How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Missouri

You can use your total loss vehicle in Missouri instead of letting it go to waste. By getting a rebuilt title, your car can be redeemed after being involved in an accident.

In Missouri, you must conduct repairs, pass an inspection, and pay for re-titling to convert your salvage car into a rebuilt title vehicle.

A rebuilt title confirms that a car once deemed a total loss and previously written off by insurance has now been repaired and is safe to drive on public roads.

Let’s look at everything you need to know about how to get a rebuilt title in Missouri!

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

Your vehicle must possess a salvage title to get a Missouri rebuilt title from the Department of Revenue.

It must have been diligently restored to a safe operational condition after being declared non-operable in a total loss claim.

Also, you must gather relevant documents and submit them to the Missouri Motor Vehicle Bureau and pay the title fee of $8.50 and a processing fee of $2.50.

Getting a Salvage Title in Missouri

If you want to retain your totaled car as part of a partial settlement, you must apply for the appropriate title in Missouri.

The specific requirements outlined by the Department of Revenue for obtaining a title for a total loss vehicle hinge upon whether the vehicle is deemed operable or non-operable.

In that case, you must apply for a Missouri salvage title by submitting the following documents at your local DOR agency:

  1. Your insurance provider must fill out a Notice of Vehicle Titling Requirements form (Form 5043).
  2. Application for Missouri Title and License form (Form DOR-108).
  3. An original certificate of title.
  4. A notarized lien release, if applicable.
  5. Payment for the required fees includes an $8.50 title fee (with an additional $5 for expedited processing) and a $6 processing fee.

After completing these steps, you will receive the salvage title. You can now repair the vehicle to a functional state and apply for a rebuilt title.

Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements in Missouri

To apply for a salvage title, your vehicle must be deemed ‘salvaged”. The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) defines a salvaged car as a total loss. Such a classification applies to vehicles that meet the following criteria:

  1. The car was less than 7 model years old at the time of the incurred damage. AND
  2. The extent of damage is significant enough that the cost of repairs exceeds 80% of the car's fair market value.

Once these qualifications have been certified by your insurance provider, you will be faced with whether to retain ownership of the salvage vehicle.

If you choose to pursue a salvage title in Missouri, you must first meet specific eligibility requirements.

One crucial criterion is being the legal owner of a motor vehicle officially declared salvaged or a total loss.

Salvaged Cars Inspection in Missouri

Before applying for a rebuilt title in Missouri, the state must inspect your salvage car, irrespective of any repairs you may have undertaken.

To apply for inspection, you must obtain a Vehicle Examination Certificate (Form DOR-551), which requires payment of $25 and a $6 processing fee.

This payment can be made by check or money order, payable to the "Department of Revenue." There are two options available for acquiring the certificate:

  1. An in-person visit to your local DOR licensing office. OR
  2. Submission via mail, accompanied by a written request, to the following address: Motor Vehicle Bureau P.O. Box 100 Jefferson City, MO 65105

Once you have the form, you must visit one of Missouri's authorized salvage examination sites to undergo the inspection.

The Department of Revenue strongly advises scheduling the examination at least four weeks in advance to ensure ample time for preparation.

Upon inspection completion, the inspector will provide you with a filled Vehicle Examination Certificate (Form DOR-551).

It is crucial to ensure the safekeeping of this certificate as it will be required for obtaining your rebuilt title.

The Required Documents To Get a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

To apply for a rebuilt salvage title in Missouri, you are required to submit the following documents:

  1. A completed Application for Missouri Title and License form (Form DOR-108).
  2. Notice of Vehicle Titling Requirements form (Form 5043):  Your insurance carrier must complete this form if you are exempt from acquiring a salvage title because your insurance company classifies your car as operable in a total loss claim.
  3. You need to provide the current proof of ownership based on the following scenarios:
    • For rebuilt salvage vehicles: A salvage title.
    • For cars determined as operable in a total loss claim: A regular certificate of title.
  1. Vehicle Examination Certificate form (Form DOR-551) that is no more than 6 months old from the day of inspection.
  2. Bill of sale indicating the purchase price.
  3. Applicable fees: Payment must be made for the rebuilt title fee ($8.50) and the title processing fee ($6). Also, all applicable taxes on the vehicle's purchase price and replacement parts must be paid. It is recommended to consult an agent at your local DOR office for specific tax details.
  4. If the vehicle has undergone rebuilding or repairs, the following additional items are required:
    • Notarized bills of sale and copies of vehicle titles for all major part replacements.
    • Invoices, receipts, and bills of sale for all essential parts used as replacements.

You can submit the items mentioned earlier in person at your local DOR office or via mail to the Special Titling Unit at the Motor Vehicle Bureau, P.O. Box 2076, Jefferson City, MO 65105.

Insuring a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

If you're seeking insurance for a car with a rebuilt title, you will probably have to pay a higher insurance premium than a vehicle that hasn't been salvaged and rebuilt. This is partly due to the limited number of insurance companies offering rebuilt title vehicle coverage.

While it is possible to insure an automobile with a rebuilt title, it is essential to note that insurance coverage and premiums may differ from those of vehicles with clean titles.

It is recommended to contact insurance providers to inquire about specific policies and coverage options for vehicles with rebuilt titles.

Inspection Requirements for Obtaining a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

Yes, vehicles seeking a rebuilt title in Missouri must undergo a comprehensive inspection by authorized examiners.

This inspection ensures that the vehicle meets safety standards, including structural integrity, mechanical functionality, and compliance with state regulations.

Costs for a Rebuilt Title in Missouri

Along with the completed application form for title and license, vehicle owners must pay for both the title fee and the processing fee. The title fee is $8.50, while the processing fee is $2.50.

In addition to these fees that contribute to the overall salvage title value, vehicle owners may also find it necessary to pay an additional $5 quick title fee if they wish to expedite the issuance of their document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive a vehicle with a salvage title while applying for a rebuilt title in Missouri?

In Missouri, driving a vehicle with a salvage title is permitted for repair, inspection, and obtaining a rebuilt title. However, it is essential to comply with any restrictions or guidelines provided by insurance and local authorities.

Can I sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Missouri?

Yes, a vehicle with a rebuilt title can be sold. However, disclosing the rebuilt title status to potential buyers is essential, as it may affect the vehicle's value and insurance coverage.

Can I convert a salvage title to a rebuilt title if the repairs were completed before moving to Missouri?

Yes, Missouri allows converting salvage titles to rebuilt titles if the repairs were performed before the vehicle arrived.

How long does it take to process a rebuilt title car application in Missouri?

The duration can vary. The overall processing time depends on the time to complete the required repairs on your salvage title vehicle, ranging from a few days to several months.