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Cheapest Lease Deals For January 2022

Cheapest Lease Deals Featured

One of the benefits of leasing compared to buying a new car is the low up-front cost. But today we’re going to look at the lowest of the low. We take into account the monthly payment and the amount due at signing in order to pick our favorites. There are plenty of offers from popular […]

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Best Lease Deals For January 2022

Best Lease Deals Featured

Many manufacturers are offering lease deals and incentives this month on 2021 and 2022 models for all different types of vehicles. Let’s break down these offers by category and highlight some of the best lease deals right now. Best Lease Deals Right Now (across all vehicle types) Here’s our picks for the best vehicle lease […]

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Best 0% APR Deals on Luxury Cars and SUVs [January 2022 Edition]

best 0 apr luxury car deals

Car manufacturers are offering zero percent APR deals on both luxury cars and SUVs to entice car buyers to spend in a down economy. 0% APR deal term lengths on luxury vehicles are much longer than historical financing deals, with payment terms going up to 84 months and many at 60-72 months as well. A […]

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Best 0% APR Deals on SUVs [January 2022 Edition]

best 0 apr suv deals

The auto industry has been beaten up badly by the Coronavirus which is a good thing for you.  We’re seeing an unprecedented number of zero percent APR deals on SUVs to encourage car sales. Not only are there more 0% APR deals, but payment terms have been extended and many offers are for 60 months, […]

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Best Electric Car Deals For January 2022

Best Electric Car Deals

Electric vehicles are no longer a distant dream of the future. As charging stations become more readily available and electric cars more reliable, the demand for alternative fuel vehicles is increasing. Now, you can purchase an EV (Electric Vehicle) with quite a long-range and high performance. In addition to their incredible environmental benefits, EVs also […]

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Best Electric Car Lease Deals [January 2022 Edition]

Best EV Lease Deals

If you’ve been considering an EV, now is a great time to lease one. Leasing an EV allows you to save on gas and help the environment while upgrading every few years. Manufacturers will continue to add EV options and improve their features, so leasing is a smart option for tech-conscious car buyers looking for […]

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Year End Holiday Car Deals [2021 Edition]

Holiday car deals

December is usually the best month of the year to buy a car, but don’t expect massive savings (or inventory) at the dealership. With the current shortage and disruptions in the supply chain, markups are still unusually high for most models. However, holiday car deals historically offer the biggest discounts all year long because of […]

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End of Model Year Car Deals [2021 Edition]

Model Year-End Clearance

The fall season means it’s time for model-end clearance deals. In September and October, many manufacturers are trying to get rid of their 2021 models to make room for 2022 cars. And yes, car manufacturers do start selling the new models before the new year starts (so you can actually buy a 2022 car in […]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Car Deals [2021 Edition]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Car Deals

Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) usually have some of the best deals of the year, but on the busiest of retail days, salespeople will be slammed. So do your test drives in advance so you can focus on getting a good price. With the ongoing inventory shortage and high markups, we may not see the […]

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Best Labor Day Car Deals [2021 Edition]

Labor Day Car Deals

If you’re in the market for a new car, this Labor Day may be a good time to do it.  Car dealers are offering big cash back incentives and some great lease deals to entice buyers. Manufacturers are also releasing early promotions on their 2022 models during Labor Day. Read on to find out why […]

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