How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming

How to Transfer Car Title in Wyoming

Wyoming's system for monitoring vehicle ownership relies on the name on the car's title. The car title must be changed to the new owner if there's a change in ownership.

This requirement pertains to all forms of ownership transfers, including car purchases, sales, inheritances, and donations.

Despite this, transferring a car title in Wyoming is a straightforward process that entails just a few fundamental steps.

This article covers all the basic steps required to transfer your car title to Wyoming. So, keep reading to demystify the process.

What Does It Mean To Transfer a Car Title?

A title transfer is a judicial proceeding involving the transference of a vehicle's proprietorship to a different individual.

The car's title, a document that serves as evidence of ownership, is central to this procedure. When a car's title is transferred, the ownership is officially passed on to the new owner.

The seller must first sign the title to relinquish ownership of the vehicle. And then, the buyer can take the signed title to the DMV and obtain a new title and registration from the state.

Depending on the state's regulations, the transferee may also be responsible for filling out additional paperwork or supplying essential vehicle information like the odometer reading.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming When Buying From an Individual

If you plan to procure a vehicle from an individual, several steps must be taken to ensure a rightful transfer of the title into your name. These steps include:

  • Verifying that the seller has completed the back of the title, including the affidavit section that specifies the car's mileage, condition, and purchase price.
  • Ensuring that the seller has endorsed the title over to you.
  • Obtaining a lien release from the seller.
  • Collaborating with the seller to finalize a bill of sale.
  • Filling out an Application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection form.
  • Providing proof of the car's VIN inspection and your identity and residency in the state.

Presenting all this information, along with payment for title transfer, fees, and taxes, to the county clerk's office. It should be noted that each county has different costs.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming When Buying From a Dealership

Vehicle dealers in Wyoming can manage the titling and registration of your vehicle. However, if the dealer fails to complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf, you may visit your local WY county clerk and take care of the process independently.

If you choose to submit the paperwork by yourself, you must provide the following:

  1. The Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), which must include:
    • The date of sale.
    • The MSRP and actual purchase price.
    • Certification that the vehicle was new at the time of sale.
  1. Lien information (if relevant).
  2. An Application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection Form (Form MV-300A).
  3. Proof of identification and residency.
  4. Payment for vehicle titling fees (fees differ depending on the county).

How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming as a New Resident

As a newly arrived resident of Wyoming, it is obligatory to have your vehicle titled and registered in the state to operate it lawfully on Wyoming's highways and roads. You must take these documents to the local county office:

  1. Your out-of-state car title.
  2. An Application for Certificate of Title.
  3. Evidence of a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection (this examination can be conducted by a law enforcement officer. You have to pay the $10 fee.
  4. Verification of identity and Wyoming residency.
  5. Information about a lien holder or proof of lien release (if applicable).
  6. Payment for all applicable WY vehicle titling fees.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming If You're the Seller

In the process of selling your vehicle in Wyoming, the responsibility for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle primarily rests upon the buyer. However, as the seller, you are required to provide the buyer with either:

  • The correctly-assigned vehicle title that names them as the new owner, or
  • An Affidavit of Ownership (Form MV147) along with a notarized bill of sale (if a lien holder holds the car title) to explain the absence of the title.

Additionally, you must make a statement that includes information about any applicable liens, the odometer reading, and the vehicle's description (make, year, and model).

Finally, it would be best if you acknowledged the fines and penalties for providing false information.

How To Register a Car in Wyoming

Once you have transferred your title, the subsequent step is to complete your vehicle registration. While a title legally confirms your car ownership, registration proves that you can operate it on Wyoming's roads.

In Wyoming, the base registration fee is $30. If you drive an electric vehicle (EV), an additional fee of $50 will apply.

Comparable to title transfer fees, total registration fees in Wyoming differ depending on the county. Your registration must be renewed annually.

How To Procure a Duplicate Car Title in Wyoming

To obtain a replacement vehicle title in Wyoming, visit the county clerk that initially issued your vehicle title. Here are the documents needed:

  • An affidavit explaining the reason for the loss or damage of the vehicle title.
  • Your current vehicle registration, if available.
  • Proof of your identity and Wyoming residency.
  • The county clerk can obtain payment for the duplicate vehicle title fee.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming When You Have an Out-of-State Title

To successfully transfer a vehicle's title in Wyoming, some criteria must be met, which may vary depending on the ownership transfer. The requirements for completing a WY vehicle title transfer are:

  1. A properly signed-over vehicle title with the notarized signature of the original vehicle owner and an odometer disclosure statement.
  2. An Application for Certificate of Title (Form MV-300A).
  3. An odometer disclosure document (if the vehicle title certificate doesn't provide a specific section for this purpose).
  4. A lien release form (if applicable).
  5. A notarized bill of sale.
  6. A VIN inspection report (if required).
  7. Proof of identification such as a state-issued ID or driver's license.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Wyoming If It Is Inherited

To obtain a new vehicle title solely in your name as the heir to a vehicle, you need to visit your local Wyoming county clerk and provide the following documents:

  • The original death certificate of the vehicle owner.
  • The current car title.
  • An Application for Certificate of Title.
  • Proof of identity and Wyoming residency.
  • Payment for the new vehicle title fee.

Suppose you opt to vend the automobile instead of assuming the title. In that case, it is essential to adhere to the procedural guidelines listed in "How to transfer a car title in Wyoming if you're the seller" in Wyoming and furnish the purchaser with an attested duplicate of the death certificate.

Cost of Car Title Transfer in Wyoming

To effect a vehicle title transfer in Wyoming, the associated cost will depend on the specific type of transfer required. The applicable standard fees for vehicle title processing within WY are itemized below:

  • Simple vehicle title transfer: $15
  • Filing of a lien on the vehicle title: $20
  • VIN inspection (if deemed necessary): $10

It should be noted that the associated registration fees and sales tax for a given vehicle are contingent upon the vehicle's value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wyoming car title transfer, and when is it necessary?

A Wyoming car title transfer is a process of legally transferring the ownership of a vehicle from one person to another. It is necessary when you buy or sell a vehicle or inherit a vehicle.

What documents are required to transfer a car title in Wyoming?

To transfer a car title in Wyoming, you need a properly signed-over car title, an Application for Certificate of Title, a separate odometer disclosure document, a lien release form (if applicable), a notarized bill of sale, etc.

How much does it cost to transfer a car title in Wyoming?

The cost of transferring a car title in Wyoming depends on the type of transfer you need to initiate. The standard WY vehicle title fees are as follows: Simple WY vehicle title transfer: $15, File a lien on the vehicle title: $20, VIN inspection (if required): $10.

Can I transfer a car title in Wyoming without going to the DMV?

You can only transfer a car title in Wyoming if you go to the County Clerk's Office or the Department of Transportation to initiate the transfer process.

Can I transfer a car title online in Wyoming?

No, you cannot transfer a car title online in Wyoming. You must visit the County Clerk's Office or the Department of Transportation to initiate the transfer process.

What should I do if there's a mistake on the vehicle title during the transfer process?

If there is an error on the title during the transfer procedure, it is imperative to rectify it expeditiously. You must contact the County Clerk's Office issuing the title and provide precise details. They will advise you on the next steps to correct the mistake.