Acura vs Mercedes: Which Is More Reliable?

Acura vs Mercedes Reliability

Mercedes is regarded as the king of luxury brands - the top-selling luxury brand in the US. We can't neglect how luxurious Mercedes cars look, the premium materials, and elegance. Does Acura stand a chance? Is Acura as good as Mercedes or better?

Well, the truth is, Acura does not only stand a chance against Mercedes Benz, but they are also better than Mercedes in terms of reliability.

There are a lot of reasons why Acura is more reliable than Mercedes. Acura presents more reliable features and options, making it a better brand that you can rely on. You are getting better safety ratings and higher reliability ratings. It is even cheaper and faster to fix an Acura than Mercedes.

You mustn't interpret this as the only good thing Mercedes Benz offers is its luxurious design. Here's a detailed guide to help you fully grasp Acura vs. Mercedes' reliability.

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: A Detailed Comparison

Precision-crafted performance, functional design, and spunky designs.
Sensual purity, classic, and elegant
Gas Mileage
Repair and Maintenance Cost
High Safety Ratings
High Safety Ratings
Acura cars can last up to 250,000 to 300,000 miles, with an average lifespan of 16 to 20 years.
Mercedes last up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles, with an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years.
Engine and Performance

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: Which Is Better?

Acura is a luxury brand owned by Honda, and there's no denying how good Honda products are. Mercedes Benz has carved a niche for itself in the luxury category, making it near impossible for any brand to beat its deliveries of premium cars.

However, you must understand that producing the most classy luxury vehicles doesn't mean that they are the most reliable. This is where Acura stands up to Mercedes.

Acura is better than Mercedes in terms of reliability. This is because the engineering design and structure of the Acura brand are structured to give you something that will last exceptionally long. According to RepairPal, you get a reliability rating of 4.0/5.0, ranking 2nd out of 32 car brands.

On the other hand, Mercedes Benz ranks 27th out of 32 car brands, with a rating of 3.0/5.0. Aside from the reliability ratings, there are a few areas and features that Acura beats Mercedes at, making it a more reliable option.

With Acura, you are getting longer warranty coverage. Acura offers a 4-year/50,000 miles bumper-to-bumper warranty, a 6-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty, and 4-year/50,000 miles.

Mercedes delivers something similar, a 4-year/50,000-mile roadside assistance and bumper-to-bumper warranty; however, it falls short on the powertrain warranty by presenting a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

Repair and maintenance cost is cheaper on Acura, so you are sure to get a lower overall cost of ownership on Acura than on Mercedes. Safety ratings are almost similar on both brands, and gas mileage varies depending on the model that you choose.

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: Design

Acura and Mercedes have very different design aesthetics, adopting design philosophies and elements to make their model unique and spectacular.

Mercedes Benz focuses on building vehicles that create fascination and distinctively define the brand identity. This is seen in the use of lines, style, and function - luxury, which sometimes becomes excessive.

Mercedes is the car brand that you need if you are a fan of advanced technology. However, it is important to inform you that these systems can become so complex that they become too difficult to fix.

Compared to Mercedes, Acura keeps it simple. You are getting sharp lines and aggressive styling but not as much defined luxury as Mercedes offers. The interiors of vehicles from both brands are cool.

Both vehicles have vehicles with heated seats - advanced seats that will massage your butt as you drive. This is beautiful, I must confess.

The use of high-quality materials, comfortable seating, and modern and high-tech integration is peculiar with Acura and Mercedes; however, Mercedes takes it a bit further by including more luxurious touches like wood trim and ambient lighting.

How reliable the designs of these car brands are, boils down to how you define design reliability. Acura is a better option if you prefer something sporty, a more modern look with systems that aren't complex.

But if you want to go all out on luxury and elegance without considering the complexity of the systems, then you can go for Mercedes.

Winner: Both

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: Engine and Performance

Both Acura and Mercedes offer a range of engines with different levels of power and performance. The level of reliability attained by both brands varies according to the different models that they offer.

This includes the gas mileage and engine power from both brands. For instance, the 2023 Acura MDX falls behind the Mercedes Benz GLE in terms of gas mileage but beats the GLE with better engine performance.

You are getting 290hp on the 2023 Acura MDX and 255hp on the 2023 Mercedes Benz GLE, but the gas mileage of 19/25 mpg for city and highway driving. This is compared to the Mercedes GLE, which has 20/25 mpg.

The increased engine performance on the Acura is because it features a 3.5L V6 engine while Mercedes features a 2.0L I4 Turbo engine. This varies according to the different trim levels available on the model.

Whether you are going for a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged Acura engine or a 3.5-liter V6 engine, you are sure of getting engines that you can rely on.

Mercedes isn't lacking in terms of engine performance, strength, and reliability. For increased performance, you can opt for Mercedes-Benz AMG models. There are varying ranges of 4.0L V8 engines and six-cylinder engines. This assures you of impressive power and acceleration.

Aside from the reviews, to get a full understanding of the engine strength and performance reliability of Acura and Mercedes Benz, we will advance that you test-drive the particular model that you wish to buy.

Winner: Both

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: Gas Mileage

Just as the engine performance, the gas mileage of Acura vs. Mercedes is relative from both angles. Acura has vehicles with impressive gas mileage, just like Mercedes. In some instances, Acura beats Mercedes, and with some models, Mercedes wins.

For instance, the 2023 Acura MDX has a gas mileage of 19/26 MPG for city and highway rides, while the 2023 Mercedes GLE wins with 20/35 mpg.

However, the 2022 Mercedes Benz GLC falls behind the Acura RDX with a gas mileage of 22/27 mpg for city and highway compared to the Acura RDX, which has 22/28 mpg.

You must understand that the major differences in the fuel efficiency of Acura and Mercedes depend on the specific model that you choose.

Winner: Both 

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: Safety and Technology

Irrespective of the wide differences between Acura and Mercedes vehicles, they are quite similar in terms of the reliability of their safety features and their Tech offerings.

Both car brands have four vehicles earning the 2022 IIHS Top safety pick(+) award. The approach of Acura and Mercedes to technology and safety is almost similar, but the results are very reliable.

You are getting advanced safety and technology features from both brands, a wide range of driver-assist and infotainment technologies, and enough technology to keep you comfortable.

Acura makes use of the AcuraWatch system, and Mercedes is known for its PreSafe system. Both systems include a suite of safety features that range from collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, brake assist, blind spot assist, lane departure warning, and lots more.

There are also 360° camera systems and pedestrian detection systems.

The type of features that you will get from these car brands depends on the model that you choose. There are also slight variations in the trim levels of models from both brands.

For technology and infotainment, there's enough system to keep you comfortable and relaxed; navigation system, dual-screen infotainment, amazing audio systems, and lots more.

Winner: Both

Acura vs. Mercedes Reliability: Repair and Maintenance Cost

Irrespective of the fact that both brands are luxury brands, it is relatively cheaper to repair and maintain an Acura than a Mercedes. According to RepairPal, you have an average annual repair cost of $501 for Acura, but Mercedes gets $908.

With Mercedes, you have a 13% probability of severe damages and a 0.7 chance of visiting the repair shop, unlike Acura, which has only a 0.4 chance of visiting the repair shop and an 8% probability of severe damages.

The issues with Mercedes vs. Acura go beyond the repair and maintenance costs and the level of complexity involved.

There are a lot of factors that limit Mercedes' reliability, one of which is the complications and complexity involved in their systems. Because of its complexity, you will spend so much time and money trying to fix a Mercedes Benz.

The use of high-tech devices, advanced technology, and cutting-edge features are good features, no doubt, but they are also more prone to malfunctions and breakdowns.

Winner: Acura 


Acura is more reliable than Mercedes Benz. However, most times, the differences in the reliability of a car brand depend on how you define reliability.

Acura offers you a lower cost of ownership, coupled with the fact that you wouldn't battle with the complexity of Mercedes systems. But, the luxurious build quality of Mercedes makes it an enticing option. The choice is yours to make, depending on your needs and preferences.