How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana

How to Transfer Car Title in Montana

When engaging in the acquisition or disposal of a vehicle, it becomes necessary to conduct a transfer of the car title.

The title serves as official proof of vehicle ownership and holds significant importance among the documents about your car. Each state has its own set of regulations regarding car title transfers, and Montana is not an exception.

While title transfers may not be overly complicated, it is crucial to avoid any errors as they can result in severe consequences.

Fortunately, transferring a title in Montana is relatively straightforward and involves a few simple steps. Let’s look at the various steps involved in how to transfer car titles in Montana.

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Things Needed To Transfer a Car Title in Montana Successfully

To successfully transfer your car title in Montana, you need the following:

  • Record of Transaction - Form MV24, commonly called the Bill of Sale.
  • Verification of Security Interest or Lien (Lien Release Form) - Form MV37A.
  • Compensation for Required Titling Fee.
  • Request for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle - Form MV1.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana as a New Resident

After relocating to Montana, a 60-day timeframe is allocated to promptly title and register your vehicle with the esteemed Motor Vehicle Division.

Make your way to the nearby county clerk's office and present the following:

  1. The out-of-state title and registration of your vehicle.
  2. A duly accomplished Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle (Form MV1).
  3. A Statement of Fact (Form MV100) should be provided if the county agent requires it.
  4. Submit the necessary payment to cover the titling fee. An additional $10.30 is required if a lien is to be recorded.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana If You Buy from a Private Seller

When procuring a car from a private seller, the onus of the transfer process predominantly falls upon you, assuming the role of the buyer.

You need to obtain the following from the seller:

  1. The vehicle title, duly endorsed to you, accompanied by their notarized signature.
  2. A comprehensive Bill of Sale (Form MV24), encompassing essential particulars such as the date and terms of sale and the buyer's and seller's names, all accompanied by notarized signatures.
  3. Submission of evidence indicating the release of any existing lien, if applicable.

Subsequently, you will be required to present the following to the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD):

  1. The documents mentioned above are bestowed upon you by the seller.
  2. A duly completed Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle (Form MV1).
  3. Payment to cover the requisite titling fee. An additional $10.30 must be included if a lien is to be recorded.

When the physical transfer of the title is impractical, an alternative option of using an electronic record transfer may be available.

For further elucidation, contacting your local MVD for specific guidance and details is advisable.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana If You're the Seller

When selling your vehicle, a significant portion of the responsibilities of the transfer of ownership will be the buyer.

However, it remains incumbent upon you to provide the buyer with several vital documents.

Your obligations include the following:

  1. Endorsing the title by affixing your signature, ensuring it is accurately completed, and obtaining notarization of your signature.
  2. Completing a comprehensive Bill of Sale (Form MV24) incorporating crucial information such as the date and terms of sale and the names of both the seller and buyer, all duly accompanied by notarized signatures.
  3. Providing supporting evidence confirming the release of any previously imposed lien if your vehicle was subject to a loan agreement.

By diligently fulfilling these obligations, you will facilitate the smooth transfer of ownership to the buyer while ensuring adherence to legal requirements and safeguarding the transaction.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana If You Buy From the Dealership

In acquiring a brand-new vehicle from a dealership in Montana, the responsibility of handling the titling process rests with the dealer, acting as an intermediary on your behalf.

It is prudent to procure duplicates of all relevant documents to ensure the meticulous preservation of a comprehensive transactional dossier.

How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana When the Owner Dies

As the recipient of the vehicle, you possess various alternatives and the lawful authority to facilitate the transfer of the vehicle's title to another party in the event of the vehicle owner's demise.

The co-owner or surviving spouse is vested as the beneficiary with equivalent legal authority.

Following the passing of the vehicle owner, the course of action you must undertake to transfer the vehicle's title is contingent upon whether the title was registered solely under the deceased individual's name as an heir or if joint ownership existed.

In the scenario where the vehicle's title was exclusively in the name of the heir, it is imperative to ascertain if the estate is undergoing probate.

Probate authenticates the deceased individual's properties and assets and validates the legitimacy of the last will and testament.

This legal process administers the deceased individual's estate in cases where no beneficiary or living spouse is designated in the will.

The Probate Court assumes the responsibility of determining the distribution of the individual's possessions based on the provisions outlined in the will.

How To Obtain a Duplicate Montana Title

In the event of misplacement or damage to a vehicle title in Montana, procuring a replacement title becomes necessary.

The procedure entails the following straightforward steps:

  1. Duly fill out an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form MV7).
  2. Assemble the requisite payment amounting to the duplicate title fee of $10.30.
  3. Dispatch the completed application and payment to the following address: Vehicle Services Bureau P.O. Box 201431 302 N Roberts. Helena, MT 59620

How To Transfer a Car Title in Montana When You Have an Out-of-State Title

If your vehicle was registered in a different state, it is essential to initiate the process of transferring the vehicle title.

Specifically, in Montana, regardless of whether the vehicle was acquired from a dealership or a private seller, the vehicle title transfer process must be initiated for all used vehicles possessing out-of-state documentation.

It is crucial to note that new residents of Montana are obligated to complete the vehicle title transfer process and obtain new license plates within 60 days following their relocation.

To successfully process the transfer of an out-of-state vehicle title in Montana, you will be required to remit all applicable fees and submit various documents, including:

  1. A duly completed application for a certificate of title.
  2. The out-of-state vehicle title certificate and registration card.
  3. A completed statement of fact form.
  4. Proof of an M.T. vehicle liability insurance policy, if necessitated.
  5. An official identification document, such as a driver's license or an identification card.
  6. Evidence substantiating Montana residency, if requisite.

Notably, if a lien holder holds your out-of-state vehicle title, the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MT MVD) must procure the vehicle title certificate using a written title request form before proceeding with the vehicle title transfer process.

Car Title Transfer Cost in Montana

The fee levied for transferring a vehicle title is contingent upon the classification of the vehicle subjected to the transfer process. For lightweight vehicles, buses, and trucks weighing under one ton, the application fee amounts to $12.

Conversely, all other vehicle transfers incur a fee of $10. Acknowledging that these rates are subject to potential fluctuations underscoring the significance of determining the cost of processing a vehicle title transfer is crucial.

How To Register a Car in Montana

In the state of Montana, the transfer of a car's title necessitates a simultaneous registration process. Thus, preparing to settle the registration fees during the title transfer is imperative.

For light vehicles, Montana imposes base registration fees structured as follows based on the age of the vehicle:

  • Vehicles aged 0 to 4 years: $217
  • Vehicles aged 5 to 10 years: $87
  • Vehicles aged 11 years or more: $28

You can choose between a 12-month or a 24-month registration period. You can opt for permanent registration if your car is 11 years old or older.

By opting for permanent registration, you are relieved from the obligation of title transfers or registration renewals as long as the vehicle remains under the ownership of the same individual.

For permanent registration, the corresponding fees are as follows:

  • Registration fee: $87.50
  • Montana Highway Patrol Salary and Retention Fee: $10
  • Insurance verification fee: $5
  • Optional state parks support fee: $9

Additional fees may apply depending on your county of residence, license plate type, and vehicle weight.

It is crucial to consider these variables to accurately determine the complete fee structure associated with your specific circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer a car title online in Montana?

Currently, the Montana MVD does not offer online car title transfers. The transfer process requires submitting physical documents and payment in person at an MVD office or by mail. However, you can contact the Montana MVD or visit their official website for any updates or changes to the title transfer process.

Is it necessary to have a notarized signature for a car title transfer in Montana?

Yes, having a notarized signature on the title is generally required when transferring a car to Montana. The notarization serves as proof of the signature's authenticity and ensures the transfer's validity. It is essential to sign the title in the presence of a notary public and have them notarize your signature before proceeding with the title transfer process.