100+ Best Gray Car Nicknames [Most Popular & Funny]

Best Name for Gray Cars

You’ve had your eye on that gorgeous gray car for a while and now you finally made the leap and bought it.

The only thing left to do is find the perfect name for your new gray beauty.

Here are the best names to choose for your new car.

Key Takeaways

Choosing a name for your gray car helps it stand out and showcase its personality. A few of the the top names for gray cars are:

  • Steel
  • Smoke
  • Ash
  • Storm

Check out a full list of over 100 name ideas (including funny names, creative names, and more) below!

How Popular Are Gray Cars?

Gray is one of the most popular colors for cars out there, making up 18.4% of cars purchased. This color of car is somewhere in line with the 15%-20% of blue cars and way above red cars with 8.6%.

10 Most Popular Names for Gray Cars

The most popular names for gray cars are:

  • Steel
  • Smoke
  • Ash
  • Storm
  • Graphite
  • Flint
  • Fog
  • Steeler
  • Shadow
  • Misty

10 Boy Car Names for Gray Cars

A few masculine gray car names include:

  • Steel
  • Storm
  • Ash
  • Graphite
  • Smoke
  • Flint
  • Steeler
  • Shadow
  • Misty
  • Fog

10 Girl Car Names for Gray Cars

If you’re looking for something more feminine, check out these names for your gray car:

  • Steel Rose
  • Ash Blossom
  • Graphite Glitz
  • Smoke Swirl
  • Storm Siren
  • Flint Fawn
  • Steeler Star
  • Shadow Shimmer
  • Misty Mystique
  • Fog Fantasy

10 Gender-Neutral Names for Gray Cars

Looking for something more ambiguous? Try one of these gender-neutral car names for gray cars:

  • Steel
  • Ash
  • Graphite
  • Smoke
  • Storm
  • Flint
  • Fog
  • Shadow
  • Misty
  • Steeler

10 Funny Names for Gray Cars

If you have a good sense of humor, try one of these funny names for a gray car:

  • Steel Stallion
  • Ash Cash
  • Graphite Gatsby
  • Smoke Signal
  • Storm Trooper
  • Flintstone
  • Foggy Bottom
  • Shadowboxing
  • Misty Morn
  • Steel Wheel

10 Classy Names for Gray Cars

Want a name with a classy feel? Try one of these:

  • Charcoal Elegance
  • Silver Sophisticate
  • Mist Magnate
  • Smoky Silhouette
  • Graphite Grace
  • Pewter Prestige
  • Ash Aristocrat
  • Slate Serenity
  • Iron Impression
  • Cloud Class

10 Creative Names for Gray Cars

Creative names aren’t reserved only for colorful vehicles. Here are some creative ideas for gray car names:

  • Moonbeam Marvel
  • Stormy Sonata
  • Foggy Fantasy
  • Pigeon Poise
  • Haze Harmony
  • Slate Symphony
  • Cloud Canvas
  • Ash Artistry
  • Smoky Spectrum
  • Granite Genius

10 Adventurous Gray Car Names

Is your gray car a vessel for adventure? One of these names would be perfect:

  • Slate Seeker
  • Wilderness Whisper
  • Graphite Glide
  • Stormy Sojourner
  • Ash Adventure
  • Misty Mountaineer
  • Pebble Pathfinder
  • Silver Expedition
  • Iron Journey
  • Boulder Bounder

20 Gray Sports Car Names

Try one of these for a sporty name that will fit your new gray car.

  • Steel Speedster
  • Ash Ace
  • Graphite GT
  • Smoke Stormer
  • Flint Flash
  • Storm Sprint
  • Foggy Fury
  • Shadow Sprinter
  • Misty Missile
  • Steel Stallion
  • Graphite Glide
  • Silver Sprinter
  • Storm Surge
  • Pebble Pace
  • Ash Athlete
  • Slate Speedster
  • Iron Ignition
  • Cloud Charger
  • Steel Stride
  • Misty Momentum

10 Gray SUV Names

Grey SUVs scream rugged adventure and grit. Here are some of my favorite nicknames for them:

  • Summit Shadow
  • Granite Glider
  • Steel Safari
  • Pewter Pioneer
  • Foggy Fortress
  • Urban Vanguard
  • Stone Scout
  • Ash Adventurer
  • Cloud Cruiser
  • Slate Sentinel

10 Gray Pickup Truck Names

Gray pickup trucks are synonymous with monster haulers. Check out these names perfect for them:

  • Iron Tornado
  • Gravel Guardian
  • Metal Maverick
  • Alloy Axle
  • Steel Stallion
  • Cobblestone Cowboy
  • Graphite Grit
  • Titanium Tracker
  • Pebble Power
  • Silver Streak

10 Gray Minivan Names

Show your pride for your gray minivan with these perfect name ideas:

  • Silver Stream
  • Misty Voyager
  • Pebble Pilgrim
  • Graphite Galley
  • Smoky Shuttle
  • Haze Haven
  • Cloud Caravan
  • Ash Avenue
  • Slate Shuttle
  • Sterling Streamer

What Should You Name a Gray Car?

What you should name your gray car depends on what type of person you are, what kind of car you’re driving, and how unique you want your car name to be.

Some popular names include Steel, Smoke, and Ash. Boy car names include Graphite, Smoke, and Steeler, while feminine gray car names include playful names like Graphite Glitz, Smoke Swirl, and Storm Siren.

For a funny car name, consider Graphite Gatsby and Foggy Bottom. If you’re looking for a new name for your gray sports car, try something edgier like Shadow Sprinter or Steel Stallion.

How to Name Your Gray Car?

To find the perfect name for your gray car, you need to draw inspiration from your own personality as well as the look and type of your car.


Any car name should go along with your personality. After all, it’s your car’s name.

If you’re a bit of a goofball, a funny car name could suit your vehicle well.

Since you’re going to be the one driving it, it’s important that you like your car’s name. Change it if you need to until you find one that fits.

Car Type and Looks

The type and look of the car that you have should also play into your decision.

For instance, a color-related name is always a good choice. Naming a white car “Onyx” may seem like a bit of a mismatch (unless irony is what you’re going for, in which case, it’s a great choice!)

A name like “Old Timer” or “Nostalgia” is appropriate for an Oldsmobile. If you have a sporty new whip, a cool, edgy name might be a better choice.

Favorite Person

Lastly, you could pay homage to one of your favorite people by naming your car after them.

Maybe it’s your mom. Maybe it’s Tom Brady. You could even name your car after a fictional character or mythological creature like “Percy Jackson” or “Mothman.”

Are Gray Cars Worth Buying?

Ultimately, gray cars are worth buying. They’re a neutral color that doesn’t show dirt easily (unlike black cars, for example) and you can find just about any model in gray. Plus, they won’t hike up your insurance premium.

Gray Car Nicknames: Final Verdict

Gray is a great car color option that’s neutral, but a little more unique than black or white. Naming your car helps it mesh with your personality and style.

Pick one of the gray car names above, like Ash or Graphite Glide, or come up with your own perfect idea! Share your choice with us, and we’ll add it to the list if it's new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I call my gray car?

Evaluate your car’s look, “personality”, and style to choose the best name for it. For example, you could name a gray minivan Ash Avenue, or a sporty car Silver Sprinter.

What are some cool car nicknames for gray cars?

There are endless awesome gray car nicknames, including Steel Stride, Iron Impression, and Steel Safari.

What can I name my gray truck?

Name your gray truck something that exudes its power and durability, like Iron Tornado or Stell Stallion.