How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma

How to Transfer Car Title in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, a car, truck, or motorcycle is proven to be owned by presenting a title with the current owner’s name. The car title must be updated to reflect the new owner’s name if the vehicle gets sold or transferred to another owner.

This process of changing car ownership is known as a title transfer. Specific steps must be followed to transfer a car title in Oklahoma. The steps often vary depending on the situation and your involvement.

In this article, we will talk about how to transfer a car title in Oklahoma as a buyer or a seller, as an inheritance, or while gifting someone a car.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma If You’re Buying from the Dealership

To obtain a vehicle title for a dealership purchase in Oklahoma, follow these steps at your local OK MVD branch:

  1. Obtain the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO).
  2. Provide an odometer disclosure on the MCO or an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 729).
  3. Complete an Application for an Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (Form 701-6).
  4. Provide lien information if applicable.
  5. Show proof of a valid Oklahoma vehicle insurance policy.
  6. Pay all applicable Oklahoma vehicle titling fees.

Following these steps, you can obtain a vehicle title for a dealership purchase in Oklahoma.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma If You’re Buying from a Private Seller

If you’re procuring a vehicle from a private seller in Oklahoma, you’ll need to provide the following paperwork and payment(s) to request a vehicle title transfer:

  1. The current vehicle title certificate is assigned to you by the seller with their notarized signature.
  2. The current vehicle registration card.
  3. An Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Car.
  4. An odometer disclosure statement (only for vehicles model year 2011 or newer). The seller can fill out this information on the vehicle title or use a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 729).
  5. A valid proof of insurance policy for a vehicle in Oklahoma.
  6. Proof of a passed vehicle inspection is required if the vehicle was purchased from a different state.
  7. Lien release information (if applicable).
  8. The vehicle’s purchase price is indicated on the vehicle title certificate (Form 722-1).
  9. Payment for vehicle titling fees and any other relevant fees.

Ensuring you have all the necessary vehicle titling paperwork and fees is essential to prevent delays and penalties.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma If You’re Selling

To ensure that the procurer can transfer the title, private sellers in Oklahoma need to follow these additional steps:

  1. Complete the title entirely and have your signature notarized.
  2. Give the buyer the car’s current registration.
  3. Give the buyer a lien release.
  4. Ensure that the odometer reading is listed on the title.
  5. Include the car’s purchase price on the title.
  6. Notify the MVD of the vehicle’s sale and pay $10.

By following these steps, private sellers can ensure a smooth transfer of the car’s title to the buyer in Oklahoma.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma if it’s Inherited

The process for transferring vehicle titles of inherited vehicles in Oklahoma may vary depending on how the estate is distributed. Here are the steps to follow based on different scenarios:

  1. The vehicle was left to you in the owner’s will:
    • Probate the will before the transfer of ownership.
    • Provide the letters testamentary to the OK MVD.
    • Make the death certificate available.
    • Pay all the required car title transfer fees.
  1. If there is no will or claimant to the car:
    • You should present the death certificate to the local OK tag agent.
    • Follow the vehicle title transfer process, like buying an automobile from a private individual.
  1. If the deceased’s estate was valued under $50,000:
    • Contact your local Oklahoma tag agency for details on transferring vehicle ownership.
    • Submit a Small Estate Affidavit (Form 405), a death certificate, and an un-probated will naming you as the beneficiary of the vehicle.

Ensure you possess the required documents to avoid delays and penalties during the vehicle title transfer process.

How To Transfer a Car Title as a New Resident in Oklahoma

As a new resident, you must obtain a title for your vehicle from the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) within 30 days of relocating. Below are the steps to apply for an Oklahoma vehicle title:

  1. Provide your current out-of-state vehicle title certificate.
  2. Show proof of a passed vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection. You can physically inspect your vehicle’s VIN at your local Oklahoma licensing agency building.
  3. Complete an application form for the Oklahoma Certificate of Title (Form 701-6).
  4. Obtain proof of a valid Oklahoma insurance policy.
  5. Present proof of a lien release, if applicable.
  6. Pay all applicable vehicle titling fees.

All these documents and necessary payments must be submitted to your local OK tag agency.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma If You Have an Out-of-State Title

To successfully transfer the title of an out-of-state vehicle in Oklahoma, you must meet specific requirements. Here are the required documents for an out-of-state vehicle title transfer:

  • A completed Oklahoma vehicle registration application
  • Proof of identity which includes a valid driver’s license
  • The original out-of-state vehicle title
  • A completed certificate of ownership application
  • Proof of valid Oklahoma vehicle insurance policy
  • You should submit a request to release the vehicle title if there’s a lien on it. The MVD will receive the request. Additional information may also be necessary.

Ensure you have the necessary documents to avoid any delays or penalties.

How Much Does It Cost to Do a Title Transfer in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, there are various fees associated with transferring a vehicle title. The following are the standard titling fees:

  • A standard car title is $11
  • The car ownership transfer fee is $17
  • Certificate of ownership is $4
  • Notice of transfer filing fee is $10
  • The lien processing fee is $10 (if the lien holder is out of state is $13)
  • VIN inspection: $4
  • Insurance verification fee: $1.50
  • Duplicate vehicle title fee: $11

Excise tax must be paid based on the type of car and its purchase price:

  • New vehicles cost 3.25% of the purchase price
  • Used vehicles cost $20 for the first $1500 of the vehicle’s value and 3.25% for the remaining value

Giving a Car Gift to a Family Member in Oklahoma

Giving a vehicle to a relative is possible in Oklahoma, provided you have the necessary documentation.

However, the receiver of the gifted vehicle or the one transferring the vehicle from a relative must complete a vehicle title transfer at a local OK MVD branch.

Transferring the title of a gifted car is similar to buying or selling a vehicle in Oklahoma. In the “price” section, write “0” on the vehicle title. The receiver may be exempt from paying taxes on the vehicle.

Even though the vehicle is gifted to a relative, it may still be liable for taxes on its current market value when registering it.

It is essential to present the signed original vehicle title to the city clerk to complete the application for a new vehicle title.

Oklahoma License Plates

License plate regulations vary among states regarding private-party used vehicle sales. In some states, license plates can stay with the car when sold.

However, in Oklahoma, you must remove the license plates. The cost of an Oklahoma license plate is already incorporated into the registration fee of $96.

Oklahoma Bill of Sale

In Oklahoma, a bill of sale is required in private-party vehicle transactions to be completed by both the buyer and seller. A bill of sale is also recommended for legal protection for both parties involved.

The document indicates that both parties agreed on the purchase price, vehicle mileage, and other crucial information and that the transaction was mutually consensual.

Items in a Bill of Sale

The following are the necessary items present in a bill of sale:

  • Full name and notarized signature of the buyer and seller.
  • Price of the vehicle.
  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Description.
  • A warranty disclaimer indicating that the vehicle is being sold “as-is.”
  • Date of the transaction.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Oklahoma If the Owner Is Late

If you wish to keep a vehicle, or sell it to someone else after the owner’s death, transferring the vehicle’s title is required. In case the estate goes through probate, specific actions must be taken.

Individuals who are joint owners, beneficiaries, or surviving spouses have the legal right to transfer the vehicle’s title to another person after the owner’s demise.

How To Get a New Car Title in Oklahoma If You Misplaced It

If your vehicle title is lost or damaged, you can request a duplicate title by completing and submitting the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title for Vehicle/Boat/Motor (Form 701-7).

You can submit this form in-person at your local OK MVD office or via mail to the address mentioned on the title application.

When filling out the application, ensure that it contains the following:

  • Your notarized signature
  • Your vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Proof of current registration
  • Payment for the vehicle title fee and an additional mailing fee of $1.55 (if applicable).