Are Ford Trucks Reliable?

Are Ford Trucks Reliable

Ford trucks are fortified with a rugged body frame, excellent traction management, a technologically advanced security setup, and a tremendous V-8 engine. But are Ford trucks reliable?

Ford trucks are moderately reliable and efficient in their category of full-sized trucks. According to Repairpal, Ford trucks are graded as average reliable vehicles with a reliability rating of 3.5 over 5, placing them in the 7th position out of 17 best full-size trucks.

Even with these fantastic features, Ford trucks are not without faults. Irrespective of how long Ford trucks have been around, people still question their acclaimed toughness.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the reliability of Ford trucks!

Ford Truck Reliability Figures

Yes, Ford trucks are reasonably reliable. These trucks didn't become America's best-selling trucks by accident. They are built to be reliable, but no auto company is perfect hence their shortcomings. Ford trucks remain one of the best full-sized trucks in the market.

However, J.D. Power gives Ford trucks a reliability rating of 77/100 with a 3.5/5 rating from Repairpal. In addition to the stats, Ford trucks pride themselves on a 290-450 HP range, which counts as one of the highest among full-sized trucks.

At this range, Ford trucks can move without much hassle, even on rough terrains, courtesy of its good traction features.

The driving experience in Ford trucks is excellent, rated at 82/100 by J.D. Power, as the built-in features offer you a smooth ride. Ford truck reliability has been proven over time with the development of new versions of the F-150 truck, first launched in 1948.

This truck paved the way for other models like Maverick and Ranger and has since remained a staple in the truck industry. Since then, Ford trucks have been armed with more features that validate their reliability.

Why Ford Trucks Are Considered Reliable

The following points recount the five reasons why Ford trucks are reliable.

1. Maintenance

The maintenance cost of Ford trucks is $788 per year, below the average price of $936 for full-sized trucks. You get to save about $100 in maintaining your Ford trucks, as against other full-sized trucks, which cost more to put in good shape.

Just as you save more money, it also says a lot about their reliability which keeps improving with every new variant that premiere.

In the same vein, Ford trucks have a 15% rating on the damage severity. The figure tallies the average rate of 18% for full-sized trucks. It suggests their reliability because you have few chances of doing major maintenance against the rate on other full-sized trucks.

2. Interior and Exterior Design

I cannot overemphasize the hardcore build quality of ford trucks because it distinguishes them from other full-sized trucks.

The exterior framework of Ford trucks is made from high-strength military-grade aluminum alloys that create an undeniable robust appearance needed for a utility truck like it. The box frame is made of high-strength steel, which cements its toughness.

Similarly, the interior of Ford trucks says a lot about their commitment to offering a high level of comfort.

Ford trucks' interior design can be considered a luxury because they are convenient and equally stylish. There are exquisite designs on the seat, dashboard, and driver's assistance screen.

With these features, Ford trucks give you the desired frame to withstand any amount of weight thrown at it. It also sets it aside as a reliable truck compared to other trucks of the same grade.

3. Safety and Security

The reliability of Ford trucks is proven again, as they provide maximum security for your comfort and fun ride. Some security features include a pedestrian detector, curve control, and a rear camera with hitch assist.

It also offers safety measures with its automatic emergency braking with an added forward collision warning to alert you of any intending collision. Ford pickups have an overall NHTSA 5-star safety and security rating.

This includes an impressive score on front and side impact safety and rollover resistance. Ford trucks are given maximum assurance that they can feel safe in these vehicles.

4. Engine Durability

The engine of Ford trucks is another factor that validates its reliability. Ford trucks come in three different engines, each designed for a particular functionality.

The types of engines used in Ford trucks include the regular unleaded V-6 seen in the earliest versions of their vehicle. The regular unleaded V-8 engine and the Twin Turbo regular unleaded V-6 are other variants of the Ford truck engines.

These engines are beast mechanisms compared to other engines found in full-sized trucks due to their power.

Coupled with the transmission of a 10-speed automatic, Ford trucks are sure to hit the road effortlessly. The Twin Turbo engine fires with Turbocharged gas or diesel, giving you more power life and speed.

5. Fuel Economy

Ford trucks offer a high fuel economy rating, contrary to the wide-held belief that most trucks are not conservative. Although this varies from one model to another and on different engine types, the ratings smile slightly in their favor.

On average, the Ford truck with a 3.3-liter V-6 engine runs up to 19 mpg, 21 mpg, and 24 mpg for the city, combined, and highway, respectively. The fuel economy  changes with a change in the drive wheel, yet it further proves their reliability as the mileage on Ford trucks is low.

Ford Truck Reliability: Pros

  • Tough and efficient
  • Good road traction
  • More luxury
  • Additional security setup
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • More road time

Ford Truck Reliability: Cons

  • High mileage in some models
  • Turbo-powered engines consume more energy
  • Corrosive aluminum exterior
  • High maintenance frequency

Common Problems With Ford Trucks

  • Slipping brakes
  • Rupturing airbags
  • Hardened suspensions
  • Spark plug rejection
  • Exterior corrosion
  • Engine failures
  • Digital system malfunction
  • Gearshift issues
  • Hardened seat belts
  • Loud engine noise


Ford trucks are not newcomers in the industry of pick-up truck production. They have been around for over 50 years and understand the ethos of truck functionality. However, there have been a lot of complaints about these trucks, mainly due to malfunction and poor digital installation.

But these issues do not override the reliability of Ford trucks because these trucks are built to serve you at the utmost demand.

The average reliability rating on Ford trucks is linked to their recent functionality and reviews from owners. Yet, it shouldn’t stop you from owning one of these iconic trucks that hold the title of America's best-selling truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ford trucks last?

Ford trucks can last between 150,000 to 300,000 miles. The life span of your truck depends significantly on your maintenance and driving conditions. However, Ford trucks guarantee a longer life span with little maintenance cost compared to other trucks in their category.

Do Ford trucks have a lot of problems?

Yes, Ford trucks have a lot of problems. I can link this to their wide range of functionality which breeds a long list of problems over time.

How long do Ford engines last?

Ford engines can last between the range of 200,000 to 500,000 miles. While this is a good figure, it depends on the engine type of the truck. Most diesel-powered engines last up to 500,000 miles under proper care and maintenance.