all-around excellent car. With Honda Civics, the chances of visiting the service shop drop to 0.22, with a 10% chance of encountering any major/severe problems. This is lower than the average 11% for compact cars.

How long does Honda Civic last?

Honda Civic is one of the market’s most durable and reliable cars. It has a life span of 200,000 – 300 000 miles, lasting up to 20 years. However, this greatly depends on your maintenance culture and driving habits.

Is Honda Civic good for a long drive?

Honda Civic is suitable for handling any driving condition. We wouldn’t advise that you take a Honda Civic for a mud ride, but you can take them for a long tour. These cars are suitable for long drives.

Which years are the most reliable for Honda Civics?

The most reliable and well-received Honda Civics are from 2012-2020.

Which years are the least reliable for Honda Civics?

The least reliable Honda Civics are from 2001-2011.