How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

In Minnesota, if your vehicle is deemed a total loss and you want to retain it, you must get a rebuilt title.

A rebuilt title assures the state that a vehicle has undergone repairs to meet specific standards, even after an insurance company has declared it a total loss. These vehicles are now deemed safe to drive and are legally permitted to be on the road.

Let’s cover everything you need to know about how to get a rebuilt title in Minnesota.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

To get a rebuilt title in Minnesota, the vehicle must first be a salvaged car, then undergo a mandatory inspection to prevent fraud and theft.

Once the inspection is finished and deemed successful, you must gather the application documents, including the passed vehicle inspection report, and submit them to a Deputy Registrar's office.

You'll also need to pay a salvage inspection fee of $35 and a filing fee of $10.

Getting a Savage Title in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a salvage title is necessary, for a salvage title is required if an insurance company takes possession of a damaged vehicle after settling a total loss claim.

Also, a salvage title must be obtained if a vehicle's owner is self-insured and sustains damage exceeding 80 percent of its value.

Lastly, a vehicle with an out-of-state salvage title must be converted to a salvage title in Minnesota.

These requirements ensure that damaged vehicles are adequately documented and identified to protect consumers and maintain transparency in the market.

Yet, for you to get a salvage title in Minnesota, your vehicle must fall under the following categories:

  1. Late-model automobiles that are no more than six years old.
  2. High-value vehicles, encompassing cars with a pre-damage value exceeding $9,000 or those weighing over 26,000 lbs.

Once you have acquired a salvage title, you proceed with the rebuilt title process.

Salvaged Car Inspection in Minnesota

If you wish to get a rebuilt title in Minnesota, you must repair or reconstruct the salvage car, and then it will have to pass inspection to be deemed roadworthy.

The person responsible for the car's repairs needs to complete the Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly (Form PS2015A).

Subsequently, you will be required to present it during the inspection process to clear the salvage status of your vehicle.

Once your car has been reconstructed to meet the necessary safety and legal standards, an Inspection specialist from the Driver and Vehicle Services will examine the car to check for theft or sign of fraud.

You can locate the nearest inspector by referring to the Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly (Form PS2015A). Schedule an appointment in advance to streamline the process.

Before leaving for your inspection appointment, ensure that you have the following items prepared:

  1. The salvage title of your car.
  2. The fully completed Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly (Form PS2015A).
  3. Original bills of sale, receipts, and invoices for the parts used in the reconstruction. Each document should be printed on official letterhead.
  4. The inspection fee of $35.

After successfully passing the inspection, the inspector will provide you with an inspection report.

It is crucial to keep this document safe, as it will be necessary for the re-titling process of your car.

Before leaving the inspection station, you can inquire with an agent about the requirement for a safety inspection of your vehicle.

Documents Needed To Apply for a Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

Now that your vehicle has successfully passed the salvage inspection, it is time to proceed with the rebuilt title and registration process at your local MN DVS office.

To accomplish this, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  1. The salvage title of your vehicle.
  2. A completed Application to Title/Reg. a Vehicle (Form PS2000). Note that this form can become intricate during the re-titling process. If necessary, seek guidance from a DVS representative to ensure accurate completion.
  3. Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly (Form PS2015A). Remember, this form should have been completed by the individual who conducted the repairs on your vehicle.
  4. Original bills of sale, receipts, and invoices printed on official letterhead. These documents should provide detailed information about all the parts used to reconstruct your car.
  5. Your vehicle inspection report.
  6. Payment of the $10 filing fee.

Once all the provided documentation has been thoroughly reviewed and verified, the MN Driver and Vehicle Services will issue your new title and registration, completing the re-titling and registration process.

The salvage status on the vehicle's title will be replaced with a "prior salvage" brand, signifying its previous salvage history. This process ensures transparency and provides valuable information to future buyers.

Vehicle Inspections for a Rebuilt Title and Finding a Qualified Inspector

A comprehensive inspection of the rebuilt vehicle is crucial to get a rebuilt title in Minnesota.

This inspection ensures that the vehicle meets the necessary safety and roadworthiness standards.

The Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) lists its Inspection Specialists nationwide.

You can refer to the Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly form (Form PS2015A) to find the nearest inspector and schedule an appointment.

Importance of Getting a Rebuilt Title in Minnesota

A rebuilt title is a prerequisite to operating your vehicle on the road. Moreover, rebuilt titles enhance the marketability of cars, rendering them more appealing to potential buyers.

While there is a remote possibility of encountering a passionate car enthusiast seeking to restore a salvaged vehicle or an unknowing individual oblivious to the implications, such situations are rare.

Also, rebuilt titles, while not eradicating the car's historical record, signify that the vehicle has undergone necessary measures to comply with specific standards, ensuring its safety and suitability for driving.

Restrictions or Considerations When Buying a Car With a Rebuilt Title

Purchasing a car with a rebuilt title requires careful consideration. It is advisable to thoroughly inspect the vehicle by a qualified mechanic and obtain a comprehensive vehicle history report.

Additionally, insurance companies may have specific guidelines or limitations for insuring cars with rebuilt titles.

Cost of Minnesota Rebuilt Titles

During the application process for a Minnesota car salvage title, vehicle owners will encounter certain financial obligations regarding titling costs. Generally, the state's DVS imposes a filing fee of $10 and a standard title fee of $8.25.

On the other hand, if you desire to obtain a rebuilt title, you will be subject to additional expenses.

These may include a $35 vehicle inspection fee to ensure adherence to safety standards.

Additional registration fees will be applicable if you decide to re-register your vehicle upon completing the re-titling procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my vehicle with a salvage title while applying for a rebuilt title?

Driving a vehicle with a salvage title on public roadways is generally illegal. Once your vehicle is repaired and ready for inspection, you should refrain from driving it until you have obtained the rebuilt title.

How long does it take to get a rebuilt title in Minnesota?

The timeframe for obtaining a rebuilt title in Minnesota can vary significantly depending on factors such as the repair process and scheduling of the required inspection.

Is it possible to register a vehicle with a salvage title in Minnesota?

No, a salvage vehicle cannot be registered or legally driven on the roads in Minnesota unless it successfully passes a salvage inspection.

Can a salvage car be insured in Minnesota?

No, obtaining insurance for a car with a salvage title in Minnesota is impossible. Salvage vehicles are considered total losses and are deemed unfit for legal driving. Therefore, legitimate car insurance companies do not provide coverage for them.

Can I retain a totaled car in Minnesota?

The ability to repurchase a totaled vehicle depends on the insurance company's decision. Once the insurance company compensates you for the vehicle's fair market value, they become the owner and can choose whether or not to sell it back to you.