What is the Square Footage for a 3-Car Garage?

Square Footage of 3 Car Garage

What’s the square footage for a 3-car garage?

The actual size will differ based on different factors; if you’re building one for yourself, you’d want to consider the size of your cars, available compound space, and whether you’d be using the garage for some other stuff. These factors may cause you to build a bigger or more compact garage.

But the commonly accepted square footage for a 3-car garage is from 20 ft by 30 ft to 30 ft by 60 ft, depending on how much space was assigned for the garage. For sure, you can decide to go with custom measurements for your own garage space.

Having a garage to park your cars is very important - one of the noteworthy advantages is the preservation of your car’s paint.

What Is the Square Footage for a 3-Car Garage?

Most houses already have 2-car or 3-car garage spaces, so when moving in, you don’t need to bother building a new garage.

But if your house doesn’t have such and you have about three cars, you could either buy a pre-fabricated 3-car garage or build one for yourself; either way, a standard 3-car garage takes up about 600 sq ft (20 ft length and 30 ft width).

Well, 600 sq ft is when you have small cars; if you have big trucks, vans, wagons, long sedans, or other big/long cars, you’d definitely need a wider or longer garage.

Thus, you could extend the length of up to 30 feet and the width of up to 60 feet. A standard garage should be big and have at least 2 ft of space in between the parked cars.

The 2 ft space will allow one to open any of the parked cars and get inside easily. If there’s not enough space between the cars and you open a door, that door could hit the one beside it. Naturally, this would cause the door to damage or have a visible scratch that dents the paint/finish.

Three-car garages have typical measurements ranging from 20 ft by 30 ft to 30 ft by 60 ft, measuring 600 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft. Building a 1,800-square-foot garage can comfortably contain another car, making it 4 cars in your garage. Some common factors to consider when building your own garage are explained below.

Factors To Consider When Building a Garage

If you’re moving into a house that has garage space already, there may not be a possibility of increasing the garage space - you just have to stick with whatever size it is.

But on the other hand, if you’re looking to build a garage for your cars, these relevant factors explained below would help you decide what could be the perfect square footage measurement.

Available Free Space

How much free space have you got in your compound? This is a major decision of how big or compact your garage would be. Also, the house layout may affect your chosen size, too.

Car Sizes

All cars are not built the same size; when you talk of height, length, and width. The size of your cars will determine the size of the garage you should have. If you have bigger cars, you’d need a wider garage. Similarly, a compact garage (20 ft by 30 ft) would contain up to three smaller vehicles if you have small cars.


You may want a bigger garage, but you would want to reconsider the size if your budget doesn’t have enough room. A bigger garage would cost you more money, so you may want to consider the smallest acceptable measure, 20 ft by 30 ft or 600 sq ft.

Other Purposes

You may want to add some features or a “store” in the garage for other purposes. If there are other things you’d want to be doing in the garage, you should consider these things.

What More?

A 3-car garage can be built bigger than the measurements mentioned in this article. But then, this article mentions the generally acceptable square footage for a 3-car garage. Most homeowners have 3-car garages of about 20 ft by 30 ft and 30 ft by 60 ft.

You should consider the abovementioned factors when deciding on the size you want for a new garage. Car garages can be bought (prefabricated ones) or built from scratch.