How Much Does It Cost To Unlock a Car?

Cost to Unlock Car

Have you locked yourself out while your car key is inside the car? Well, that’s quite a challenging moment, but you can have a locksmith unlock your car and get you back the car or maybe, craft a new key for you.

These things happen to everyone. You’re not the only one who has experienced it; if you ever get locked out of your car, this article shares tips on how to get back into the car.

How much does it cost to unlock a car? Getting a locksmith to do it will cost you between $50 and $300. Your final price varies greatly based on location, key type, and how the situation presented itself.

Locksmiths are the professionals to call if you ever get locked out of your car - this is not a job for mechanics or auto electricians.

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock a Car?

Different scenarios could get you locked out of your car: Perhaps you forgot the key inside the vehicle, misplaced it and can’t find it anymore, or broke inside - making it impossible to even open the car with the “spare.” Whatever happens, you can always have your car unlocked by a locksmith or roadside program.

Actually, there is no one price for this - the amount you’d pay to have your car unlocked by a locksmith greatly differs based on many factors that are not limited to the ones mentioned hereunder:

  • The distance between your location and the location of the locksmith.
  • The vehicle type (make and model) you drive and the lock installed.
  • Whether or not the car needs to be rekeyed by the locksmith.
  • The work rates of the locksmith you hired.

Now, based on these factors – and, of course, there could be other factors – it is estimated that the average cost of unlocking a car is between $50 and $300, and in some rare cases, the price could go above $500.

You may simply call for roadside assistance if, per adventure, someone around knows how to navigate such a situation; this will save you the cost of hiring a remote locksmith.

Also, suppose you have insurance coverage that includes protection against car key losses and similar situations. In that case, you can call on the issuer, and they’d help you out without you paying an additional fee.

Roadside assistance programs and insurance coverage policies are the two surefire ways to avoid paying for your car to be unlocked. But, a locksmith is needed if the car needs to be rekeyed.

Furthermore, you can DIY the entire procedure if you don’t mind. You can buy tools online or in office stores that sell auto DIY tools. Using tools like Slim Jim, which is also a locksmith tool, you may be able to unlock your car without seeking any third-party assistance. Be careful when you try to do it yourself so you don’t damage a thing.

How Do You Unlock a Car?

The most common way locksmiths unlock a car is by using “Sims Jims,” which is a pair of tiny metal rulers that can easily penetrate car lock openings. Typically, the Sim Jims are carefully inserted into the car lock opening to unlock the car.

If you use this tool unprofessionally, you may damage your car’s lock system or even the airbag system, which means you’d need to rekey the vehicle and still fix the airbag. There are other methods locksmiths use in unlocking vehicles, but those are more professional to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try unlocking the car myself?

Most people who tried this damaged their car’s lock system and a few other things, forcing them to pay more when they finally get a professional to correct their mistakes. It is best to have a professional unlock your car - it costs quite less - for as low as $50, you can get it all done.

How do you unlock a car with a key inside it?

Have you got a spare? That would be your best option. When you forget your car’s main key inside the car and get locked out, you should find the spare key and use it to unlock the car. If you have no spare, you can use the Sims Jims tool. On the other hand, if your car key breaks inside the lock, that’s a tough situation; you should have a professional locksmith handle the issue.

What is the best way to unlock a car?

There is no particular “best” way to unlock a car; the method or tools to use depends on how the situation presents itself. If it’s an accident scene, the car glasses may need to be broken to open the car from the inside. But mainly, locksmiths use Sims Jims for unlocking car locks.