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Steve Birkett is an electric vehicle advocate based in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. He is a content creator and marketing professional who contributes written and recorded pieces to a wide range of media outlets. His analysis has been featured in Find The Best Car Price, WWLP TV, and Torque News, among others. He has also had video content featured on Inside EVs. Birkett was an EV Guide for Plug in America events in Massachusetts (Drive Electric Cambridge and Drive Electric Lowell) and Ohio (Earth Day 2019 at Cleveland Zoo). He participates in quarterly advisory panel meetings for EVolve New York (a state-level charging initiative) and has contributed to focus groups for prominent U.S. charging networks. Birkett is a father-of-two who loves nothing more than packing up the family and hitting the road in their latest electric car, which is currently a 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5. With multiple Chevy Bolts in his past, as well as a Chevy Volt and Tesla Model 3 LR in the extended family, plus various EV rentals when he ventures back home to his native United Kingdom, Birkett has more than 100,000 all-electric miles under his belt and is always ready to try out a new electric vehicle. For press inquiries, contact

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Best Electric & Hybrid Car Finance Deals [May 2024 Edition]

Best EV & Hybrid Finance Deals

Navigating EV, hybrid, and plug-in finance options can be complex, but we're here to simplify it for you. We've discovered the best finance deals for these fuel-efficent vehicles, including 0% APR and low-interest options, to ensure a hassle-free purchase. Our selection of top finance deals in the EV,…

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Best Electric & Hybrid Car Deals For May 2024

Best Overall Electric & Hybrid Car Deals

Are you in the market for a new car? Whether you're interested in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, or plug-in hybrids, we've got you covered. We've scoured the market to bring you the best overall car deals on these eco-friendly options. Our goal is to help you discover the top deals in the world of EVs,…

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Best Electric & Hybrid Car Lease Deals [May 2024 Edition]

Best EV & Hybrid Lease Deals

In our search for the best lease deals on electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, and plug-in hybrids, we meticulously explored each car brand's official website. We focused on finding lease offers with the lowest monthly payments and smallest initial payments, particularly compared to the MSRP. We are determined…

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Longest Range Electric Cars: Which Has the Best Range? [2024 Picks]

Longest Range EV

Over the past decade, battery technology has advanced rapidly enough that the longest range electric cars now top 500 miles on a single charge, while 300 miles is considered a baseline for many more. Commutes for most Americans only cover around 30-40 miles per day, something that many mid-priced EVs will…

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Best Electric Trucks: Most Promising Models on the Horizon

Best EV Trucks

Until recently, electric pickup trucks were more of a dream than a reality. While the best electric trucks promised unthinkable power and futuristic specs, most of them firmly occupied the concept category much more than the production-ready vehicles that the EV world is crying out for. The question of what…

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EV Range Guide: How Far Can You Go?

EV Ranges Featured

“I would get one of those electric cars, but I’d be worried it would run out of charge in the middle of the road!” This is probably something you’ve heard from a friend or family member at some point regarding electric vehicles. But is this hesitation based on reality? In a way, yes. An all-electric…

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EV Pricing Guide: How Much Do They Cost?

EV Pricing Guide Featured

With out-the-door car pricing up across the board and showing little sign of slowing down, an EV may seem financially less attainable than ever. But just how much does an EV actually cost? The price for an EV in 2024 ranges from $30,000 to $100,00, according to U.S. News, with an average price of $50,683,…

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52 Interesting Electric Vehicle Statistics & Trends [Updated for 2024]

EV Stats and Trends

Curious about cool, eco-friendly vehicles? You're in the right place. Discover the most exciting facts about buying electric cars this year. Learn about the latest trends, buyer preferences, and why electric cars are increasingly popular. Thinking about an electric car? Our clear, easy-to-understand stats…

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113 Interesting Car Buying Statistics & Trends [Updated for 2024]

Car Buying Stats and Trends

We've put together a list of the most important and interesting stats about buying cars in 2024. You'll discover the latest car trends, including popular electric vehicles and features that buyers want most. This guide is full of essential numbers and facts to keep you informed about car buying. These stats…

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Ford Celebrates Record Sales by Doubling F150 Lightning Incentives

On the back of a record sales month for Ford's electric truck, up 113% MOM in November, the Blue Oval wants to end 2023 on a high with additional F150 Lightning incentives. Matching the potential federal tax credit with another $7,500 in Retail Customer Cash on certain Lightning trims demonstrates how hard…

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