How To Transfer a Car Title in Nebraska

How to Transfer Car Title in Nebraska

Transferring a car title in Nebraska is relatively straightforward if you possess accurate information. Titles can be acquired from county offices across the state.

A car title serves as proof of ownership, and when ownership changes hands, the title must be transferred accordingly.

Title transfers are necessary when purchasing or selling a vehicle and gifting or inheriting one.

Nebraska has established specific steps to follow in each of these scenarios, and it is crucial to understand the process required to transfer a car title in the state successfully.

The article covers everything you need to know about how to transfer a car title in Nebraska.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Nebraska as a New Resident

After relocating to Nebraska, you are granted a grace period of 30 days to initiate titling your car with the esteemed Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

To commence the application for your vehicle title, it is imperative to furnish the subsequent documents at your local county DMV office:

  1. Verification of ownership, which can be established through either of the following means:
    • A title certificate from your previous state.
    • If your previous state does not issue vehicle titles, you must present registration documents and a duly notarized bill of sale.
    • Alternative valid documents duly approved by the NE DMV that substantiate your ownership.
  1. A comprehensive and appropriately filled-out Application for a Certificate of Title (Form RV-707).
  2. A meticulous inspection of your vehicle is mandated, encompassing thorough scrutiny of your vehicle identification number (VIN) and an accurate recording of the odometer reading.
  3. Fulfilling the $10 titling fee is a prerequisite for completing the titling process.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Nebraska If You're the Seller

The onus of completing the vehicle title transfer process in Nebraska falls upon the buyer.

Nonetheless, as the seller, it is incumbent upon you to furnish the purchaser with the following essential documents:

  1. The vehicle title certificate, where you must dutifully complete both the seller section and the odometer disclosure segment of the title. If the title lacks an appropriate section for an odometer disclosure, you must complete a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement. (Please refer to the provided link for the requisite form.)
  2. A bill of sale or the Nebraska Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement for Motor Vehicle and Trailer Sales (Form 6). This form can be acquired from any county treasurer's office and is a valid alternative to a bill of sale.

It is important to note that any erroneous information on the vehicle title cannot be rectified through amendments.

In such cases, if you require corrections to be made to your vehicle title, you must formally request a duplicate vehicle title certificate (Form RV-707a).

How To Transfer a Car Title in Nebraska If You're Buying a Used Car

To finalize the transfer of ownership for a pre-owned vehicle, it is imperative to promptly submit the following documentation to your county treasurer within a 30-day window from the date of purchase:

  1. A duly endorsed title certificate, meticulously completed to include:
    • Your full name, residential address, and distinctive signature.
    • A valid certification of the odometer reading, competently executed by the seller. It is important to note that older title certificates might lack a dedicated section for odometer disclosure. In such instances, a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement can be duly completed to fulfill this requirement.
    • The genuine signature of the seller.
  1. A comprehensive bill of sale or the Nebraska Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement for Motor Vehicle and Trailer Sales (Form 6), obtainable from any county treasurer's office, is substantial evidence of the transaction between you and the seller.
  2. If you purchase the vehicle from out of state, a necessary vehicle inspection form must be procured and completed as an additional requirement.
  3. A diligently filled-out Application for Certificate of Title (Form RV-707) is essential to the submission.
  4. Accomplishing the $10 title fee and sales tax payment is obligatory to complete the transfer process. If applicable, a fee of $7 for the lien notation must also be settled.

By adhering to these protocols and furnishing the requisite documents, you will successfully execute the transfer of ownership for your recently acquired used car.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Nebraska If You're Buying a New Car

In Nebraska, initiating the process of titling your car within a strict timeframe of 30 days from the date of purchase is imperative.

To accomplish the transfer of title, it is mandatory to furnish the subsequent documents at your county Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office:

  1. Concrete evidence of ownership, which can be substantiated by presenting either of the following:
    • A Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) for newly acquired cars that still need to be titled.
    • A properly assigned title certificate duly transferred to you by the seller serves as irrefutable proof of ownership.
  1. A diligently completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form RV-707) encapsulates crucial information necessary for the title transfer process.
  2. Fulfilling the $10 fee for the title is a requisite payment for completing the transfer. If applicable, a lien notation fee of $7 must also be settled.

By adhering to these obligations and providing the necessary documentation, you will effectively accomplish the title transfer process for your vehicle in Nebraska.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Nebraska If You Have an Out-of-State Title

Upon relocating to Nebraska from a different state, requesting a vehicle title transfer for an out-of-state vehicle, irrespective of whether it is brand new or pre-owned, is obligatory.

As a driver in Nebraska, before executing the title transfer for an out-of-state vehicle, it is essential to gather the following documentation, which must be presented at your local Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office:

  1. A diligently completed application form tailored specifically for this procedure.
  2. A suitable method of payment to cover all applicable taxes and fees associated with the transfer process.
  3. Concrete evidence substantiating your vehicle ownership serves as conclusive proof of your rightful possession.
  4. A bill of sale, if deemed applicable to your particular circumstance, further solidifies the details of the transaction.
  5. A comprehensive verification of a vehicle inspection performed by the county sheriff is crucial to ensure the vehicle's compliance with pertinent regulations and safety standards.

Kindly note that contingent upon your case's unique circumstances, supplementary documentation may be required to effectively accomplish the vehicle title transfer procedure for an out-of-state vehicle in Nebraska.

How to Get a Duplicate Car Title in Nebraska

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of misplacing or defacing your Nebraska vehicle title, rest assured that there is a viable solution.

You can obtain a duplicate title by completing the Application for Duplicate Certification of Title (Form RV-707a).

Once the form is duly filled out, submit it, along with the required fee of $14 for the duplicate title, to any county treasurer's office. They will handle the necessary processing to provide you with a replacement title.

Cost of Car Titling in Nebraska

Below are the fundamental fees associated with titling in Nebraska:

Title fee: $10.

Lien notation fee: $7.

Duplicate title fee: $14.

Sales tax: Subject to variation based on the county.

For an estimate of the sales tax amount you must pay, kindly contact your local county treasurer's office.

How to Register a Car in Nebraska

Upon completing the title transfer process, registering your vehicle remains necessary.

Registration serves as tangible evidence that you possess the legal authority to operate your vehicle on public roads, and this process must be reiterated annually.

In Nebraska, the registration fee for your vehicle amounts to $15 per year. However, it is essential to note that you will also be responsible for fulfilling the following financial obligations:

  1. State Recreation Road Fund: A fee of $1.50. The Department of Roads collects this to support recreational road initiatives.
  2. Department of Motor Vehicle Cash Fund: A fee of $2, contributing to the financial resources of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  3. County General Fund: A fee of $1.50, or $4.50 for non-residents, is allocated to the county's general fund for administrative purposes.
  4. Plate Fee: A charge of $3.30, assessed whenever new license plates are issued for your vehicle.
  5. Electric Vehicle Fee: A fee of $75, levied during the initial registration and upon each subsequent renewal, applicable specifically to electric vehicles.

You will also encounter a motor vehicle fee determined by the vehicle's value, weight, and usage, gradually decreasing as the vehicle ages.

Notably, cars of less than 14 years are liable to pay an additional yearly motor vehicle tax, contingent upon the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer a car title to Nebraska without the title certificate?

You need the original title certificate to transfer a car title to Nebraska. The title serves as legal proof of ownership, and with it, the transfer process can be smooth.

However, suppose the original title certificate is lost, mutilated, or unavailable. In that case, you can request a duplicate title by completing the Application for Duplicate Certification of Title (Form RV-707a) and paying the associated fee of $14.

It is crucial to contact the county treasurer's office for specific instructions and requirements in such situations.