Getting Gas from Costco – Is It Worth It?

Is Costco Gas worth it

More and more people are looking for ways to save on their gas expenses. Naturally, Costco is a place where people believe that they could get the best prices at the fuel pump. However, is that true? To help you find out, the team at have put together this report on gas prices at Costco. Let’s see if this membership warehouse helps you save more at the fuel pump

Is Gas from Costco Cheaper?

Is Costco Gas Cheaper

According to a recent study from Bar clays - which measured Costco fuel prices in 15 metropolitan areas - drivers were able to save an average of 37 cents per gallon. So, in a basic sense, fuel prices at Costco are significantly cheaper. However, you will have to factor in the price of a Costco membership to see if you are saving more.

Costco Membership

The current annual cost for a Costco membership is $60 per year. This allows you to shop at the warehouse and get fuel at a Costco location. Therefore, you will have to save at least $60 per year with fill-ups at Costco. Since you can save on average 37 cents per gallon, you will want to get at least 162 gallons per year at Costco to recoup your membership cost.

How Much Is the Gas at Costco?

If you would like to see the current price of gas at Costco, you can use this link to see the current prices at your nearest Costco location. Gas Buddy is a website that publishers the latest information on gas prices around the country. For instance, if you live in California, then you can use Gas Buddy to find the latest gas prices in your state.

How to Get Costco Gas Prices

How to Get Costco Gas Prices

You can get Costco gas prices by becoming a Costco Member. You can get your membership card by visiting your nearest Costco and paying the $60 annual fee. Another way to get a Costco Membership card is by going online to and ordering the card. The Membership card will be delivered to you. Once you have the membership card, you will be able to get gas at any Costco location.

Is Costco Gas High Quality?

Costco Gas Quality

Costco gas comes from Kirkland Signature which is the private label brand for the company. The gas is known to be high quality and should be acceptable for any type of vehicle that you drive. Given the fact that the average income of a Costco member is north of $92,000, you can be sure that the company will use high-quality gas to meet the needs of their customer’s higher-end vehicles.

Why Is Costco Gas so Cheap?

One of the main reasons why Costco gas is so cheap is the fact that they have their own private label company which handles the production and delivery of gas to their locations. This allows them to have a lower cost of production and, in turn, pass the savings on to their customers.

Is It Worth the Membership for Costco Gas Prices?

Costco Membership Worth It For Gas

As discussed before, you can save 37 cents a gallon by going to Costco. Therefore, you will have to purchase about 162 gallons of fuel per year. Also, consider the fact that if you purchase other items at Costco, you will experience even more savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Costco gas stations open?

Costco gas station hours can vary. Typically the station opens between 6 AM and 7 AM. Some fuel stations open as early as 5 AM. The typical closing time for a Costco station is between 7 PM and 10 PM.

Does Costco Gas take Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay at any Costco location as long as the location has an NFC reader. You can also use Apple Pay with your Costco App.

Where does Costco get its gas?

Costco gets its gas from its private label company Kirkland Signature. Because Costco produces its gas, it can offer it at a lower price.

Do you need a Costco card to get gas?

Generally, you will need a Costco card to get gas. The one exception to the rule is if you have a Costco Shop Card. This is a gift card that will allow you to purchase gas from Costco even if you are not a member.