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Chris is Head of Content for FindTheBestCarPrice and is based out of Philadelphia, PA. As a seasoned automotive industry analyst and car enthusiast, he ensures the highest level of quality across all our content and curates our picks for the best deals each month. Chris studied information systems and marketing at Drexel University and writes about a wide range of topics ranging from car buying tips to troubleshooting common mechanical issues. When he’s not thinking about cars, he likes to stay in with his dog and make an “attempt” to finish a crossword puzzle (he’s not quite at the Saturday/Sunday level…yet). As a former cheesemonger, Chris still has a “sharp” passion for all things cheese, and his fridge is always loaded with it! Chris also has a passion for things that go fast, and drones are no exception. He spends some of his time writing for Dronesourced.

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Ford vs Subaru: Which is More Reliable?

Ford vs Subaru Reliability

Ford and Subaru are amazing car brands. You can always rely on Ford engines to deliver impressive power, but Subaru's relentless capacity and ability to conquer harsh conditions are features worth considering. Subaru's standard all-wheel drive, which offers excellent traction and superb engineering…

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How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Nebraska

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Nebraska

A rebuilt title means that a previously totaled car has been sufficiently repaired and is now suitable for road use. In Nebraska, the rebuilt title is also called the previously salvaged title. You need the rebuilt title to operate the vehicle on public roads. To get a rebuilt title in Nebraska: first, you…

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How To Get a Salvage and Rebuilt Title in Montana

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Montana

If the cost of repairing a wrecked vehicle exceeds its worth, it is dispatched to the salvage yard. Then, the insurance company declares it as a loss and compensates the policyholder for their damages. In certain instances, a totaled car can be restored and obtain a rebuilt title for legal operation in…

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How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Missouri

You can use your total loss vehicle in Missouri instead of letting it go to waste. By getting a rebuilt title, your car can be redeemed after being involved in an accident. To get a rebuilt title in Missouri: you must conduct repairs pass an inspection pay for re-titling to convert your salvage car into…

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How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Mississippi

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Mississippi

A rebuilt title verifies that a previously deemed total loss vehicle, declared by an insurance company, has undergone repairs and is now deemed roadworthy. To get a rebuilt title in Mississippi, first apply for a salvage title. After restoring the salvaged vehicle to its original state, apply for a rebuilt…

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How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

In Minnesota, if your vehicle is deemed a total loss and you want to retain it, you must get a rebuilt title. A rebuilt title assures the state that a vehicle has undergone repairs to meet specific standards, even after an insurance company has declared it a total loss. These vehicles are now deemed safe…

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How To Transfer a Car Title in Hawaii

How to Transfer Car Title in Hawaii

. A vehicle title transfer in Hawaii is mandatory when a vehicle changes ownership between legal owners. The buyer and seller must follow specific procedures to transfer the Hawaii vehicle title. Complying with state law is crucial, as non-compliance may result in penalties. Let’s talk about transferring a…

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How To Transfer a Car Title in Georgia

How to Transfer Car Title in Georgia

Proof of ownership must be provided whenever you buy or sell a vehicle.  Fortunately, the title transfer process in Georgia is straightforward. In Georgia, vehicle buyers can complete the title transfer process online with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) or at a County Tag office. Georgia law…

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How To Transfer a Car Title in Delaware

How to Transfer Car Title in Delaware

When purchasing a car, the title must be transferred from the seller's name to the buyer. The same holds for gifting a car or inheriting one from a relative. Let’s discuss how to transfer a car title in Delaware either as a buyer or a seller. Key Takeaways You must transfer a title within 30…

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How To Transfer a Car Title in Connecticut

How to Transfer Car Title in Connecticut

When buying or selling a car privately, you must transfer the title. To transfer a vehicle title in Connecticut, you need: The original title signed by the seller and buyer The completed application form Bill of sale Proof of auto insurance Proof of identification Let’s look the details of how to transfer…

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