How To Transfer a Car Title in Georgia

How to Transfer Car Title in Georgia

Proof of ownership must be provided whenever you buy or sell a vehicle. This is usually done by exchanging the title during the transaction. Fortunately, the title transfer process in Georgia is straightforward.

In Georgia, vehicle buyers can complete the title transfer process online with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) or at a County Tag office.

It is essential to note that Georgia law mandates completing the title transfer process within 30 days of the change of ownership or residency. Otherwise, a penalty fee will be charged.

Read on as we delve into how to transfer a car title in Georgia and all its peculiarities.

Documents Needed for Car Title Transfer in Georgia

Provide the following paperwork if the car is registered in Georgia:

  • A valid Georgia Driver's License or ID card.
  • Evidence of ownership.
  • The original title is adequately completed, with the odometer disclosure signed to indicate agreement with the odometer reading.
  • If the title is unavailable, an MSO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin).
  • Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application can be printed at home or at the County Tag Office and signed. Make sure the lien release or security interest is NOT listed.
  • Proof of insurance displaying liability coverage or submitted directly by the insurance provider to the Department's database.
  • An Emission Inspection Certificate, if applicable.
  • The lienholder's name and address if the automobile is financed.
  • Payment of all fees and taxes due. Please note: Cars from 1985 or earlier do not require a title but a Bill of Sale. When transferring the title from another state, you will also need the following:
    • The original out-of-state title, replacement title, or duplicate title.
    • Registration certification from the non-title state/county must be assigned to you using your full name.
  • Form T-22B Certification of Inspection. You will provide the following information:
    • License plate number.
    • VIN.
    • Vehicle make.
    • Vehicle Model.

The title transfer fee in Georgia is $18, and a $20 license plate fee may also be required. Once the documents have been submitted, a new title should be received within 7 to 10 days.

How To Transfer Car Title in Georgia

To obtain a title and license plate for your vehicle, you must provide the following information at your County Tag Office:

  1. A completed and signed MV-1 Title/Tag Application, which can be initiated online beforehand to save time.
  2. The lienholder or security interest holder's name and address must be entered in the relevant fields if your vehicle is financed.
  3. An Emission Inspection Certificate must be presented, if applicable.
  4. An original valid title must be provided, with any recorded liens and security interests released adequately in the spaces provided on the title.
  5. Georgia liability insurance, reported by the insurance company and recorded with the Department, is also required.
  6. Payment of all fees and taxes, including a $20 license plate fee, an $18 title fee, and a Title Ad Valorem Tax, is essential. Any outstanding penalties must also be settled.

It is imperative to note that any individual owning a vehicle in Georgia, except for a licensed dealer, must procure a title in their name for the automobile before transferring ownership, provided that the vehicle necessitates a Georgia title.

To transfer the license plate, both vehicles, i.e., the previously owned and newly acquired vehicles, must require the same category license plate.

How To Transfer Car Ownership Without a Title in Georgia

It is illegal to transfer car ownership in Georgia without a title. In the event of a lost, damaged, or stolen vehicle title in Georgia, it is mandatory to request a duplicate title using the MV-1 form. To successfully obtain a duplicate title, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Complete the Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1) by excluding any lien release or security interest information.
  2. If your lien has been satisfied, submit a lien release form (Form T-4) for each lien holder. Please note that if you neglected to apply for a clear vehicle title after satisfying the lien, the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) will still have the lien recorded on your vehicle title.
  3. Provide proof of identification, which can be demonstrated through a valid Georgia driver's license or photo ID card.
  4. Surrender the mutilated vehicle title, if applicable.
  5. Ensure the Georgia replacement title fee is paid, which amounts to $8.

To prevent potential delays or penalties, it is crucial to have all the requisite documentation and payment ready, fulfilling the obligations set forth by the Georgia DOR.

How To Transfer Car Title in Georgia If You Have an Out-of-State Title

When transitioning your residency from one state to Georgia, it is necessary to undertake specific procedures to transfer your out-of-state vehicle title.

To successfully conclude the transfer of your vehicle's certificate of title when relocating to Georgia, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Ensure your vehicle undergoes emissions testing if mandated.
  2. Visit your local Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) office.
  3. Submit the requisite out-of-state documents, including the vehicle title and registration.
  4. Provide evidence of a valid Georgia auto insurance policy, VIN verification, and the vehicle's odometer reading.
  5. Fulfill the applicable fees for the vehicle title transfer and any associated costs.

By adhering to these steps, you can effectively facilitate the transfer of your out-of-state vehicle title and comply with Georgia's requirements.

How To Transfer Car Title in Georgia If the Owner Is Dead

After the demise of a vehicle owner, it becomes imperative to transfer the vehicle's title if you, as a beneficiary, intend to retain, gift, or sell the vehicle.

As a beneficiary, joint owner, or surviving spouse, you possess the legal duty and authority to effectuate the deceased individual's vehicle title transfer.

The course of action for transferring the vehicle title is contingent upon whether the title was held solely by the deceased as an individual or in joint ownership.

If the vehicle title solely bears the deceased's name, it becomes essential to ascertain if the estate is undergoing probate.

The probate process is initiated when no beneficiary or living spouse is specified in the will.

The Probate Court then determines the appropriate course of action regarding the deceased individual's assets.

Throughout the probate proceedings, the distribution of the deceased individual's property is executed per their last will.

How To Transfer Car Title in Georgia After a Lease Buyout

In Georgia, it is mandatory to transfer the title of a vehicle following a lease buyout. To ensure a smooth transfer process, you must gather the following documents:

  1. A bill of sale issued by the leasing company should include the sales tax amount collected for the buyout option.
  2. An accurately completed odometer statement from the leasing company.
  3. Fill out the Application for Registration and Title (Form MV-1).
  4. Provide proof of a valid GA auto insurance policy.
  5. Present valid identification documents.

If you possess a letter of authorization from the leasing company, it enables the transfer of registration equity and license plates to you from the leasing company.

Georgia Car Title Fees, Fines, and Penalties

The original title application fee costs $18. If a vehicle requires a Georgia title, owners must apply for a title at the buyer's County Tag Office within 30 days from the purchase or transfer date.

An $18 fee applies for a title change of ownership or lien/security interest added or deleted, and the original title must be provided.

The license plate registration or renewal fee is $20 for a regular passenger car or lightweight pick-up truck. For other vehicles, the fee varies according to the Motor Vehicle (MV) schedule.

The replacement title fee is $8 when lost or stolen, and the replacement title will have a brand showing that it is a replacement title. When a title is lost in the mail, the replacement title must be applied for within 60 days of the issue date of the lost title, and a completed and signed Form T-216 Report of a Lost Title in the mail must be submitted.

How To Complete Georgia Title Transfer Forms

To successfully navigate the vehicle title process in Georgia, it is crucial to complete the necessary title and title transfer forms diligently.

Initially, you must fill out and sign the GA vehicle title application (Form MV-1), ensuring to provide accurate information and, if applicable, details of the lien holder or security interest holder. It is also essential to furnish an emission inspection certificate if required.

Obtaining the original valid vehicle title, properly assigned to you, is mandatory. Additionally, securing a valid GA auto insurance policy is a prerequisite.

To fulfill all obligations, it is essential to pay the requisite fees and taxes, including the $20 license plate fee, $18 vehicle title fee, Title Ad Valorem Tax, and any other applicable charges.

Transferring the ownership of a vehicle title necessitates that the title is in your name.

Within 30 days of the purchase or transfer, you must register your vehicle, obtain a license plate, or transfer your existing Georgia license plate from a vehicle you no longer possess to a different vehicle.