How To Transfer a Car Title in New Hampshire

How to Transfer Car Title in New Hampshire

Car transactions in New Hampshire involve more than just payment and critical exchange. To ensure legality, completing a title transfer is necessary. This involves essential paperwork and fee payment.

The car title is proof of ownership, and it must be updated when ownership changes due to buying, selling, gifting, or inheriting a vehicle.

New Hampshire has its specific procedure for a legal transfer, which you must follow diligently.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about how to transfer a car title in New Hampshire.

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Things Needed to Initiate a Car Title Transfer in New Hampshire

To accomplish a vehicle title transfer in New Hampshire, it is imperative to ensure possession of the necessary documentation and make the appropriate payment.

Here is an outline of the essential steps to initiate an NH vehicle title transfer:

  1. Obtain the signatures of both the buyer and the seller on the vehicle title.
  2. Fulfill the mandatory New Hampshire vehicle title forms.
  3. It may be necessary to undergo a VIN verification procedure.
  4. Remit the NH vehicle title transfer fee amounting to $25.
  5. Bring the requisite documents to your local NH DMV office.
  6. Please be aware that additional documents and payments might be required during the vehicle title transfer process.

Where to Apply for a New Car Title in New Hampshire

The New Title application holds a restricted status and can only be generated by authorized entities such as the following:

  1. Town/City Clerks of New Hampshire.
  2. Licensed Automobile Dealers operating within New Hampshire.
  3. Lienholders recognized by the state of New Hampshire.

To obtain a new title application, individuals are required to engage with one of the approved agents mentioned earlier.

How To Transfer a Car Title in New Hampshire If You're the Seller

When transferring a vehicle title during a sale in New Hampshire, it is crucial to furnish the buyer with specific documentation.

To accomplish the vehicle title transfer process for the vehicle being sold, the seller must provide the buyer with the following documentation:

  • The vehicle's title certificate is duly signed to the buyer (ensure your signature is affixed on the vehicle title and includes the current odometer reading). If the vehicle is exempt from requiring a title, the following must be provided:
    • A bill of sale along with a completed verification of vehicle identification (Form TDMV 19A), or
    • A bill of sale accompanied by a copy of the previous vehicle registration certificate or title.

Please note that it is the buyer's responsibility to finalize the vehicle title transfer with the NH DMV and bear the associated fees applicable to the vehicle title transfer.

How To Transfer a Car Title in New Hampshire If You Bought from a Dealership

If you have acquired your vehicle through a dealership in New Hampshire, the onus of undertaking the vehicle title application lies with the dealer.

The submission to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a seamless title transfer also lies with the dealer.

The dealer will settle the vehicle title transfer fee to the NH DMV on your behalf. You will get a copy of the car title application from the dealer.

Afterward, you must go to your local New Hampshire town or city clerk's office to complete the vehicle registration process.

How To Transfer a Car Title in New Hampshire If You Bought from a Private Seller

To achieve a successful vehicle title transfer when procuring a vehicle from a private seller in NH, the following elements are necessary:

  1. A duly completed vehicle title, unless an exemption applies. If the vehicle is exempt from requiring a title, you must provide a bill of sale, an NH registration certificate, or a valid vehicle title certificate.
  2. If deemed necessary, a completed Verification of Vehicle Identification (Form TDMV 19A).
  3. Payment of the NH vehicle title transfer fee, totaling $25.

To finalize the vehicle title transfer process under these circumstances, bring the documents mentioned earlier and payment to your local NH town or city clerk's office. Ensure that the seller of the vehicle has appropriately signed the vehicle title.

How To Transfer a Car Title in New Hampshire If You Have an Out-of-State Title

When engaging in the transfer of an out-of-state vehicle title in New Hampshire, adherence to various requirements becomes necessary.

The following paperwork on out-of-state vehicle title transfer must be duly completed to facilitate the accurate transfer of the title from the original state to New Hampshire:

  1. The authentic out-of-state vehicle title.
  2. A meticulously filled-out application for a certificate of ownership.
  3. A comprehensive New Hampshire vehicle registration application.
  4. Evidence substantiating possession of a valid NH vehicle insurance policy.
  5. Verification of identity, such as a valid driver's license.

If a lien holder possesses your vehicle title, an application for the title's release must be completed, and it will subsequently be forwarded to the DMV. Additional information may be required.

How to Get a Duplicate Title in New Hampshire

Duplicate titles are issued when the original vehicle title has been misplaced, stolen, or obliterated. The original title becomes null and void upon issuance of a duplicate title.

The existing owner, lienholder, or licensed vehicle dealer in New Hampshire can request a duplicate title for a specific vehicle.

To initiate the process of obtaining a duplicate title for a vehicle, the current owner must furnish the following:

  1. An Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title in PDF format.
  2. Payment for the duplicate title fee amounting to $25.00 is to be remitted via a check or money order.
  3. A Lien Release in PDF format, if applicable.

Applications can be submitted by dropping them off at most DMV offices or by mailing them to the address below:

NH Dept. of Safety DMV - Title 23 Hazen Drive Concord NH 03305

After receiving and verifying the application, a duplicate title will be generated and dispatched to the vehicle's owner within five to ten calendar days.

Should the owner desire, a duplicate title can be mailed to a New Hampshire licensed dealer, provided the owner endorses the "Authorization for Mailing" section (line 22) on the Duplicate Title Application.

How Much Does Car Title Transfer Cost in New Hampshire?

Within the jurisdiction of New Hampshire, the vehicle registration process entails several fees.

This includes a vehicle title transfer fee of $10, additional local fees, and a vehicle registration fee of $31.20.

The total registration cost is contingent upon the type and weight of the vehicle. Newly registered vehicles incur a fee of $15, accompanied by an $8 charge for license plates. A separate NH vehicle title fee of $25 is applicable.

How to Register a Car in New Hampshire

After completing the title transfer procedure, proceeding with vehicle registration in New Hampshire is imperative.

Registering your vehicle serves as legal confirmation that you are permitted to operate it on public roads, and this process must be renewed annually.

In New Hampshire, the registration expenses are contingent upon the weight classification of the vehicle.

The associated costs are outlined as follows:

  • 0-3000 lbs are $31.20, 3001 to 5000 lbs are $43.20, and 5001 to 8000 lbs go for $55.20.
  • An initial charge of $8 for obtaining license plates for the first time exists.

How to Complete New Hampshire Title Transfer Forms

It is essential to ensure meticulous documentation of the transfer of ownership on the original title. Here are the key points to bear in mind:

  1. If the original title lists multiple owners, all parties must affix their signatures, print their names, and date the seller's section of the document.
  2. When the new title includes multiple names, buyers must sign, print their names, and date the buyer's section.
  3. The odometer reading must be accurately recorded, and both the buyer and seller must witness the precise numerical value.
  4. The purchase price should be indicated in the title.
  5. Under no circumstances should any name or number on the title be erased or altered with correction fluid. If there's an error, it is advisable to obtain a duplicate title before concluding the sale.

Gifting or Inheriting a Car in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the vehicle gifting process is relatively straightforward. As mentioned earlier, it aligns with the procedure with one key variation.

When gifting a vehicle within the family, you must furnish evidence of the familial relationship to exempt the transaction from sales tax.

Likewise, inheriting a vehicle follows a comparable course to the previously described process, yet with notable distinctions. Specifically, you will be required to provide:

  1. Verification of inheritance, such as a copy of the will.
  2. A duly signed title certificate, with the executor's signature, affixed.
  3. A death certificate as proof of the previous owner's demise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional requirements for transferring a car title in New Hampshire?

Additional requirements for transferring a car title in New Hampshire may exist depending on the circumstances. For example:

If there is a lien on the automobile, you must provide a lien release or other documentation as requested by the DMV.

If the vehicle is exempt from requiring a title, you may need to provide alternative documentation, such as a bill of sale and previous registration or title.