Is Alfa Romeo Reliable?

Alfa Romeo Reliability

It has always been a mixed bag for Alfa Romeo. Sometimes, you get some good cars in their lineup, the other time, you have cars with nothing to write home about. But, on an overall scale, is Alfa Romeo reliable? Nobody will want to waste money on a car that wouldn’t last long, only to give you many problems to deal with.

The truth is that Alfa Romeo is a fairly reliable brand. The Alfa Romeo brand produces some cool and reliable cars, as seen with the Giulia. However, with their bad reputation and trail of problematic cars, it will take many efforts to build back the trust of users.

Some of the newer Alfa Romeos have great driving dynamics, offering an amazing experience and comfort. These cars are also good-looking. The Alfa Romeo has an average safety rating.

Alfa Romeos are not the type of cars you can have full assurance on always to deliver. You take the risk and hope that they are dependable.

Read on to understand more about Alfa Romeo’s reliability and why we consider them fairly reliable.

Is Alfa Romeos Reliable?

Alfa Romeos are fairly reliable cars. We won’t be quick to rule them out as unreliable cars. Alfa Romeos are not specifically “good” cars. This greatly depends on your definition of a good car.

The Alfa Romeo brand has a poor dependability score on JD Power. They are rated three cars before the most undependable car brand, with 245 problems per 100 cars. The safety rating of Alfa Romeo is also within average.

On a scary note, Alfa Romeos were so unreliable that a user with a 2017 Giulia reported that the car caught fire and almost burned down his house.

It is often believed that most people still buy Alfa Romeo cars because they are “long-time users.” Like someone in an abusive relationship, they’ve grown to see some of the recurring issues in those cars as normal issues that a new car owner cannot deal with.

While there are a lot of bad reports about the Alfa Romeo, their reliability varies according to the different models. For instance, in 2019, the Alfa Romeo Giulia ranked 3rd out of 100 cars with an overall score of 89.84 percent, putting the brand in the 9th position out of 30 car brands.

This was unlike in 2022 when Romeo Stelvio had a perceived reliability of 1/5.

Alfa Romeo hasn’t maintained a consistent position with reliability. In 2021, they were ranked 29th, same scores in 2022 dependability scores. Consumer reports placed the brand in the 28th position, which is way below average.

Some of the reasons why Alfa Romeo keeps having failing reliability is because of the numerous problems that their cars come with, from blown head gaskets to axle and suspension issues. The safety ratings of Alfa Romeos are also not excellent. They are not just good enough to keep you going.

Why Alfa Romeos are Considered Fairly Reliable

1. Safety and Technology

You’re probably wondering, Is Alfa Romeo safe? Alfa Romeos are not the type of cars that have excellent safety ratings.

They are just good; in most cases, there are multiple scenarios of failed safe systems. Sometimes, you have to battle with a handbrake that failed all of a sudden, or you might crash into another car because your ABS failed.

The technology and software on Alfa Romeo cars are also prone to glitches. You are battling random problems with the Parksense or falling blind spot monitor. It is sad to know that most Alfa cars in 2019-1019 didn’t have CarPlay and android auto. This is a major setback in its designs and technology.

However, you will enjoy a better sense of safety on the newer Alfa Romeo models. Alfa Romeo has had many recalls, ranging from issues like fuel line sensor housing cracks and leaks to rumors of failed front-side and rear crash tests.

The new 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia saw an improvement in safety ratings. “Good” ratings in crashworthiness, headlights, front crash prevention, vehicle-to-vehicle, and a marginal rating for child supports and seat belts.

2. Durability

Alfa Romeos are not superbly durable cars. Although maintenance and driving conditions play a great role in the durability of a car, Alfa Romeos are not the type of cars you should expect to last up to 250,000 miles and remain in good shape.

As a matter of fact, the Reliability Index pegs the average lifespan of Alfa Romeo at 4.9 years, with a meager 54,857 miles on them.

From personal experience, Alfa Romeo has low standards for durability. These cars can go up from 30,000 to 40,000 and then break down. From leaving you stranded in the middle of the road to posing risks to your safety, the durability of an Alfa Romeo can’t be trusted.

The Alfa Romeo brand didn’t do well to cushion the effect; these cars come with petty 4-year warranty coverage. This is less than what is offered by most car brands.

3. Repair and Maintenance Cost

Alfa Romeos are not cheap to maintain; they are expensive. The high maintenance cost of Alfa Romeo goes beyond their unreliability, but also the expensive nature of their parts and components.

Alfas are very cheap cars, affordable, but the overhead cost of ownership is not something an average car owner will want to deal with.

Every single thing on an Alfa Romeo costs money; even the cost of a single spark plug goes up to $100. These cars can become so expensive to maintain that they become your greatest nightmare.

The parts are expensive, servicing is expensive, and there’s a continual need to always take the car to a repair shop.

4. Problematic

This is one of the major reasons why Alfa Romeo is considered an unreliable car brand. These cars are very problematic.

The Reliability Index gives Alfa Romeo a reliability score of 214. This is a very low score compared to the average score of 118 for UK cars. The poor reliability ratings for Alfa Romeo across different survey sites are due to the numerous problems that their cars have.

Alfa Romeo engines are good and fast, with quick acceleration and impressive handling, but they are unreliable. This is worse with the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Sometimes, the problem goes beyond just the engines but also the mode selectors. This can lock up the car’s suspension, leaving you stranded until you tow it to a dealer’s shop.

From coolant leaks, axle and suspension problems, brake failure, and airbag issues down to problems with the fuel system, there are many reasons to run away from an Alfa Romeo car.

5. Design

Alfa Romeo has been in the racing industry for a long time now. They have similar prestige with cars like Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. Irrespective of how bad these cars appear, there are still a few good things about them. They are comfortable and are a good definition of luxury and class.

There are many good-looking cars in Alfa’s lineup, so good that we wish their reliability matches their designs. Owning an Alfa Romeo is like living with a fiery Italian lady. You love her, she delivers when you need her, but you wouldn’t want to face her when she’s having a bad day.

Design and driving dynamics are some of the major reasons why people buy Alfa Romeos. These cars are good-looking, fun to drive, have great handling, and have impressive styling. These cars come with an impressive road grip. You get the aerodynamics, beauty, and brilliance.

The Romeo car brand maintains a standard design for all of its cars. It is easier to spot and identify an Alfa Romeo anywhere you see them.

6. Engine and Performance

The Alfa Romeo brand is primarily focused on driving dynamics and performance. You can check out the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio engine hitting a speed of up to 505hp and 443lb-ft torque.

No matter the Alfa Romeo car you choose, you are sure to enjoy an amazing driving experience. Considering the fact that Alfa Romeo is affiliated with and a subsidiary of Fiat, they still have to battle with the bad press associated with the brand. Many people still have the impression that all Fiat cars are made of junk.

Although there are improvements in the brand, there is a need to keep a consistent record of reliability. Gas mileage is not bad on Alfa Romeo cars, but you should ensure that you always use premium gas on them.

Alfa Romeo Reliability: PROS

  • Great Handling
  • Impressive Driving dynamics
  • Not-too-bad fuel economy

Alfa Romeo Reliability: CONS

  • Poor Resale Value
  • High Maintenance Cost
  • Some models are problematic
  • You might have to battle with rust or software glitches

What Problems Does Alfa Romeo Have?

Here are a few common problems that Alfa Romeo cars have:

  • Brake Issues
  • Axle and Suspension Problems
  • Airbag failure
  • Fuel system Issues
  • Rust, Cracks and Leaks
  • Engine Failure
  • Electrical problems

Are Alfa Romeos Good on Gas?

Alfa Romeos are good on gas. They are not so good compared to the gas mileage of the Toyota Corolla, but they are good enough to save you some money.

The gas mileage of Alfa Romeo cars varies according to their different models. You should expect up to 22/26 gas mileage on most Alfa Romeo cars.


Alfa Romeo is a high-performance Italian car brand, so the expectations the market has for these cars are understandable.

Most times, the reason why lots of people avoid Alfa Romeo cars only to settle for some boring German cars isn’t because of the reliability of Alfa’s, but the reputation that precedes them. You will find it hard to trust a brand that has multiple records of failures and breakdowns.

The Alfa Romeo boss has indicated that the brand is having a reset and upgrade with hopes of reaching Lexus’ reliability standard. This move will not only improve the reliability of these cars but also enhance their resale value.