Best Car-Related Subreddits

Best Car Subreddits

You may be missing out on an amazing car information goldmine: Reddit.

Reddit is a site for the people by the people. Among thousands of other topics, it has a wealth of car tips, tricks, and advice.

We'll share some of the top car-related subreddits that you can head to for car buying advice and more.

Car Buying Subreddits

The best of the best!


WhatCarShouldIBuy SubredditThe description for /r/whatcarshouldibuy is "car advice for people who know jack about cars." There are a wide variety of questions about car buying, but some popular ones include:

  • What are some two and three-row SUV recommendations?
  • What is a crossover with leather seats for around $15,000?
  • Which car should I get? Make and model X or Y?


In /r/askcarsales, car buyers can ask questions that a car salesman, manager, or finance manager will answer. They state, "your hand will not be held, and you may be talked down to. But the advice will be honest with no hidden agenda (it's not like we're getting paid on your deal)." Some topics on the community include:

  • Can I get a business car lease for my new business?
  • Opinions about buying formal rental cars.
  • What's a "Good" Fico score?


The /r/carbuying subreddit is all about car buying and selling, with advice for getting good deals and good cars. The community addresses a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Dream car within grasp, dealer slips in fees above online asking price. Help?
  • How to get the best deal on a new 2019 car that's sitting at the distributor's storage lot?
  • Buy vs Lease


Used Cars RedditThe /r/usedcars thread on Reddit contains advice for buying and selling used cars. Some topics discussed include:

  • [Guide] What used car should I get for what budget?
  • 2011 Chevy Impala LS Fleet vs. 2011 Toyota Camry LE (car comparisons)
  • [Guide] 4 Psychological Tricks Used Car Salesmen Usually Employ

Car Advice Subreddits

These forums share tips and information related to cars, including repairs, maintenance, and more.


AskCarGuys RedditIn the /r/askcarguys community, you can ask car "folks" for advice about your car issues. Topics include detailing, general advice, mechanical, and more. Some examples include:

  • Maintaining Car Battery Overnight (trickle charger?)
  • I feel like they messed up my alignment more, or am I crazy?
  • What tips do you have for driving in snow?


The /r/automotivelearning subreddit for "gearhead" automotive questions. Some examples of topics addressed in this community are:

  • How to test for a shorted ignition coil with a scope
  • Extract broken bolts from deep hole - NEW easy WAY
  • Flexplate - How Flexplates Work vs Flywheel


CrashTests Reddit/r/crashtests prides itself on "destroying cars for your safety." This community is all about car safety and crash tests. Some of the questions asked include:

  • aftermarket ways to make used pickup trucks safer?
  • do crash tests account for car size/weight?
  • Mustang full frontal: 2010 vs. 2015


The /r/carhacking community is for "people who want to take back control of their car." Advice on this forum is geared toward fixing and improving your vehicle yourself. Some of the topics include:

  • Automatic lights for 2007 Cadillac SRX
  • How to step through TriCore (Aurix) instructions OCDS through a warm/software reset?
  • Odometer value (Volkswagen e-Up)


The content on /r/mechanicaladvice is pretty clear based on the name. Users ask a wide range of questions about vehicle mechanics and repairs. Some examples are:

  • hit a curb and bent my hubcap. is it ok to drive on? should I just take the hubcap off?
  • 2008 A4 electrical mystery!
  • Weird Sounds Coming From Honda Civic 2014 SI

Car Type Subreddits

Individual car types also have their own subreddits. Here are some of the most popular examples.


The /r/convertible subreddit has information, photos, advice, and more all about "cars with removable or retractable roofs." People ask and answer questions related to convertibles. Some questions asked in this community are:

  • Lease is up looking for a new car
  • Protection from the snow
  • The 2005 Nissan Micra C+C is a modern classic and I’ll tell you why


Hatchback RedditThe /r/Hatchback community discusses hatchbacks of all makes. It's filled with photos, videos, advice, and questions about hatchbacks like:

  • Hatch wanted
  • Anyone driven a Ford SportKa?
  • Mudflaps for 2018 Impreza hatch????

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Those who are interested in trucks should head over to the /r/Trucks community for advice, photos, stories, and more.

  • What truck should I buy? megathread
  • 2019 Silverado RWD need some suggestions for wheel and tire packages any other mods!
  • What is this rubber piece on my tailgate hinge?

/r/ElectricVehiclesEV Reddit

The /r/electricvehicles community talks about EV news and products. Some of the topics include:

  • Tesla expected to unveil "Model 2" hatchback in late 2021
  • Electric cars in winter... Any good?
  • Looking to buy first EV, need help

Manufacturer and Model Specific Subreddits

Looking for advice on your specific car model? Many common manufacturers and models have their own subreddits. Here are a few examples.


As you may guess, Ford has its own subreddit, /r/Ford. In this community, people share videos, news, information, and advice about Ford vehicles. Several Ford models have their own subreddits as well:


"Jeep it and Creep it" on the /r/Jeep subreddit. This forum shares photos, videos, stories, and chronicles all about Jeeps. Some Jeep model pages include:


Learn all about Toyotas via the /r/Toyota subreddit. People share their experiences with their Toyotas as well as any important news or updates. Several Toyota models have their own communities, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best car buying subreddits?

Some of the top car buying subreddits are /r/whatcarshouldibuy, /r/askcarsales, /r/carbuying, and /r/UsedCars.

What are some of the best car advice subreddits?

Subreddits geared toward car advice are /r/askcarguys, /r/automotivelearning, /r/crashtests, /r/carhacking, and /r/mechanicaladvice.

Can I find car advice on Reddit?

Yes! There are hundreds of car-related forums that contain car news, updates, questions, advice, and more. Most popular manufacturers and models have their own subreddits as well.